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Israeli Warplanes Hit Dozens Of Positions In Gaza As Hamas Continues Launching Rockets (Video, Photos)

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On July 14, warplanes of the Israeli Air Force (IAF) targeted dozens of military targets of the Hamas movement throughout the Gaza Strip, according to the Israeli military.

The targets included a main headquarters of the Hamas movement in the city of Beit Lahia, a rocket launch squad, a mortar shell launcher, a weapons manufacturing site and storage facilities housing various types of weapons.

According to the Israeli military, Hamas fighters have launched more than 60 rockets at the Israeli settlements around the Gaza Strip so far. The Israeli Iron Dome anti-rocket system was able to intercept only 10 of these rockets.

Meanwhile, the Israeli Channel 2 reported that Hamas fighters targeted a gathering of Israeli soldiers south of the Gaza Strip with an anti-tank guided missile (ATGM), possibly a Russian-made Kornet. The attack didn’t result in any casualties, according to the news channel.

Observers believe that Israeli and Palestinian officials may announce a ceasefire soon, as many international sides are currently meddling to put an end for the ongoing escalation. According to Palestinian sources, Egypt is currently leading these international efforts and pressuring the Hamas movement into accepting a ceasefire.

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The US backed child butchers Israel continuously airstrike Palestinian hostages without any break. US, Israel and ISIS are committing war crimes without any break.

David Pryce

Wow this Hamas must have a huge military the way Israel describes them, Can anyone list there tank brigades size of air force etc
Poor Israel the horrible fcuks

leon mc pilibin

Luciferian zionist scumbags,killing innocent civilians is one of their trade marks,,along with their warmongering and thieving.


Zionistan terrorstate


JEWistan terror state. Jews themselves state it is a RACIST CRIME to call Israel zionist rather than JEWISH. World jewry is a unified entity of pure evil. Wherever it operates it degrades and damages and dimishes by design.

It is no coincidence that the parasite power cult has always described itself as a ‘victim’. East Europeans, with the longest history of jew criminality, have a saying…”The jew screams ‘ouch’ as he stomps on your face”


Dirty jew animals using weapons designed to fight WW3 on the helpless population of Gaza. But the jew parasites can do what they like, can’t they, when they have the explicit support of all the West, China and Russia.

The jew is what you get when pure evil crystalises into Human form.

Remember the filty jew relies on YOU never repeating or recalling the previous crimes of the jew. The filty jew will talk forever about some INVENTED crime against the jew, yet the filthy jew will attempt to send all factual evidence of jews crimes down the orwellian memory hole.

Case in point. The filthy jews never paniced more than during the holocaust before last in Gaza. Someone put together a photo strip showing the worst crimes of the nazis and how the dirty jews replicated these crimes in Gaza.

Today the filthy jews claim it is a criminal racist crime to compare the war crimes of the filthy jews of Israel with the nazis.

The last time the demonic jews invaded Gaza, every hollywood jew producer said they would BAN any actor who dared to protest the jew atrocities.

100% of major jew organisations across the planet support Israel.

The face of world jewry is the actual face of Satan himself.


How it all evolved from founding of “The Federal Reserve (which is neither federal or any reserve:


The Founding Fathers of the USA warned of a likely filthy jew take-over of that new nation long before. It is only in the last 50 or so years that most powerful non-jews have stopped warning about world jewry.

Before WW2, Humanity had a continuous series of red alerts about the demonic nature of judaism. The FAKE ‘jewish holocaust’ of WW2 (the true number of jews who died via direct targeting during that war would place the jews outside the TWENTY greatest genocides of the 20th Century- and the vast majority of these other 20 genocides resulted from direct jewish evil) would change the narrative after the war.

People stopped feeling comfortable pointing out the sickening crimes of world jewry, as the jews started completing their take-over of world media outlets.

The writer of the famous ‘Saint’ stories, for instance, was forced to apologise for stories set in the 1930s that pointed at the role of jewish bankers in creating the wars and atrocities in Asia and Africa.

Once world jewry shut down the intellectual discussion of their demonic acts, the power cult accelerated its power plays.

Today the filthy demonic jews can snipe as many innocent Humans as they wish on camera, maiming for life and murdering hundreds, and the jew that orders this HOLOCAUST is an honoured guest in nations across the planet, including Russia.

