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Israeli Warplanes Attack Iranian Forces In Syria’s Deir Ezzor – Reports


Israeli warplanes carried out late on December 4 a series of airstrikes on Iranian positions in the southern countryside of the Syrian governorate of Deir Ezzor, the Deir Ezzor 24 blog and several other local sources reported.

According to the blog, the airstrikes targeted Iranian forces at the al-Hamadan airport north of the city of al-Bukamal on the Syrian-Iraqi border.

“Israeli warplanes targeted headquarters of Iranian militias containing ammunition and weapons depots on the outskirts of al-Bukamal city,” Omar Abu Layla, Deir Ezzor 24’s director, said on Twitter.

The U News agency, which is known for its close ties with Lebanon’s Hezbollah and Iranian forces in Syria, also shared reports on Israeli airstrikes on southern Deir Ezzor, but did not confirm them.

Israeli Warplanes Attack Iranian Forces In Syria’s Deir Ezzor – Reports

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Earlier this year, suspected Israeli warplanes carried out a series of airstrikes on alleged Iranian missile base southwest of al-Bukamal. The airstrikes didn’t stop the construction of the site, which intensified in the last few months.

It remains unclear how Israeli warplanes are managing to strike Deir Ezzor, deep in Syria’s eastern region. Many reports claim that the Israeli Air Force (IAF) is using its “stealth” F-35 warplanes to sneak through Jordan’s airspace.

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