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MAY 2021

Israeli Version Of IL-20 Shoot Down Off Syria: More Details Revealed

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Israeli Version Of IL-20 Shoot Down Off Syria: More Details Revealed

Israeli military delegation led by the Israeli Air Force (IAF) chief, Major General Amikam Norkin, Via official twitter account of the Israeli military

On September 20, a high-level Israeli military delegation led by the Israeli Air Force (IAF) chief, Major General Amikam Norkin, held a series of meetings with their Russian counterparts in Moscow. During the meetings, the delegation presented a 40-page report regarding the Russian Il-20 incident off Syria.

“The meetings were held in a positive spirit. There was professional, open and transparent dialogue on various issues, and an emphasis was put on the importance of the two nations’ interests and the continuation of a deconfliction mechanism,” the Israeli military said in an official statement.

In the report, Israel claims that the Syrian Arab Air Defense Forces (SyAADF) fired dozens of surface to air missile for 40 minutes after the initial Israeli airstrike on a target near the city of Lattakia. According to the Time of Israel, the report concludes that SyAADF units fired without aiming and “did not bother to ensure that no Russian planes were in the air.”

Israel went as far as complaining that the SyAADF is trying to foil its airstrikes and explained that fewer surface to air missiles were launched by Syria prior to the shoot down of the Israel F-16 on February 10.

The claims in the Israeli report contradict to a statement released by the Ministry of Defense of Russia. According to the Russian military, the Il-20 was shoot down by the SyAADF as a result of actions by 4 Israeli F-16 warplanes, which were hiding from Syrian air defense fire behind the Il-20.

The Israeli report was a clear attempt to blame the incident on the SyAADF, which was only trying to foil the Israeli airstrike. Israel even attempted to use the tragedy to show the SAADF as a potential threat to Russian forces.

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  1. Keep it Real says:

    never trust a jew!

    1. dontlietome says:

      Somebody should tell Vlad that !!!!!!!!

      1. John Whitehot says:

        you accomplished nothing.

        Syria won the war, and the west and israel fucked off.

        1. White_American_Patriot says:

          F16’s just humiliated modern Russian air defense and couldn’t be detected by Russian radars, which is why the IL20 was downed

          1. John Whitehot says:

            do yourself a favor and get lobotomized.

          2. ruca says:

            White American pedo

          3. Brother Ma says:

            Well Russia says tgey are Syrian radars networked to Syrian palnes only. Pretty shit excuse if you ask me!

          4. TS says:

            Could it be the D-IL20 was downed?

  2. frankly says:

    Psychopaths are the very best of liars. It’s their most refined skill. The fact of the Russian Turkey compromise for Idlib announced earlier in the day is important to this discussion.

    Also the release of the Russian findings regarding MH-17 happened on the same day. Another fact to be obscured with this devious, deadly prank.

    1. Spit says:

      This game has a Potential to explode into a very big conflict.
      The Turks, Even after the Russians Saved their asses by telling them exactly how the Americans where going to remove Erdegon… He Still Betrayed Russia…
      This airplain shootdown is not what You all think it is.
      as Much as I hate to admit. the Israelis are apparently the Most trustworthy in the middle east.

      1. frankly says:

        If there is evil to be done, they will deliver. Yeah you can trust that.

    2. as says:

      This is flip flops of their game. They’re getting worse at it.

    3. Brother Ma says:

      All lies. Latest info from a military intelligence group says it was the Israelis who shot it down with a shortrange AIM 9 Air to air missile.
      The Israeli pilot needs to be identified and “heartattacked”by spetnaz as an example ,you know like Mossad do to Iranian scientists and Russian ambassadors abroad!

      1. frankly says:

        That would be a real curveball into the equation. Desperate times for the Empire, they seem very focused for expanding war.

      2. peacelover says:

        Difficult to believe

    4. Tommy Jensen says:

      In my opinion Kremlin is guilty. Allowing Israel to protect ISIS, attack SAA, Iranians, Hezbollah, killing Russian servicemen 201 times inside Syria during 18 mth.

      According to Russian experts its due to Kremlin´s “gaining leverage and influence”, “balancing powers” between Israel and Iran.

      All right but then stop the stupid talk about fighting terrorists and helping Syria to independence, and take the consequences.

  3. stary ujo says:

    Russians has right only protest ! This conflict confirm , that Russians dont take leader role in Syria ! Now they are as slaping doll . Obama has right , that Russian stopped in long term conflict . Why Russians dont protect Iran !? They are fighting together with Russians and Russians allowed should Israeli attacking Iran in Syria .

    1. Daniel Miller says:

      Russia is not Iran’s ally and their intrests differ in alot of areas.

      1. BlueInGreen says:

        Many people aren’t well versed in geopolitics or how wars are fought so they think that if two sides are fighting on the same side they must “allies” when in reality it’s always more complicated than that.

