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Israeli Troops Attacked In Southern Israel Amid Protests In Gaza (Video)


On October 12, the Israeli military announced that its soldiers eliminated a group of gunmen that detonated a bomb on the separation fence around the Palestinian Gaza Strip then attempted to attack a military position inside Israel territory.

The incident reportedly took place when thousands of Palestinians were protesting near the separation fence to demand the recognition of their “right of return.” So far, no group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

The Ministry of Health of Palestine announced that 7 Palestinians were killed and 140 others were injured by the Israeli military during the protests. However, the Israeli media claimed that at least 3 of the casualties were among the gunmen who attacked the Israeli military position.

Following the attack, Israel’s Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman ordered a halt to the transfer of fuel into the Gaza Strip. The upcoming hours will likely witness a stronger response by Israel, that targets positions of the Hamas Movement in such cases.

Palestinians began protesting on a weekly basis in response to the U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in late 2017. Since then, more than 160 protestors have been killed by the Israeli military.



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  • Justin

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  • Sinbad2

    Now if there were a lot of IDF casualties, that would be a story, but Israelis killing Palestinians is an everyday event.
    Ever seen the movie Schindlers list?
    There is a scene where a German officer is shooting Jews, because he is bored and they don’t matter.
    The IDF are that officer, they kill Palestinians because they just don’t matter, to them it’s just like killing a fly.
    Israelis are the nazis.

    • #’~A*QXm(>NRmm]w?dU4vXZ

      Spot on, and I now consistently call them ZioNazis.


      For what it’s worth, that scene is an insane fabrication. But so typical of the Jews to make up stories about the sort of thing THEY would like to do to real human beings.

      • John LaRochelle

        Israelis are Zionists, not Jews. Romans 2:28-29 describes real Jews. Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 describe false Jews.

        • Freespirit

          They are Jews by conversion and not SEMITIC JEWS, or not Jews of the Biblical mythology (not Descendants of SHEM)

    • Freespirit

      They are Ashkenazi, by their own definition and the “nazi” part is “hidden in plain sight” !

      Additionally ” Schindlers List” is Jewish propaganda.Their is NO DOCUMENTATION or other proof that Nazi Officers shot Jews”because they were bored”, so that movie is a very bad example.

      Shooting innocents, it appears, is a Zionist past time

  • Smaug

    Well, South Front, it’s a little more complicated than that. The PA sponsored the Day of Rage protests over the formal recognition of Jerusalem and Hamas took part. The Right of Return protests are actually a split from that because the PA dropped the protests when they realized they weren’t going to get anyone to change their minds. Hamas at that time shifted their policies from threat of rocket attacks to that of routine mass demonstrations.

    • RichardD

      You’re a Zionist shill supporting Jew crimes against the Palestinians. The fact that there are routine mass demonstrations is an indication of the extent of the problems caused by chronic Israeli criminality against the Palestinians. And US support for these crimes. Which needs to stop.

    • #’~A*QXm(>NRmm]w?dU4vXZ

      You can twist history any which way you like, but the facts is that your ZioNazi brethren, who came over from Europe, infested Palestine like cockroaches, then ethnically cleansed and exterminated Palestinians, and stole their land.

      The right of return is a basic right defined by the UN and signed up to by your ZioNazi garbage dump – Res. 194.

      Your racist, genocidal ZioNazi open sewer has now surpassed WW2 Nazis, and deserves to be bombed into submission like Germany was.

    • It’s always little more complicated but one must never support the apartheid Israel which confessedly denies every basic human right for the Palestinians.

  • John Whitehot

    “So far, no group has claimed responsibility for the attack.”

    that’s because it’s the kind of attack normally perpetrated by mossads masquerading as palestinians.

  • Abramo Putra

    They lie, the Zionists are vipers and snakes. The Nazis of Israel kill in advance, their snipers on the strip have photos of all the hamas activists and kill them in cold blood. Journalists, children and doctors are killing, they shoot the young demonstrators, to leave them disabled all their lives. The racist state of apartheid of Israel is hell on earth.