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MAY 2021

Israeli TV Reports From Syrian Democratic Forces-held Territory For First Time Ever

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For the first time ever, Israeli TV podcasted several reports, which were shot in the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) territory in northeastern Syria. The reports, which were produced by Journalist Moav Vardi, where podcasted by the Channel 11 earlier this month.

In the reports, Vardi can be seen with SDF fighters in different areas of northeastern Syria and on the frontlines against ISIS in the Middle Euphrates River Valley. The Israeli journalist even interviewed the group’s General Commander Ferhat Abdi Sahin, who is known by his nom de guerre “Mazlum Kobane.”

Vardi’s reports led to an outrage among Syrians on different political sides, especially that they coincided with the U.S. recognition of Israel’s sovereignty over the occupied Syrian Golan heights.

The U.S. step was condemned by both the Syrian government and opposition, but not by the SDF or its political wing, the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC). Syrian Kurdish officials in northeastern Syria remained silent and didn’t comment on the matter.

The SDF is apparently approaching Israel and Israeli-linked organizations in an attempt to get a wider support from the U.S, which is fueling separatist intentions of the Kurdish-dominated administration in northeastern Syria.

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  1. michael Harrison says:

    Although america failed to completely destroy syria and iraq, they are now divided with an american proxy army in control of huge swaths of territory in both countries. If that isn’t a win for America i don’t know what is.

    1. BL says:

      A win for America would have been accomplishing what they were screaming about nonstop from the start of the war, that is “Assad Must Go”. Since Assad did not go it is not a win for (((America))). Syria and Iraq won’t be divided, what you’re seeing is the last desperate attempt by the Zionists who rule and control America to salvage something out of the war before they are permanently kicked out.

    2. Zionism = EVIL says:

      Well it is big win for Zionists as Eastern Euphrates like Arbil in Iraq will be part of Zionist entity. The Kurd turds are just proxies for Zionism and Americunts.

  2. 1691 says:

    A lot of loop holes in this editor’s choice:
    “The reports, which were produced by Journalist Moav Vardi, where podcasted by the Channel 11 earlier this month.” vs “especially that they coincided with the U.S. recognition of Israel’s sovereignty over the occupied Syrian Golan heights.”
    Trump signed that meaningless piece of paper on the 25/03.
    “The SDF is apparently approaching Israel and Israeli-linked organizations in an attempt to get a wider support from the U.S, which is fueling separatist intentions of the Kurdish-dominated administration in northeastern Syria.”
    Troubles in paradise part 2?

  3. verner says:

    and why isn’t he hanging from a lamppost, the squatters as well as moronistan have actively supported sdf and sdf has been warring against assad and saa and should therefore be viewed as an enemy (combatant possibly),journalist or not. no safe passage just because you’re a journalist.

  4. Rafik Chauhan says:


  5. Real Anti-Racist Action says:

    Israel has done it. Israel conquered the eastern 1/3rd of Syria and the Syrian army combined with Russia has failed to even make it difficult for Israeli commandos leading their brave PKK into battle.
    If Syria new how to forge an alliance with Turkey, Turkey does not seem scared to bomb PKK/Israelis in eastern Syria.
    Israel also conquered the Golan this week, Russia and Syria were not able to respond with even a single volley launched into the Golan.
    Syria has disintegrated into a tiny state now much smaller then it once was.
    Perhaps more effort should be exerted by the resistance to alter the elections outcome in Egypt.
    Perhaps it is time now for Egypt great awakening.
    Egypt must been seen as an important player to influence them internally.
    Time for psy-ops.
    #1 No more extending term limits for the current Zionist leader of Egypt.
    #2 Promote an air of unity -Christians and Muslims united in Egypt to help the Christians and Muslims in the Gaza strip. ‘Make it a Holy call’ one demanded of faith to help others.
    #3 An official law passed in Egypt that see’s ISIS as an Israeli creation (which has wreaked much havoc to the Egyptian people)
    #4 A free and open press that can freely report on Israeli crimes.
    #5 Unlocking support for rebuilding Syria.
    #6 A nationalist unity bill that well see the return of lost Egyptian islands given to Saudi Arabia.
    #7 An understanding that if Israel steals Golan, then Israel will one day steal Cairo.

