Israeli Warplanes Continued Air Strikes on Syrian Army in Quneitra


After the incident with allegedly downed Israeli aircraft over Syria, the  Israeli Air Force continued to conduct air strikes on the Syrian army’s positions in the province of Quneitra.

At least 1 Israeli air strike was reported at the Jandal Castle at the top of al-Shiekh mountain and another one targeted the Syrian army’s artillery base near the village of Ayn Burj.

Israeli Warplanes Continued Air Strikes on Syrian Army in Quneitra

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  • Keep it Real

    If russia is scared to push the button, give syria the hardware to do it for you! In this case russia is not trust worthy. You contract is to protect syria from enemys from outside. Israel is outside!

  • MN

    In fact Israel is trying to bait Russia/Siria into a trap. If Russia atacks Israel, the world media would portrait the situation as an agression. And that would give USA/NATO an escuse for an escalation of the hostilities. The primary interest behind the scenes are the american elections. Hillary is losing suport, and an open war would benefit directly the Democratic candidate, who sells Russia as the “great satan”. I believe Putin is Smarter than that. Some temporary losses (or even heavy) for Israely attacks is an acceptable price to defeat the warmongers from Democratic Party.

    • Ma_Laoshi

      Then again, if Russia would stop being so scared of what the “world (=Zionist) media”
      writes, then maybe they could do something useful now and then and end this terrible
      war. Putin doesn’t control the NATO press, Obama does. If the Russians foremost don’t
      want O’s minions to write nasty things about them, then why don’t they capitulate already.

      I seriously doubt if it’s so smart to squander the deterrent effect of Russia’s presence in
      Syria by showing so publicly it has no teeth.