But the jew moves to take over banking and the stock markets happened long before the 20th century. The eternal filthy jew trick is to STEAL YOUR MONEY, and then buy politicians with a portion of it (see Winston Churchill for a prime example).

World jewry is like the trojan that infects your computer by looking for vulnerabilities in the system. This is why so many filthy jews are lawyers- so they are always locating the ‘cracks’ in society and feeding back these exploits to greater world jewry.


Hey SF, why do you use the FILTHY JEW language from the filthy jew press releases?

These jewish animals use any excuse to degrade and destroy CIVILIAN infrastructure in Gaza.

The headline SHOULD read “depraved jew terrorists launch massive terrorist bombing campaign across Gaza”

Ah, but SF is always following kremlin rules- and Putin states jews are the ‘master race’ and can murder ‘sub-Human’ non-jews at will.

While the racists who run SF would like to hide the fact, the people of Gaza are without any weapons of significance. While SF racists try to suggest an EQUIVALENCE between the WW3 weapons gifted to the demonic jews of Israel, and the sticks and stones held by the Palestinians, the truth is that the filthy jews attack a wholly helpless population, seeking to murder and hurt as many innocents as possible.

In Human History there has been no greater evil than world jewry. But today, unlike in the past, jews control almost every media outlet, and that certainly includes this one.


For howlong US, NATO and ISIS want to keep Palestinians and Syrians captive, when the Palestinian and Syrian toddlers will take breath in the open environment.

The child butcher Trump and Netanyahu the big plunderers want to keep all Palestinians and Syrians hostage for unlimited time. Is it right. I am a human and a US citizen. I cannot tolerate cruelty on any human particularly on toddlers.


I don’t see any biggest evil than those that killing toddlers. The Child butchers Trump, Netanyahu and NATO doing the same in Syria and in Palestine….


Judaism is a criminal organization that should be outlawed worldwide. Israel should be delisted from the UN and replaced with Palestine and all of the Jew administrative offices, publishing houses, synagogues and yeshivas closed so that there are no more Jews.

Hisham Saber

The Carthaginians exiled/expelled all Jews in 250 A.D. after witnessing and catching them abducting children to throw in pits of fire at altars to Molech. One of their many strange Gods.

Since then, they have been exiled/expelled 108 times from 84 different countries/provinces for their Talmudic Satanism, involving human sacrificing, especially children and have been caught red handed practicing ritual killing.

The Talmud, as a work, a volume of insidious ravings and ranting of diseased minds, needs to be outright banned, by law, under severe punishment up to the death sentence. Talmudic Rabbinical Judaism has infested the world and we now find ourselves at a very dangerous crossroads in regards to humanities future.

Many of history, and in the present, great minds, humanities best thinkers, prophets, and holy messengers have constantly tried to wake us up about the danger of the Jew. Many were killed or endured much suffering.

They now pose an imminent threat to humanity, and the future of mankind on earth. Their Gods are vicious angry, wrathful, genocidal, racist, supremacist, seeking nothing but the complete annihilation of the non-Jew world.

The west needs to put an end to its complete subjugation to international Jewry, and start resisting. Muslims are, and they are paying a high price, its high time Christians wake up from their slumber and join the struggle.


I just finished a go around with an American, probably an educated Jew, maybe an academic or attorney, about the lack of material present in the 911 WTC debris field indicating a non conventional source of much of the destruction pointing to the misuse of sequestered and or off planet energy technology that some Jews have evidently gotten their hands on. So you’re absolutely correct that humanity is at a dangerous juncture, and that the Jew problem needs to be dealt with now.

If you look at the 5 or 6 acre primary debris field in the WTC courtyard east of the twin towers and south of buildings 5 and 6 where 75% of the material that made it to the ground ended up. It’s only a couple or at most a few hundred thousand tons/cubic yards of material at 1 ton per cubic yard, which is a fairly accurate mass to volume estimate, out of the 1 million tons of material that the twin towers were constructed of.

The primary debris field starts out at zero stories in front of buildings 5 and 6 and rises to about 4 stories in front of and on top of the remains of building 4. For an average depth in the 2 story range.

