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Israeli Tanks Attack Observation Post In Syria’s al-Quneitra Days After Airstrikes On Damascus

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Israeli Tanks Attack Observation Post In Syria’s al-Quneitra Days After Airstrikes On Damascus

Illustrative image: Israeli Defense Forces/Flash90/File

Early on June 8, several battle tanks of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) advanced in the UN-monitored buffer zone in the southern Syrian governorate of al-Quneitra and opened fire at an alleged observation post of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) near the town of al-Malgah.

No casualties were reported as a result of the attack, which represented a blatant violation of the 1974 separation of forces agreement.

After the attack, the IDF dropped leaflets over al-Qunitra warning the SAA against maintain any presence within the 235 square kilometer buffer zone.

“To the commanders of the Syrian military!

As we warned you before, we will not tolerate the presence of Syrian military personnel as long as they continue to violate the separation of forces agreement by operating in a demilitarized zone.

As long as there is a violation, there will be a response!” the IDF said in the leaflets, which also contained photos of armed SAA personnel within the buffer zone.

Israeli Tanks Attack Observation Post In Syria’s al-Quneitra Days After Airstrikes On Damascus

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The attack came just two days after a series of Israeli airstrikes that targeted the southern outskirts of the Syrian capital, Damascus. The airstrikes reportedly hit military positions near the town of al-Kiswah. A source in the SAA told the Syrian Arab News Agency that the airstrikes resulted in material losses only.

In the last few months, Israel stepped up its attacks on Syria. Tel Aviv accused Damascus of not respecting the separation of forces agreement to justify some of its most recent attacks on the country’s southern region.

Israel appears to be working to establish indirect control over al-Qunitra’s buffer zone. In the near future, the IDF could attempt to launch a large-scale ground operation in the zone to annex what’s left of the Golan Heights under Syria’s control.


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Shouqi al Mukthar

These Zionist bastards are strutting too much as Russia is busy cleaning out the Nazis, sooner or later they will get too arrogant and will fall into the trap of hubris. They are killing journalists every day now. FREE PALESTINE!


Otto Skorzeny turned out to be one of the Mossad’s most valuable agents. He was also a former lieutenant colonel in the Nazis’ Waffen-SS, one of Hitler’s favorite among their commando leaders. The Führer gave Skorzeny the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross, the most prestigious medal in the German army, for leading the operation that saved Benito Mussolini from his captors in 1943.


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Elohim Kosher Bar

Dear Team Putin,

Please Tsar Bomba the judaic terrorists. Start with the Rothschilds, Blackrock, The Federal Reserve, The Bank of England, and the BIS (Bank of International Settlements, Basel, Switzerland.

Please put an end to AshkeNAZI terrorism.

Chris Gr

Most of them are “gentiles”.


Thanks for the Skorzeny article link. It made for a good read. Strange world it is.

Chris Gr

Note that Palestinians have also harassed Lebanese, Syrians and Jordanians in the past.


Mongols pretending to be Jews in the Middle East !


That is why the Khazar trash is supporting the Jew trash Zelensky who is baying for Slavic blood. These Khazar Zionist vermin must be eliminated for the sake of humanity.

Chris Gr

Sephardis and Mizrahis are not Khazars.


At least the Sephardim can also be real a-holes. One of them was allegedly the biggest slave trader across the Atlantic, and their chief rabbi doesn’t view gentiles as human beings to begin with (many of the Js don’t).

A Jew can outwit himself

Soon the Jews will be overturned into the sea. Now the Arabs are not the ones they defeated in the seven-day wars. The Arabs have already spent fifteen or twenty years in wars. And they saved up some money. So these assholes should be quieter. There is a crisis in America, electricity will be turned off for the summer (for this reason, they need to sell uranium for rubles) Inflation is rushing to the ceiling. Gasoline prices are higher than even in fantasies about the apocalypse (in the movie I’m a legend, when there is no state, prices at gas stations were lower) . So Trump can croak on, but the states are not the same at ALL, and this will get worse. They went all in in Ukraine and dreamed of sawing our resources, BUT it didn’t work out. So the Jews will get it, I’m sure, within the next 20 years.

hunter bidé lab pork !

The UN is gonna make a blow job to zio parazites and to nazis parazites !!! and then they got to be loockdown forever !!! PARAZITES !!!! !


You just have to look here at the comments to know who the real nazis are: russian trolls and Putin lovers – and all from the West. It’s fking R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S ^^


More fake news, you really need to weed out your sources Southfront. Just like your claim a few weeks ago that Israeli drones struck attacks in Iran proper at drone facilities. It wasn’t reported by other news sites, therefore no real evidence. These reports with some vague google maps, is not worth reporting in anything being more the Israeli Mossad psy-ops, really disappointed that you keep reporting these as facts or news.

The Crunge

Russia let Ukraine shell their people in donesk and Lugansk for a long time before they went in. But when they went in they went in pretty good. Is something similar going to happen with Iran/Syria? We’ll have to wait and see.

Last edited 2 months ago by The Crunge
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