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Israeli-Syrian Tensions Are Flaring Up In Golan Heights Area

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Tensions are once again flaring up in the Golan Heights area, on the contact line between Syrian and Israeli forces.

Late on August 3, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) struck several targets in the Syrian province of Quneitra. According to the IDF, the strikes hit observation posts, intelligence collection systems, anti-aircraft artillery and command and control systems of the Syrian Armed Forces. The Syrian state media reported that Syrian forces intercepted several missiles, while the impact of the rest of them caused only material damage.

A day earlier, on August 2, the IDF claimed that it had neutralized 4 gunmen that were trying to plant an IED on the security fence on the contact line between the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights and the government-controlled part of Syria.

Soldiers from the Maglan special forces unit and unspecified aircraft opened fire at the four suspects, some of whom were armed, killing them all, IDF Spokesperson Hidai Zilberman said. The spokesman said the military did not yet know which military or group the men belonged to, but Israeli media as always blamed Iran and Hezbollah.

Clashes also resumed with a new energy between the Syrian Army and Turkish-backed militant groups, first of all Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda), in southern Idlib and northern Lattakia. According to pro-government sources, the escalation began with a series of intense strikes on positions of the army in southern Idlib.

In response to the attack, the Syrian Army and the Russian Aerospace Forces struck a number of positions of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham along the contact line. Sources loyal to Hayat Tahrir al-Sham militants claimed that the group shot down a Russian Orlan-10 reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle in northwestern Hama and killed up to 10 Syrian soldiers by rocket and mortar strikes.

Early on August 4, units of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham also stormed positions of the Syrian Army near Ard al-Wat and Ayn al-Qantarah, but the attack was repelled.

The clashes followed a series of incidents, including the canceled joint Turkish-Russian patrol along the M4 highway in southern Idlib. These developments are a logical result of the current situation in Greater Idlib, where the so-called ‘opposition-held area’ is in fact controlled by various terrorist groups supported by Turkey.

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Anywhere our enemies try to hurt us, we will act. Syira, Lebanon or Gaza it makes to difference, never forget it.


Stupid Zioterrorist Jews learn American geography it seems. Neither Lebanon nor Syria are part of the Ziofillth’s neocolony in Palestine. Iran and Syria will just finish deploying defense support for Damascus. Fuck ISISrael’s beachfront property otherwise.

Ali Tartoussi

For the love of anything at this point will you all please just shut up. God it shames me to be a part of this childish group, the man lives of you giving him responses. Just say yes fine well see who wins and move on, am I the only one here who is older then 15 and sees this as point less. This man has been in almost every comment section I see under south front and syralive map, yet not one single soul here has picked up that he does not give a fuck.

Fog of War

That is actually Zion’s job here. He tries to provoke an endless barrage of comments to flood the board and make it unreadable. Its an old tactic.

You might also notice he doesnt work alone, another poster here ” Free man ” , is his partner. Free man’s job is to present a nicer alternative ” to Zion. A ” good cop bad cop routine.”


which if you ask me gives this site some character but like people just keep on feeding him which mind boggles me to why they would give him what he wants?


My mind also boggles that they “feed” him, than they complain Which is just plain idiotic. I have blocked him and have no problems with his comments at all. I have problem with endless comments of others to his comments polluting thread

Also Iron-ZION might not be one person but whole team of Jew bots


Same I ask, why even bother to pay attention to IZ ? I blocked Iron Zion long ago, just an imbecile with the same childish rethoric..


I don’t agree.

” Free man ” is against Islamic fundamentalism and Mullah regime in Iran (not anti-Iran). I don’t think he is from the West but of Muslim origin…

He is not against Muslims in general and that is big difference between those two there. Muslim and Jew (convert) have little in common yet Free Man supports Jew when he is speaking anti-Iran and similar

“Iron-ZION” who is basically against everybody who is against the Jew (converts) and IsraHell is another story.