        1. Brother Ma says:

          True Daniel and yourself ,yet Russia is splitting hairs. A deputy is still part of a team so we cannot let the other town’s sheriff keep shooting our deputies ,justifying it by saying the sheriff has not targetted me , a fellow sheriff!

  4. MH370 says:

    why a russian electronic warfare aircraft cannot repel the guidance of the missile?

    1. Daniel Miller says:

      1. the IL-20 is not a EW aircraft its a Electronic signals intelligence aircraft (ELINT) its made to identefy targets by their communucations and radar its not a offensive aircraft its more of a Spy/Scout aircraft.
      2.Even if it was a EW aircraft its not garanteed for it to be fine if it had powerful ECM (the IL-20 alos has powerful ECM but it was probably shut off since they are in freandly airspace)
      3.A S-200 has a built in radar in the missile (so dose evry other longa range SAM system) and if the aircraft is close enoth to the missile it will reaquiere the target (keep in mind the S-200 dosent have a IFF system,ok it dose but noone uses it since its a 1950’s era system and easy to fool) keep in mind the S-200 shot down a F-16I (considered to have superior ECM then USAF F16’s do.)
      The SAA is to blame as much as the IAF since they did not selfdestruct the missile.

      1. John Whitehot says:

        all correct except:

        3.A S-200 has a built in radar in the missile

        it doesn’t, the missile is completely semi-active hence follows the cue from the ground radar. This doesn’t prevent though, it hitting an object in the line of sight from the missile to its intended target.

        If the warhead was set to arm on launch, rather than in proximity with the target (very likely with numerous small targets like bombs or missiles), then the missile would have also exploded when hitting or be in proximity with the non-targeted object.

        1. Daniel Miller says:

          umm it dose the S-200VE has a radar tracker in it,it detects targets at closer range and relocks on them. http://www.ausairpower.net/APA-S-200VE-Vega.html

          1. John Whitehot says:

            ummm, wrong, “radar tracker in it” just tracks the radar signal coming from the ground station and reflecting back from the target to the missile.

          2. Daniel Miller says:

            ot has a transmiter as well it says it in my link the V (and its export vesion VE) have some what the capacaty to reaquiere the target.

          3. John Whitehot says:

            capacity to reacquire target has nothing to do with active radar – i mean, active radar its not required.

            sorry, you have to do your homework.

          4. Daniel Miller says:

            yes it is how will the missile reaquiere the target when it losses contact with the main radar?

          5. John Whitehot says:

            you have to understand that the missile is constantly in contact with the ground station and that the latter sends commands to it, even complex ones.

            secondly, as i already said (and let’s see if i have to repeat it for a third time), if the warhead was activated on launch and the Ilyushin entered the missile-target line of sight roughly at the moment the missile neared it, it would cause a shootdown even without losing contact.

            thirdly, Soviet Union and Russia never produced active radar version of their SAMs (excluding possibly some export version of S300/400 although not confirmed by all sources), because of certain operational and doctrinal requirements too long to be argued in this comment section.

        2. ruca says:

          Yes. Well said

      2. White_American_Patriot says:

        The Russian military couldn’t even detect the F16’s until they were blown out of the sky by their own missiles

        S400 is a bunch of hot air

        1. Daniel Miller says:

          are you trying to act retarded or are you really retarded? The simple fact that the Il-20 was informed before the strike that 4 F16’s are heading towards its position says it all.

          1. White_American_Patriot says:

            Hey chimp brain, the Israelis conducted air strikes for 90 minutes according to the Russian MOD

            Why would the Israelis need to issue any warnings if the Russians could see them on their radar?

            They would already see them approaching

            Hahaha, fake Russian weapons

          2. Daniel Miller says:

            Cuz thats their agreement you idiot,just cuz you are ignorant of military agreements that dosent mean they cant see them on radar you moron.
            The Russians always issued warnings to the IDF when they bombed targets close to the Golan hights…….so following your retarded logic that means the IDF’s radars (who use US tech) are so shit they cant see 1970’s era SU24’s……do you see your flawed logic?

          3. White_American_Patriot says:

            Except the Russians claim they were caught off guard, hence the loss of the IL20

            How could they be caught if guard if they were by Russian airbases

            Is the Russian radar that weak?


          4. Daniel Miller says:

            Considering that the IAF always dose meretime patrols yes it was caought off gaurd since they informed them 1min before the strike,i realise your brain cant handle information too well since you seem to repeat the same thing over and over ether you are trying to bait ppl or you are really stupid. But i will repeat myself again they saw and informed the Il about the aircraft they had been suprised since Israel always informs them 20min before a strike in order to avoid Russian casualtrys and thus avoiding a Russian response its quite easy to understand but it seems you have the IQ of a African and its hard for you to understand this.