    Time to awaken the Egyptian’s to take control of their own future.
    Awaken them on the streets.
    Target their dictatorship with phishing and gain dirt to expose on them to the mass public.
    Use printed flyers. Emails. And means of social revolution.
    Now is the time as the elections roll up.

  6. gustavo says:

    The partition of Syria was agreed during Lavrov-Kerry meetings, we are just seeing the results of these unpublished agreements. Why am I saying this ? Well, SAA had the opportunity to stop SDF (Kurds-USA-Israel puppets) at Ar-Raqqak, Deir Ez-Zor, Al Mayadin, and Al Bukamal, and they do NOTHING to stop SDF advance on north-east Euprates river. There are the facts and evidences.

    1. Saddam Hussein says:

      I dont trust Russia in two issues : the (((kurds))) and Israel. President Assad can only count on Iran and his Arab allies in this, and to a lesser extent Turkey.

  7. Saddam Hussein says:

    The kurdish traitors arent hiding their connection to the main enemy of all Arabs : the Israeli regime. President Assad has to go tough on these terrorists and backstabbers, prepare the barrels. They will not be given an inch and the kurdish language will be banned after this.

    1. Zionism = EVIL says:

      This Zionist move into Eastern Euphrates should not be taken lightly, it will have serious long term implications for Syria, Iran, Iraq and even Turkeys. The Jew parasites once it infects only spreads cancer as Palestine and Syria have found out much to their cost.

  8. Real Anti-Racist Action says:

    Now Israeli TV stations broadcasting from inside of Syria lol ‘I mean PKK-land’
    Wow just wow. Israels freely travel wherever they want to inside of Syria these days.

  9. gustavo says:

    The destruction of Syria has been done, now it is the turn to Iran, and after Iran Russia will be destroyed That is Israel-USA-NATO plans. Russia has not been able to stop NATO (Turkey), and it will not be able to stop it later. Better to be prepared for a WWIII.

  10. Davki says:

    Since I got the impression, that not everybody who commented really understood what was said in the report, in all humility, here a few points from this report. Firstly, the presentation of the situation:
    1) Kurds have been suppressed in Syria (and elsewhere), which is mostly true.
    2) They bore the brunt of the fight against Daesh. More doubtful, Hezbollah and others need to be mentioned here.
    Politically, ‘Mazloum Kobane’ makes a few interesting statements. He affirms that ultimately (according to him) all Kurds have a ‘Great Kurdistan’ in their hearts and that the establishment of such a state is the ultimate goal. Vardi asks pushing questions about this: Why don’t all Kurds unite etc. Now, MK answers that for 100 years, there has been no support for Kurds and even today, all the great powers are against them. So, it’s not very likely a ‘Great Kurdistan’ will come up any time soon. Vardi, however mentions that many Kurds, not least in Iraq, simply want “a good life” and aren’t interested in a ‘Great Kurdistan”. Due mention is also made of the Turkish position, where Erdogan qualifies all Kurdish groups as “terrorists” and even, that there is no difference between Kurds and Daesh (!). [Only, of course, that the latter get his support]. The Kurdish fight is portrayed as being against both Daesh and Asad. MB clearly states, the he thinks the US withdrawal is wrong, that the US has a “responsibility” (!) to stay in Syria. If not, he says, soon Syria will be “Iranian”. A clear message to Israel (and the US). In the end, he’s asked about Kurds and Israelis (not Jews), whether they “can live together”. MK answers: “Clearly, it is not a matter of throwing the Israelis into the sea. We want to live in peace with all our neighbours. We will work with anyone that helps with the ‘solution’ of the Kurdish question; those who want peace rather than war.”

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