That’s 40,000 cubic yards per acre at an average depth of 8 yards. At 6 acres, which may be high from the looks of it, that’s 250,000 tons. If you include the other approximately 25% outside of the primary debris field in the secondary debris field, which may also be high, that’s 325,000 tons out of two 500,000 ton buildings. And some of the material in the debris field is most or part of buildings 3,4,5 & 6 that were partially or almost totally destroyed, with a combined height of 48 stories and a combined volume roughly equal to both of the twin towers together. Indicating that most of the material in the WTC buildings was destroyed before it hit the ground by some type of advanced technology.
comment image

Judaism’s gods, those that aren’t figments of the Jew’s minds, are most likely negative ETs/EDs that the Jews are involved with and fronting for in their effort to gain control of our planet to the detriment of humanity.

With the exception of Palestine, Judaism is almost entirely a Christian problem in terms of where it’s located. 99% of the planet’s Jews live in Palestine and Christendom. Only one out of 28 of the most Jew populated countries besides Palestine is not predominately Christian. The rest of humanity has recognized Jews for the vile creatures that they are and rejected them completely. Which is why less than 1% of Jews lives outside of Christendom and Palestine, mostly in the middle east. Judaism wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for Christians and the nexus between Judaism and Christianity that Christ rejected, but the Jews have played on to their diabolic advantage for 2,000 years. This needs to change and it is changing to the Jews disadvantage, as it should.
comment image

– Jewish population by country –


Hisham Saber

And don’t forget the notorious Kabbala, the second esoteric volume that is just as important to Jews as the Talmud.

Jews deal with entities we know in Islam as Jinn, Djinn, ie. of the diabolical kind. You see, we believe that Iblees / Lucifer was not an angel, but was a highly placed Jinn in God, almighties court, so to speak, and Jinns are made of smokeless fire, Angels of light, and humans of clay (earth and water). Iblees is trying his hardest to subjugate, dominate humanity to prove to God that he was right, that he, being a Jinn made from fire, was more worthy than a human, which God presented inn Adam as his most noblest of creations. When God commanded all angels and Jinns to bow down to Adam, Gods new creation, who was to be a viceroy on earth, to start mankind, all bowed but for Iblees, who was arrogant (hence how arrogant Jews are) and was cast out of heaven, but was granted decree by God that he could try as he wished, to prove his point. Iblees has minions of demonic Jinns work for him to undermine mankind, who usaually work with humans to further their quest, to subjugate, undermine, and dominte humanity. To steer humans away from God, towards an ungodly, unholy, destroying way and path. Iblees and his ilk are summoned by Jews through Kabbala, black magic and rituals to gain from Jinns, and Jinns gain from Jews, quid per quo. The Talmudic Jews of today are no less than agents of evil, they push for gay rights, are behind moral decline , wars, as Mel Gibson said ‘ The Jews have started all wars…’, genocides and outright destruction and annihilation in various forms. Remember how I said Jinns are made of smokeless fire, well, Jews , through conjuring of demonic Jinns, gained the knowledge to crack the atom, thus causing a nuclear explosion/implosion. It was Jew who brought the world atomic weapons. Oppenheimer, Edward Teller, all Jews. And in World War One, it was a Jewish chemist than invented , with diabolical help of the Kabbalistic kind, deadly nerve gas that wiped out millions of Europeans.

The Bolshevik Red Terror, a complete Jewish design, wiped out approx. 100 million, and a whole nation, the biggest in the world, turned atheist by force.

Ukraine in 1936-37, 7 million perished at the hands of Jews due to a forced starvation campaign that was so grotesque, it sometimes resulted in cannibalism. The Holodomor, the infamous forced famine, for no necessary reason.

And now these Jews, who some claim are both of Neanderthal and Homo -sapien ancestry, have control of hundreds of nuclear weapons, the control of the west in all degrees, and the full support of Iblees and his diabolical minions, are poised to try and force down an truly dark curtain down upon humanity. It will be hell. Exactly what the whole argument Iblees had. Jews are horrible masters, Just ask Soviet citizens, or the Egyptians, whom when conquered by the Hyksos, whom ruled over Egypt for 400 brutal years, genocidal, dictatorial, rule, the Hyksos employed Jews specifically as their enforcers due to the innate, inherent lack of empathy, compassion, love, humanity, the humane, brotherhood that the rest of mankind inherently has.

