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Israeli Strikes On Damascus, 4 Syrian Soldiers Injured

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Israeli Strikes On Damascus, 4 Syrian Soldiers Injured

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In the late hours of April 7th and the early hours of April 8th, Syrian air defense intercepted alleged Israeli missiles fired from the occupied Golan Heights.

Syria’s air defenses intercepted and destroyed rockets launched by Israel from the direction of Lebanon and the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights towards the Syrian Capital Damascus, state news agency SANA reported.

“At approximately 12:56 am today, the Israeli enemy carried out an air attack with bursts of rockets from the direction of Lebanese territory targeting some points in the vicinity of Damascus. Our air defenses confronted the aggression and downed most of the rockets,” SANA said citing a military source.

The alleged Israeli attack wounded four soldiers and caused some material losses, the report added.

Syrian state media broadcast footage of what it said were the air defenses firing, with bright lights seen shooting across the night sky.

Lebanese Hezbollah’s Al-Manar TV said its correspondent saw a Syrian defense rocket chasing after an Israeli military aircraft at the border area and explosions were heard across Lebanon.

The strikes come after a series of cargo flights between Syria and Iran were reported over recent weeks.

The airstrikes are the ninth since January, with strikes attributed to Israel reported in eastern, southern and western Syria every month since the beginning of the year. Most of them are on targets near Damascus, however.



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johnny rotten

Zion always plays the same desperate blues, the axis has surrounded him and he does not see any escape route, there is still not a long time that the apartheid regime will take the street of the sea definitively, how much pathetics sounds this melody from losers, useless and bitter, yet nothing better left to be played.

Diana Cornwell

You hasbara troll are always playing the same hasbara tune, portraying Putin as the hero of the world.

Putin is the BIGGEST ZIONIST extant. Period.


Hotty, did you just call @johnny rotten a Hasbara!!?? :)) You?

Aww.. Diana. He blocked you. Such pain. You may use my shoulder for crying, I’m always the service of the elderly. First rejection from the Great Khan, and now this…This is going to be one “those” days, innit? ;) Downvote frenzy days!! You with your dirty mind, what did you think I meant by those days?


She is CORRECT about Pootin assessment!!!! 100%

Rafi Maina



I’m using the personal pronoun “she” based on @Linda Cornwell name only. “she” might well be a fat dude, like that Milikian guy who popped up right around war in Qarabaq with very similar bahaviour and even choice of avatar.

Frankly I’m tired of this drivel about Putin. He’s not president of my country and I have an issue or two about him, but “Putin the traitor to Syria” is now a tiring bull$#it cliche used mainly by employees of troll farms and insanely naive people repeat free of charge what they receive money for spreading.

Prove to me how she is CORRECT about Pootin assessment!!!! 100%

Where do you think Syria gets its air defence and ammo needed from? Where do you think Syria gets the much needed wheat now that Americans are stealing it from? Which country helped liberation of Palmyra? Do you know how many Russians gave their lives and blood in Syria? Who is hammering the remnant of ISIS in the Homs desert, armed, trained and sent from the American illegal Tanf base? What about constant destruction of terrorists in Idlib?

What people like “her” do, is to deflect attention from the real aggressor to someone else. It’s one of the tricks in the “Hasbara handbook”. Try to obtain a copy from internet.

Zionists attack Syria, end of story. This is a fact. Do you dispute it or not? With the same logic, explain to me how president Assad is not a traitor to Syria because he doesn’t target Zionist planes with the same air defence systems which Russia supplied, upgraded, maintained and keeps delivering ammunition for? Why Assad doesn’t fire missiles at the airports which the Zionist planes took off from? Why should the head of another country be at fault for aggression of Zionists, while the president of Syria doesn’t think so? Are you claiming to know better than Dr. Assad or your heart bleeds for Syrians more than him? How about Iran? Is Iran also traitor to Syria

We like it or not, Russia has a relationship with the occupying regime and this relation is somewhat strong due to large presence of Russian Jews in Israel and the lobby power they have over certain sectors of Russia. If he was a cahoots with Izzies, Russia wouldn’t do what they did in Syria and acted more like the US.