          5. White_American_Patriot says:

            But if they could constantly see them on radar and knew air strikes were going on they would have known to get out of the airspace little brain

            S400 got fucked by an old American plane

          6. Daniel Miller says:

            again no the IL-20 was on landing aproach when this happened but i do not expect a person who is so ignorant of standard operational prosedure to know this.

          7. zman says:

            Talking to this idiot is a waste of bandwidth…and time.

          8. Ricky Miller says:

            This guy, whitey patriot has some uninformed hatred of the S400 and confuses the restraint of it’s operators and political masters with the actual abilities of the system, who most likely wasn’t even radar emitting at the time and probably hides emissions exposure most of the time. If Russia goes tough tomorrow and uses the S400 to shoot down seven of ten attacking aircraft he’ll be on here taunting us about the three planes who got away.

          9. Brother Ma says:

            Not good enough. What kind of army takes the word of another ALL THE time. To do so means you ar allowing your ally to launch a surprise on you at any time . If this is true then it was sloppy of the Russians and syrians.

            For the record, as i said above ,new miltary intelligence says it was def an israeli plane that shot it down. Signed,sealed and delivered!

          10. Daniel Miller says:

            plz stop spreading bullshit.
            you are no better then the other idiot about how you are constantly saying “hur durrr never trust a jew” no they have a agreement and both always relay on their words but also on their own intel you fail to realise that the IL-20 was on landing aproach when this happened.
            Also why the hell wold Israel want to shoot down a Russian aircraft?
            In order to block off Syrian airspace for good and never be able to strike them again? Are you really that stupid to think that?

          11. John says:

            Why are you thinking this is funny. The plane was downed on approach.

            Basically Israel pushed the envelope way to far and screwed the pooch doing it this time. They had no business being where they were, doing what they were doing and the head of the IAF and his posse are now being grilled to a crispy finish over that in Moscow. That’s right, after VP seems to have ripped BN a new one on the phone, they had to go to Moscow, not the other way around and you seem to have no clue what that means. Don’t worry, most of the people talking are in the same boat as you). It will cost them, Israel, big time in the long run. My take.

          12. Brother Ma says:

            I hope so.

          13. John says:

            Hey Brother Ma. There are rules out there. People who were never part of a military don’t understand this. You can tell by the reactions on this thread and worldwide about this incident, who knows something and who does not. Many of the most virulent posters are part of the silly-villain crowd, as they are referred to as by military personnel. What goes down, by the rules mind you, is that some real assets will be ‘removed’ from the Israeli playing field. That can take many forms but, this one is going to leave a mark, whether or not the world sees it.

            The other angle, as I agree with TheSaker, any screwups by Russian and even Syrian Command are going to be addressed. VP has already made that pretty clear. What went down, is the worst kind of butt-kicking that happens in the militaries of the world. The repercussions are both internal and external. This is nothing new, it is the way it is. A lot of people are going get a new one drilled over this. My take on it. I wish well to you Brother Ma.

          14. John Whitehot says:

            because israelis never enter syrian airspace, they drop glidebombs or missiles from outside it – now go on and see if you are able to understand what that means with that shitbrain of yours

          15. John says:

            You don’t know anything.

  5. Jim Prendergast says:

    Not much of an apology. Not much comfort to the families of the victims. No explanation of why the Israelis launched weapons at Syria. No appeal for mercy.

    1. frankly says:

      You just came from the meetings? Was Putin grinning the whole time?

      1. wwinsti says:

        Supposedly, Putin refused to meet the Israeli IDF personnel.

        1. as says:

          No Putin did not have to attend every meeting. Although i agree he has to represented in every form of it’s public statement regarding of the incident.

        2. frankly says:

          Probably fed up with being lied to.

          1. wwinsti says:

            But the Israelis were given a chance to preform another investigation?

          2. frankly says:

            Preform as opposed to perform? It seems that maybe the Israelis did mess this up.

    2. John Whitehot says:

      all things that are going to be publicly released, according to.. according to.. according to who actually? nevermind.


      As always, the Jew lies. All Jews are responsible for this, all Jews are subject to collective punishment for this.

  6. RichardD says:

    If the Syrians are going to engage the IAF, they should have missiles that are effective.

  7. Krestovan says:

    A hand shake? 15 Russians dead, expensive aircraft destroyed, and the Russians shaking their hand? Why not arrest them and put them on trial? So what could the Zios tell them other than lies? Are they trying to justify their actions, and the Russians have to listen to that? Who is going to replace the huge amount of Syrian armaments they destroyed this time, and all other times?

    1. John Whitehot says:

      “Why not arrest them and put them on trial?”

      Your frustration has become unbearable. Consider retirement.

    2. Brother Ma says:

      Israeli pilot needs to be identified and spetznazed! That will work.