The Jews sold out the Babylonians, ho took them in and were hospitable to them. Despite what is written in most Jewish accounts of Babylon, they were a sober, good people, sophisticated and much more psychologically advanced than the Jews. Then they sold out the Persians, who were equally generous to them, and to this day, on Purim, they celebrate by getting drunk the slaughter of 80,000 Persians when their King went insane due to the Kabbalistic works of the whore Ester and the villain Mordecai.

They sold out the Greeks in quick order, by undermining its very moral foundations, again homosexuality seemed to have reigned in their times of prominence in Athens.

The Romans fared no better, especially when Caesar emancipated them, allowing them full rights, that’s why the Senators stabbed him to death for, for that empire destroying attempt at letting the Jews gain organization.

The only empire that knew effectively how to deal with the Jew, was the Byzantine empire. And that’s why it lasted longer than any empire in history, 1200 years. Why? Because they strictly enforced three laws.
1- No Jews in government
2- No Jews in finance
3 – No Jews in education


Judaism is Christianities’ problem, and because Christendom is so big and powerful, it is humanities’ problem. The non Christian world has solved the Jew problem in their nations. Christians need to do the same thing. Judaism is clearly an evil cult and criminal organization that is detrimental to humanity. The US is ground zero for this effort. Because without US backing, Israel’s neighbors would have extinguished it long ago.

The Jew’s power is the power of crime, immorality and corruption. They rape 1,000 children every week and get away with it, when nobody else would, through corruption of the judicial system in the Christian nations where 99% of them live outside of Palestine.

Christ, like Ezekiel and Jeremiah, taught that the Jews rejected the divine teachings in the books of the Hebrew bible that make up part of the Christian old testament, and turned to demon worship instead. The subversion of biblical teachings had already codified into the Talmud by the time of Christ’s mission. The Kabbalah has been intertwined with the Talmud from the beginning as part of the “oral interpretation” of scripture.

Both are efforts to undermine and contradict the Ten Commandments and the rest of the biblical teachings which Christ clarified, corrected and added to. The Talmud and Kabbalah are designed to replace the morality of the bible with immorality and Jewish supremacism. Beginning with the golden rule which is antithetical to Jewish supremacism, domination and racism which is the foundation of Talmudic Judaism.

All mainstream modern Satanic and occult teachings trace their origins to, and draw from, the Kabbalah. Where there’s smoke there’s fire. Just like the Jews hid the Talmud from public view for as long as they could because of it’s offensive nature. And then attempted to clean it up or cover it up once people found out the trash that it contains. The secret texts of the Kabbalah are probably much different than what I’m assuming is a sanitized version that has been made public that is much less offensive. And that there are versions of the Kabbalah withheld from public that contain a lot of criminal Satanic rituals found in mainstream Satanism and black magic involving horrifically abusive practices to dark and evil entities to gain their favor and support.

And that there are Jews using these rituals to gain favor with evil beings to advance their obtainment of worldly wealth and power to misuse it to the detriment of humanity. All that you have to do is look at the actions of Jew neocons and the crimes of Israel to see Judaism as the manifestation of crime, immorality and evil that are taught by the Talmud and Kabbalah that oppose what is taught in the bible.

Christians need to recognize Judaism as the corruption of and rejection of what their faith and basic morality are based upon. And that the Jews lost their way long ago and have been a curse on humanity ever since. And that it is in humanities’ best interest to extinguish it now, rather than let it continue to fester in the Christian world where it does so much harm.

Hisham Saber

Some light reading for you.


And take a look at this disgraceful list….




Like Voltaire said’ You are the worst of the worst…’ when addressing a Jew about his antisemitism.


There are three possible outcomes to all this:
1) Nothing. Gazans become disillusioned with the protest and it ends anti-climatically with Hamas seeking other routes.
2) An identical Gazan War with identical results. The IDF invades and uproots +80% of Hamas while the remainder reform into a new government under the same name and policies.
3) A coup in Gaza puts a new organization in charge at which point it’s anyone’s guess what they’ll decide.


The UN has just passed a UNGA 377 resolution bypassing the US UNSC veto on forming a Palestinian protection force. This can be developed to remove the IDF, Mossad and Shin Bet from the occupied territories as a precursor to implementing the right of return codified into other UN resolutions for the unification of Palestine and delisting Israel from the UN as part of dejudifying Palestine, the US and our planet. To bring an end to the evil Jew pedophile mass rape cult that you shill for every day on this site.

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