It’s Syrians who must defend Syria from A to Z. Their allies (Russians, us, Hezbollah) help them with blood and treasure but since it’s their country, the burden falls mainly on them. Without help from Russia, it wasn’t possible for Syrians to do whatever they do against these pin-prick attacks. Without Iran’s help, they didn’t have any fuel or electricity or even a city like Aleppo and a land corridor to Iraq. We help, they do.

I don’t waste time explain these to the likes of @Linda Cornwell because there’s no point arguing with a troll. It’s her/his job to spread this nonsense to deflect attention from the real aggressor. But I spent this time in the hope that maybe you think for a few seconds after you read what I wrote. What you do afterwards -be it to continue falling for trolls or think a little before falling in a troll’s trap- is no longer my concern and if I feel annoyed, I simply put the annoying person in the block list.

She or he doesn’t care one bit about Syrians, in fact she hates their guts because they are Muslims (just take a look at her comments) but you can find her always telling how Putin is the bad guy in the story (under unrelated articles, mostly where Israel is involved) doing her or his best to pull a cover over Israel’s actions and blame Putin for Israel’s attacks.

You are given a brain for crying outloud, use it sometimes!


Well said my friend.

Arch Bungle

Putin really seems to have got inside your head.

Don’t you get it? Putin is simply one character in a far , far bigger game.

Diana Cornwell

Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us.

Jim Allen

Putin doesn’t know this bitch exists, instead she is obsessed with the illusion of who she believes Putin is. She is not rational, just another emotionally driven train wreck that’s gone off her meds again. Pitiful creature really.


Better than being a UK B**** like you.


She is CORRECT… get with it

Martin Szakmary



She is on my large blocked list as well. These trolls take up too much space :)

Guy Metdrapedes

Looks like they’re crying out in pain as they strike others. Surprising.


Aren’t the S-300 given to the Syrian army been used at all?

Diana Cornwell

They don’t work. The Russians refuse to give the Syrians access to the Russian radar network without which the Syrian S-300s are useless.

The Russians are lying about being allies with the Syrians. Putin’s principal ally is Israel then Turkey and Azerbaijan. Both Russia and Turkey are ruled by Jewish interests. Neo-Bolshevik Frankist Jews in Russia’s case. Putin is a Jew: https://www.quora.com/Was-Vladimir-Putins-mother-Jewish?share=1

And Doenmeh Frankist Jews in Turkey’s case: https://www.turkishnews.com/en/content/2011/11/12/turkeys-erdogan-is-jewish/


Read the article dimwit. They were missiles fired from the Golan heights. The Golan heights are 30K away from Damascus

This was an artillery strike not an air strike. We’re not even talking about ballistic or cruise missiles. They were short range missiles and the report says SAA air defence systems intercepted some of them but some got through.

What’s next … S-300’s a failure because it failed to intercept Israeli hand grenades?

Diana Cornwell

Genius, Read the comment I’m responding to, where the lack of effectiveness of the Syrian S-300s is being alluded to.


……..you clearly have no idea what you are talking about.


nah – harridans seldom do, back to the kitchen.


Wtf does that even mean?


Why would the SAA turn on the targeting radar of a billion dollar missile system over an attack from ground based short range missiles? The missiles alone cost $millions.

You understand there is a game of cat and mouse going on over there? Israel and the USA want the SAA to turn on the S-300 targeting radar so they can learn to attack it while the SAA and Russians track Israeli and US aircraft gathering sigint on the aircraft making them easier to target.

Diana Cornwell

OK, great. NATO Greece has S-300s and NATO Turkey have S400s, meaning the US/NATO learned plenty about them.

The Russians don’t have any F-22s or F-35s that I know of.

Looks like NATO is ahead in this game of gathering intelligence.

Only a traitor would have sold (vendor financed to boot!) S400s to Erdogan.

Hello Putin.


