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Israeli Tank Flips Over During Military Exercise: 1 Soldier Killed, 3 Wounded

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One Israeli soldier was killed, while three others were wounded, as an Israeli tank crashed and flipped over during a military exercise in northern Israel.

Israeli Tank Flips Over During Military Exercise: 1 Soldier Killed, 3 Wounded

An Israeli soldier died late Wednesday after a tank he was in crashed and flipped over during a military training exercise in the Golan Heights (Photo: twitter.com / IsraelHatzolah)

On Wednesday evening, an Israeli tank crashed and flipped over during a military exercise in the Golan Heights in northern Israel. As a result, one Israeli soldier lost his life, while three others were wounded and taken to a local hospital, the Israeli Haaretz newspaper reported on Thursday.

The killed soldier was identified as a 20-year-old tank commander in the 401st Brigade from Ramat Hasharon, Sgt. Ido Ben-Ari. The Army has notified the family of Ben-Ari about his death and started an investigation of circumstances of the incident, seeking to know what caused tank to flip over.

The incident became the latest in a number of training accidents in the Golan, which happened in recent months.

In August, a collision between two vehicles occurred on the Golan Heights. As a result, seven Israeli soldiers were wounded, one of them very severely. In July, a grenade explosion occurred near an entrance to a military outpost in Har Dov region – two Israeli soldiers were killed and three others were injured.

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Elisabeth Jenders

The Golan Heights are occupied Syrian territory, not legally part of Israel – although they like to think it is. Serves them right if things go bad for them there!

Daniel Rich


I hope this trend will continue, and once the SAA is done kicking all those takfiri terrorists to the curb [or just below it] they will aim their sights at territory that’s illegally occupied by the Apartheid State. And where the Apartheid State’s stormtroopers practice on Palestinian juveniles, they will face battle hardened Syrian Soldiers with real life XP, once the tide turns. And turn it will.

Joseph Scott

You realise that is impossibly unrealistic? The SAA has zero chance of winning a fight with the IDF. Idealistic notions don’t win wars. Sound military organizational doctrines that know how to select, train and promote leaders does. The last time the IDF and SAA met in combat, the attrition ratio per soldier was about 7 to 1 in Israel’s favour.

Combat experience is highly overrated as a factor of troop quality. Inferior troops learn the wrong lessons in battle. They learn how to survive, not how to win. Besides, the IDF isn’t exactly lacking in combat experience.


And the pool of oil under the Golan Heights , is so large , that it is the real reason for this war on Syria . Genie Energy , (NJ).

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