They do not work together (no good cop bad cop routine) but they might be supportive when their comments go in the same direction (which is nothing unusual)


Setback for Hezbollah would have been immense today. :)


We are comminh for you. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. You Khazars have overstayed your welcome on planet Earth. Real holocaust this time. Worldwide.

Believe it.



johnny rotten

The whole world outside the [fake] Jews is against israehell, in fact it is in solidarity with the secular and multireligious people of Syria, even the real Jews who have never abandoned Palestine think so and support the cause of the Palestinian people and of Peace with the MO countries.


No one can defeat Israel … That is the truth ..


I$rael will defeat itself through its arrogance.

Israel is strategically in trouble now that the Arabs don’t pay attention to this shape- shifting fake entity anymore. We have passed it. That’s why the Khazars keep launching attacks on Syria and acts of terrorism like assassinations and blowing up infrastructure in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon. It’s how it sees itself existing. In war and surrounded by people who despise it to the core. How is it going to last this way. It wields the sword, and will die by the sword.

Meanwhile, we Arabs just launched a Mars probe. Moving way past the race of the phallus worshiping, ritual murdering, blood lusting Rabbinical Talmudic Khazars. A race that will forever wander the planet until a world wide uprising against this Turkey insideous, sick people.


I must emphasize that your comment was really Good.

Traiano Welcome

Hezbollah already defeated Israel. More defeats to follow.


Golan Heights, Sheba Farms, West bank ARE ARAB LAND

Fuck you israeli zionist piece of shit troll.

Israelis have the 3 worst qualities in a human being, LIARS, THIEVES and MURDERERS !! I hope too see some day Iran turns you into rubble. Also, fight your wars on your own, don’t ask for the USA to help you when Iran is kicking your asses.


time to cull the jews in palestine to zero. long overdue.

Rodney Loder

Turkey doesn’t support terrorist groups but we all can agree Jews do, the recently fertilizer explosion in Beirut would for sure be a Jew sabotage operation, tell you what else was and how and why it was carried by Freemason swine.

Roy Den Hollander was a perfect candidate to be mind controlled by the Freemasons, notice I can say what I please on public media about Freemasons, a very powerful organisation in their worst of times, because I brought the Holy Ghost to Earth answering the question of who created God and the homosexual Sid Loder (made a Freemason Grand Master because he donated me to Israel) sure they named the Park at Mitchelton Brisbane where we lived after him but gave him nothing else, which Sid felt bad about.

Anyhow the New Jersey Fed. Judge was connected with Deutsche Bank and Epstein in the course of her duties, what a perfect way to send a message to Judges concerning Maxwell who could spill the beans on top politicians so far clear, would be without hitting the Judge herself, what better way than kill her family, which hurts more than being murdered yourself, I know they did it to me.

The Jew maggots knew exactly who would answer the door, everyone in the house would have been telepathically mind controlled exactly the same as Hollander.

cechas vodobenikov

golan is illegally occupied by Israel, where they destroy Druze olive orchards—-antagonizing them…turkey, SA, USA employ ISIS proxies to create fake civil wars in Libya, , Syria, Afghanistan, etc…trump may wish to withdraw troops from many nations, but this will not be permitted by their oligarchy —their fake war mongering congress….this is likely fake news….a few teenagers that sought to visit their uncle were murdered and described as Hizbollah by fake journalists


There is nothing but fake journalists (with few exceptions) in official Western Media and in IsraHell is even worse.


Satellite image allegedly shows 2 Russian Su-57 jets in Syria “Several hours ago, Syrian military experts published information from the Syrian Military Capabilities community that two new Russian fifth-generation Su-57 fighters had been spotted near the hangars. It is reported that earlier these aircraft were not seen either on the territory of Russia or on the territory of Syria, which may mean that the Russian military is carrying out the last test run of two new combat serial aircraft,” Avia.Pro said.

According to the Russian publication, the satellite image taken of the aircraft was dated on June 27, 2020, which means it would be relatively new. https://www.almasdarnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/0089.jpg

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