“OK, great. NATO Greece has S-300s and NATO Turkey have S400s, meaning the US/NATO learned plenty about them.”

They are export versions … not the same variants that the Russians use.

“The Russians don’t have any F-22s or F-35s that I know of.”

They don’t need to own them to shoot them down. They’re looking at the unique electronic signatures of theses aircraft. The USA and Israel usually fly these aircraft with devices that make them visible to radar. Russia will be constantly monitoring the airspace with passive radar hoping to catch them in the stealth mode … that’s the game … the USA wants elint on Russian targetting radars and Russia wants elint on US aircraft in the stealth mode.

“Looks like NATO is ahead in this game of gathering intelligence.”

Are you sure about that. The USA has been fighting in the ME for 30 years while Russia has been passively observing. Russia has satellites, aircraft and ships that can monitor US sigint as well as radar data from Russian supplied air defences in Iran and iraq that would have uploaded data even as they were destroyed. Russia has barely fought at all during this period … but they were very active developing air defences and EW systems.

“Only a traitor would have sold (vendor financed to boot!) S400s to Erdogan.”

Take a course in electrical engineering before making uninformed comments. Also learn something about maskirovka …. Russia is VERY good at it.

Diana Cornwell

OK, young man. You know things I don’t know. Thanks for letting me know.


Right, export versions of Russian weapons. As far as F22 and F35, the S400 radar and EW in Syria gathered enough information on the American F22 and had two instances whereby Suk 35 were in position to shoot down the the F22 with IR missiles.

Turkish version of S400 lacks the Nebo M radar and data fusion platform, and the ability to integrate with other Russian missiles; It is much better than Patriot PAC 3 the Turks were seeking. No, Putin is not a traitor, he considers Erdo a useful idiot, that he can crush at will.

76 mm Super Rapid

Enough information 😁😁 …. hell yeah,you are the advanced Russian radar operator gathering intel from the vlo aircrafts right?You can not gather enough (why not a little bit or all btw ) info because when they fly close to Russian borders Luneburg lens are ”on”.Here currently İsrael f-35 in cyprus making drills with Greece ,Luneburg Lens on considering Syria’s Russian military hardware.What did you think Usa and İsrael are dumb just like the way you are easily writing to this troll forum ? You cant understand the Russian-Turkish relations from the place you are sitting(it was,is and will be always multi-layered.) Yesterday,Russians out-sourced the 65 million usd floating-dock tender for Project 22220 ice-breakers to Turkey.Troll-lolo.Yeah,useful idiot indeed. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ef9e3c04d8cf7480e0ca0aac448ff3ea361069d3951f0ebd30a9050fe6c7ac66.jpg


What about the times IAF F35I’s targeted SAA positions last year? You cant have your lenses on then cuz if you do it makes you a easyer target for obvious reasons same goes for the F22’s that bombed the SAA in 2017 you cant have your lenses on all the time it risks the aircraft getting blown out of the sky the F22 and F35’s radar signatures are already most likely known by the Russians since these aircraft have operated in Syria for years and years. Also plz give me a link about the ice breakers plz since i dont really seem to understand what it is you are talking about one Ship of that class has been completed with the others on the way.

76 mm Super Rapid

blah blah blah… someone must be dumb to take you serious.ı didnt even read your comment and will never ever read.


Ofc you wont since it counters your argument on a fundamental level since your original argument did not make any logical sense form a military point of view.


The Russians could have shot down F22 on two occasions having Suk 35 get on their tail. The Russian EW interdicted the situational awareness of the F22. Erdo is a useful idiot indeed, Russia can throw him some bones.

76 mm Super Rapid

yeah some bones like nuclear reactor,huge investments to hotel business as well as the other ship tenders,construction businesses etc.Poooootin apologist…xD


About the nuclear reactors and other opportunities, Russia in the past agreed on business deals, ……they can cancel the deals as well.

Diana Cornwell

None of that ensures that NATO cannot learn about the S-400’s basic performance in the real world, especially the missile’s speed and maneuverability etc.

