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Israeli Warplanes Conduct Several Airstrikes On Gaza, Palestinian Fighters Launch Rockets In Response


On July 20, warplanes of the Israeli Air Force (IAF) bombed two large military bases of the Hamas Movement in the center of the Gaza Strip, according to the Shehab Agency. Palestinian sources said that the two bases were targeted with more than 20 bombs and missiles.

Earlier, the Israeli military hold the Hamas Movement responsible for the escalation in the Gaza Strip and stressed that it “will continue to operate in order to ensure the safety of Israeli civilians.”

On the other side, Palestinian fighters launched at least three rockets from the Gaza Strip at the Israeli settlements around it, in what appears to be a response to the airstrikes. The Israeli military claimed that its Iron Dome anti-rocket system managed to intercept two of the rockets over Sha’ar Hanegev and Sdot Negev regional councils.

The IAF will likely step up its aerial operations against the Hamas Movement in the upcoming hours. Initial reports even suggest that the Israeli military may launch a large scale military operation against the Palestinian group, similar to “Operation Protective Edge” in 2014.



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  • Rob

    The Netanyahu forces will soon pay back. Each action has same reaction. The US and NATO proxies Israel took Palestinians land and their lives and they will soon see the result of this barbarism.

    • Shawn St Claire

      Hamas will soon be annihilated by the IDF🇮🇱 IT’S THEIR DESTINY!

  • Rob

    US and their funded migrants Israeli criminals both pose a serious threat to the lives of humans and to their properties in the Middle East states.