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Israeli Strikes On Hezbollah Are Intentionally Non-Lethal: NYT Report


Israeli Strikes On Hezbollah Are Intentionally Non-Lethal: NYT Report

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Israel’s Defense Forces (IDF) reportedly are sparing Hezbollah members, in order to avoid a full-scale war, the New York Times cited “several current and former Israeli and Middle Eastern officials.”

According to the entirely anonymous sources, “Israel has adopted a policy of warning Hezbollah operatives in Syria before bombing their convoys to avoid killing them and risking a devastating war in Lebanon.”

This is because allegedly both Israel and Hezbollah have a feeling that an open conflict is near, but are unsure what exactly could cause it.

The video purportedly shows a group of Hezbollah members, who Israel refuses to fire upon pre-emptively, waits for them to all exit the vehicle, take out their gear and then blow it up.

“But while Israel has not hesitated to kill Iranians in Syria, where the chaos of a nine-year civil war has allowed a host of powers to operate, it has largely refrained from killing members of Hezbollah.”

And according to the anonymous sources, Hezbollah members in Syria have even received “surprise phone calls” from Israeli officials warning them to evacuate their bases before they are bombed.

The first missile shot at the vehicle in the video was also an alleged deliberate miss, a warning shot so that the Hezbollah members can save themselves.

The aim of this, according to a senior Middle Eastern intelligence official said, is to tell Hezbollah, “We can see you, even if we don’t kill you.”

Furthermore, Hezbollah has also refrained from killing Israelis in recent years, because it allegedly doesn’t want to risk a full-scale war between Israel and Lebanon.

Two days after the Jeep attack in Syria, Israel accused Hezbollah of cutting holes in the fence along the Lebanon-Israel border and hanging a poster of its leaders and of Qassim Suleimani. A significant revenge, by all means.

“Amin Hoteit, a retired brigadier general in the Lebanese army who is close to Hezbollah, said the gesture was a way for Hezbollah to send a nonlethal message to Israel, thumbing its nose at Israel’s attack and demonstrating that its operatives could cross the border if they chose to.”

Because the IDF strike led to no casualties, the Hezbollah response was also non-lethal, allegedly.

“This is the new warfare,” said Randa Slim, a senior fellow at the Middle East Institute in Washington. “There is going to be precise targeting of individuals and key operatives in what Israel deems an existential threat to its security, which is the precision-guided missiles of Hezbollah.”

“If the precision-guided missile project is going at the rate the Israelis are saying, eventually they are going to start killing these people.”

And even if it comes to war, Israel is skeptical that Iran, Hezbollah and all other allied factions can even compete with it.

Mossad chief, Yossi Cohen, doubts that Hezbollah, Iran and their allies could muster a significant military threat to Israel and argues that Israel should not establish a balance of deterrence with a militia that Israel and the United States consider a terrorist organization.

According to him, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah should only be given one message that he “should not try” Israel.

“It makes no difference what he fires against Israel — extended-range Grad missiles, or M-600 rockets or anything else — the moment that happens, he and his entire organization will be totally wiped out.”

The article concludes with the following: “Israeli airstrikes in Syria in recent years have killed hundreds of Iranians, Syrians and Iranian-backed militiamen from Iraq and elsewhere. But these strikes have killed as few as 16 Hezbollah operatives since 2013.”

The entire report is a way to praise alleged Israeli military success, all the while discrediting Hezbollah and all other sides such as Iran and others. What it does lack is any sort of evidence, and is entirely based on the claims of an undisclosed number of anonymous officials.




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