Why give ANY info away on your best SAM to your NATO enemy unless you’re a moron or a traitor.

Putin isn’t exactly a moron, is he?


Putin felt comfortable selling export version of the S400, because the Russian versions are a lot more sophisticated. No, Putin is not a moron, he is using Erdogan as his useful idiot in the political arena developing in the ME.

Diana Cornwell

So Putin is using the Turks you say. I don’t see any evidence of that. Turks have conquered about 20 percent of Syria’s lands. In Afrin and elsewhere, the local currency is the Turkish lira. Turks comprise the local government. Turks are building hundreds of apartment buildings and infrastructure in northern Syria.

You can thank Putin for that. No-one I said taking advantage of the Turks. It’s the other way around: Ataturk fooled the Bolsheviks pretending he was a socialist and got the gold and the guns from the Russians with which the Turks won the war against the Greeks.

Putin is a dangerous traitor.


Turks have not conquered 20% of Syrian of land, whatever they build south of their border is expandable. Thank Putin for dealing with the Syrian situation with calm and intelligence. Turkey and Israel are flies in the ME ointment.

Diana Cornwell

Israel a fly?

What nonsense.

Israel is only the tip of the iceberg.

Too late for all of us…


You do realise the export versions of the systems are inferior to the none export versions right? Also ummm why wuld you need to posses a fighter in order to gather radar data on it? Russia has scanned F35’s and F22’s in Syria for years now tahts all the data they need to take them down if push comes to shove. Also for arguments sake lets just say that they did try and dismantel them and try to learn smth form them you do realise if you take apart the critical componets of the systems without the nessesary equipment they system is permanently in disrepair and will need a repair job done to it at the factory this is how alot of military gear is made nowadays not just by Russia but by most nations.

Diana Cornwell

You do realize that you’re only repeating what you heard elsewhere?

How do you know that one cannot learn from the export versions of the S-300-400 what is necessary and sufficient to defeat them?


Right there.

Only a moron or a traitor would sell ANY version of Russia’s most-up-to-date SAM missile system to NATO (both Greece and Turkey are NATO states. Yes the S-300 was first sold to Cyprus…).

Hint: Putin is not a moron.

Yes, if you take something apart, you are effectively destroying it if you don’t know how to put it back together. But the knowledge gained can enable you to make another item like it, no?

Stop parroting what you heard elsewhere and start thinking for yourself.


Heard? This is fact its like saying “you heard F=Mass times Acceleration and you are reapeating it” ofc i will since it is fact.

The whole point of a export variant is to prevent the necessary knowledge to defeat the system since it has inferior performance in evry way.

“Yes, if you take something apart, you are effectively destroying it if you don’t know how to put it back together. But the knowledge gained can enable you to make another item like it, no?” Sorry but this is funny to me you saying this and your later statment after it just make it funny to me claiming i am parroting something while you yourself have just parroted sutch a idiotic engineering myth it made my head hurt you cant just take apart something and break it and expetc to know how it works or develope something similar without puting it back together and making it work this is btw wayy over simplified their is alot more to it then just that. The same reason why the Chinese have issues copying the S-300.

Diana Cornwell

FYI, dear engineer par excellence,

There are also non-invasive ways to inspect an item such as X-rays and what not. It is now possible to discover the composition of a gold bar for instance without melting it down. New technology was developed after discovery of gold-plated tungsten bars being sold as genuine ones.

Anyway, keep pumping your propaganda that selling sophisticated items to your enemy doesn’t compromise the technology within.


……you really love talking about things you have no clue about dont you? Damn its not like X rays have been around for over 100 years….you know why dont you tell china that? It might help them to figure out how to fully copy the S-300 as they have been trying to for years now……also since when is a gold bar a advance pice of tech? But for arguments sake lets just say your idiotic claims are true and it really does work like that. Why is that relevant? Russia has sold export model equipment since Soviet times to pro western nations even like Iraq in the 1970 and 80’s etc the whole point of a export model is to not let any sencitive tech fall into enemy hands.