  8. D.R.Phantom says:

    They shoul’ve gone to tell the story to the mothers of those 15 servicemen; to the mothers, wives, children and friends of the unfortunate. Cunning rascals they are, shameless indeed.

    1. Jens Holm says:

      More then 500.000 others has died too.

  9. White_American_Patriot says:

    4 F16’s were conducting operations undetected right by the Russian ELINT and by Russian bases containing S400’s

    So much for that Russian air defense crap

    Hahahahaha, didn’t even know what hit them

    1. russ says:

      Funny coming from someone who’s mother and sister are the same person…

      1. John Whitehot says:


      2. zman says:


      3. Ricky Miller says:

        And didn’t even know it until you told him. He’s probably off to confront his Mom. Hillary.

      4. Jaime says:


    2. Brother Ma says:

      Well who says they were undetected.

  10. GrandRus says:

    This day in history our glorious ancestors started preparing to do the unthinkable: Cross the snowy Alps with a huge army, like Hanibbal had done centuries ago. But where Hanibal failed, Russians succeeded! They defeated French and were welcomed as liberatorsby the Italians and the king of Sardinia himself, and the Russian troops marched in Rome, Milan and Turin!!!!

    1. Brother Ma says:

      What year was it?

  11. John Whitehot says:

    where are the new details?

    1. as says:

      There’s not much just they’re shifting the blame into Syrian side disregarding their strikes itself and where they’re doing it.

      1. John Whitehot says:

        “trying desperately to shift” would probably be closer to the truth

  12. Shy Talk says:

    sadly after this latest incident and the Russian response, i’ve lost all my faith in them, you stand up or stand down, i think they stood down :(

  13. Smaug says:

    Uh, no matter what exactly happened two things are certain: The majority of Russian SAM rockets can’t distinguish between a F-16I and an IL-20M, and some sort of communications error occurred between the Syrians and Russians. Also, it is plausible that the rockets were fired at random because that is a page directly from Soviet war doctrine when dealing with an enemy who’s location is only roughly known. Firing into the air or at area targets to create a wall of death and/or to make the enemy think they are being targeted.
    I expect a lot of arguments over details and liability, but ultimately the 14 deaths did nothing for nobody.

    1. as says:

      As if SAM even work like that.
      Israeli is doing strikes in too close proximity with Russian forces assets and striking target close to it’s base almost without warning (1 minutes before strikes might as well just hit the horn on their cockpits to warn the Russian).

    2. Brother Ma says:

      I like your logic re death wall even if i don’t believe the stuff re distinguishing between planes.

  14. Jasonovich says:

    I got this from dimpenews.com

    A European source of secret military intelligence, reveals new
    evidence about the fall of the Russian aircraft in Syria. According to
    this source:

    After analyzing all the information and satellite images related to
    the crash of the Russian aircraft UAV 20 / IL 20, which belongs to the
    group of so-called « ELECTINT electronic intelligence »

    we affirm:

    1) The Russian aircraft was hit by an air-to-air missile that hit its
    target while it was 35.6 km away from its airbase in Hameimem at

    2) The plane was hit at 22:56 Damascus time.

    3) The aircraft that launched the missile is a F / 16D / F 16D class, type 16 .

    4) The missile launched by this aircraft is a short-range sidewind, AIM-9.

    5) It was launched against the Russian aircraft from a distance of six kilometers and two hundred meters (6200 meters).

    6) The mission of the Russian aircraft was to play an effective role in
    the dealing of the missiles launched by Israeli aircraft, by
    transferring accurate information about Israeli air operations directly
    to the command center and units of the Syrian Air Defence Forces .

    7) His role described above was the reason that it had to be destroyed.

    8) It was hit by the commander of the Israeli air force squad , who
    participated in the latest wave of air strikes against Syria.


    1. hope springs eternal. says:

      Thank you. If true, hope Russia makes a serious note.

    2. TS says:

      They took the ‘bait’ .. The Frogs had to save their asses! The Russians where very clear about identification and importance by their actions and initial words. It is now obvious than quite a few S-200’s where fired and intel was being gathered.

    3. Tommy Jensen says:

      It sounds more logic that Israel shot it down to get room for firing missiles, than all the other bs.

  15. SFC Steven M Barry USA RET says:

    Typical Jew bullshit.

  16. J Roderet says:

    The ISISraelis are just trying to blame it all on Syria. But the world’s freedom-loving peoples are not buying it.

  17. Luutzen says:

    A typical Zionist-Jewish reaction: blame your enemy always, even without reason.

    Putin should stop allowing IDF attacks on Syria. He is solely to blame, not the Russian military, they adviced: retaliate and provide S-300!

  18. Jens Holm says:

    So many here think they are Jesus Christ and can make stone to bread. You are scums.

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