Oh oh no w8 ik why that is its the jews fault right? Like all of your problems its alllll the jews fault. You droped your phone ahhhh its those damn jews hahahhah XD.

Diana Cornwell


Why have Russian arms, especially Russian SAMs, have been dismal failures against NATO weapons since the 1970s?


The 1973 war vs Israel alone proofed how well Russian SAM systems work the 1991 gulf war as well wheir badly maintained systems with poorly trained operators still managed to shoot down a dozen coalition aircraft in that war. Or tank Syrian SAM systems the SAADF have dog shit training well they tryed to train them but they are still not very good (proof is when IDF managed to tanke out a couple of inactive SA-22’s due to them running out of ammo) but if you look at Russian operated systems they never have those issues since they are networked propperly how many drones and artillery shells and rockets these systems have shot down over the years again? ah yes 100’s of them with not one goint thro.

Also i am relly curious is what you think about Syria’s inactive S300’s.



Diana Cornwell

The Syrian S-300s are useless since the Russians do not allow the Syrian batteries to have access to the Russian radar network which is necessary to guide the missiles with accuracy. In other words, the Russians themselves have pretty much disabled the S-300s they claim they gave to the Syrians in order to preclude Israeli losses.

What an incredibly pointless and stupid thing to do. Who can ever trust or harbour good intentions for the Russians again? They betrayed even their Serbian or Russian sisters and brothers in Donbass.

As for the rest, I would hope that non-detuned Russian systems operated by Russian officers with full access to all the radar network, would work much better than what we’ve seen from the efforts of foreign operators since the 1980s.

The problem remains though: the Russians do not provide proper training, full-capability hardware nor the necessary data-generating systems to their foreign customers. Look what a disaster this turned out to be for the Armenians relying on their Russian SAMs to protect their forces. The Turkish side basically massacred the helpless Armenian soldiers from the air and won the war almost exclusively with drones and loitering munitions.

What a disgrace for Russians who are the Armenians’ official allies.


……ok you clearly haven o idea what you are saying. You do realise what the S-300 is right? Its not a single launcher its the name of the full system the 5P85 launch vehicles are just part of the full system that consists of a scanning radar and fire control radar all of witch are with the SAA that is the full system and ofc the Russians wont share sencitive intel with the Syrians they dont trust them with it.

Also you are ignoreing what i said but ok i will bite. You do realise that pretty mutch all of armenia’s air defense systems are inhareted form the USSR right? Includeing their ancient S-300P SAM systems but even so the S-300P is also a good system its just that the armenians are inept and dont have a proper strategy to use them,they brought them way to close to the front. And the irony is the only system they bought form Russia actually managed to take out the most drones and helis of any of their systems and that was their TOR-M2KM and a downgraded export version at that that system shot down 2 TB-2’s and alot of HAROP LM’s tho they did not have alot of them and they still miss used them alot.

Diana Cornwell

1. If the Syrians have the full unimpeded S-300 system, why are they not able to shoot down Israeli planes? The Syrian S-300 radars and sensors ought to be able to detect incoming Israeli jets not just over Lebanon but practically from the moment they take off from their airbases in Israel proper. So don’t give me the stupid excuse that the Israeli bombers are firing standoff weapons from Lebanese airspace. If the Russians provided working S-300 systems to the Syrians, the Syrians ought to be able to pick up F-15s or F-16s before they enter Lebanese airspace. As for the F-35s: the Syrians ought to be able to sense their presence somewhat later, but should reasonably be expected to garner enough data as to their precise coordinates after they fire their missiles, and fire some S-300 missiles to intercept the fleeing Israeli jets. Since the S-300 missile is much faster than the F-35, it has a reasonable chance of catching up to an F-35 and destroy it.

2.It’s ridiculous to suggest that the Armenians brought the S-300s too close to the frontlines. Armenia is a very small country so practically all of it is “frontline.” Furthermore, I believe the Azeri side hit Armenian S-300s *inside* the borders of Armenia proper and still the Russians betrayed their official ally and did not enter the war on Armenia’s side. The Russians did not properly train the Armenian SAM crews nor did they provide a few EW assets to their ally. Thereby, the Russians actually fought AGAINST their Armenian ally.

The Russians are disgusting hypocrites.

As our Jewish friend around here says: Next…


You do realise what happens if the Syrians shoot down IAF aircraft in lebanon right? War,that will be a good excuse for a war vs Syria why the hell do you think they dont shoot them down their is alot more to this then just “lEtS sHOot ThEm dOwN cUz wE caN” lets say you shoot them down what next? Syria only has one S-300 battery in its inventory and not alot of missiles yea they can relocate and evrything and keep shooting aircraft down for a period of time but eventuyally ether they will be found and taken out or they will just run out of missiles in the case of a war and you know well that the SAA is anything but well trained.

As to regards to armenia they are a very inept fighting force they would have lost the first war too if it was not for the Russians that helped them back then.But this war was diffrent armenia was not pro Russian thus punished for its behaivor by not beeing supported,also the geo location of the destoryed S-300 was found to be way to close to the front line and most the they systems had not even erected their launcers at all that is a lach of training oh and btw Russia has no oblegation to train Armenia on their S-300 systems they inhareted form the Soviet Union actually i am pretty shure that no one in the current Russian military even knows how to operate those old variants since they had been phased out of the Russian military in the mid 2000’s.


Hey genius…..how do you know the S300 PMU2 is ineffective? Who fought against it? Maybe you need to examine previous platforms the S300 replaced,…..regarding their effectiveness?

During the Yon kippur war in 1973 Russian SAMs….the predecessors of the S300 were highly effective.

“”” The IAF carried out additional air attacks against Egyptian forces on the east bank of the canal, reportedly inflicting heavy losses. Israeli jets had carried out hundreds of sorties against Egyptian targets by the following day, but the Egyptian SAM shield inflicted heavy losses. IAF aircraft losses mounted to three aircraft for every 200 sorties, an unsustainable rate. The Israelis responded by rapidly devising new tactics to thwart the Egyptian air defenses.[158][159]”””.

Diana Cornwell

The 1973 war was the last time Russian SAMs proved themselves to be effective.

After that (and Vietnam), it was all downhill for the Russians. NATO and Israel had learned enough to devise effective countermeasures against them.

The Syrians shot down what, one maybe two Israeli planes in the last 40 years?

The Israelis hit Syria at leisure every other week.


You are full of hot air, making things up to provide token counterpoints. The Russian air defenses are developed progressively using successful platforms to develop improved new systems. So what if Israeli developed countermeasures against the older missiles, the Russians improved their product in view of changing technologies. How the missiles perform depends on the crews that man them.

The older missiles like the S200 with X band radar can track the stealth aircraft.


Can u fucking read what is being said?

Me&Myself None

You and I are the only two who do not dance to the tune here. South Front constantly keeps blocking my account, while themselves cried foul when Youtube did the same to them.

Diana Cornwell



76 mm Super Rapid

Well-said,thats why they are begging for money and cries when they are loosing their fithy money like bitches,they also never ever give Saa looses for butt-hurt reason.😁😁They are also blocking,censoring my comments, facts hurts them.

Ricky Miller

They’ll work just fine. They also have their own radar vehicles. The primary issues are that they have not been given to the Syrian government in any true operational form. This is due to an Israeli-Russian agreement whereby Israeli aircraft agree to remain out of Syrian airspace and Russia agrees to maintain operational control over the S-300’s and to base them far from Israel’s border. This is a political decision, not a technical defiency. It’s also one that I disagree with, and surely many Russian personnel deployed in country do too, but it’s the goal of the Russian government and electorate to try and avoid escalation with outside parties in Syria. So the game continues to be played, Israel launches at “Iranian” associated targets inside Syria and the Syrian air defenses try to shoot down the missiles, and as long as the Syrian government isn’t targeted in any intense way, Russia stays out of it.


With an ally like Pootin, u don’t need enemies

Mark Wouterse



Your ‘Pootin comments’ always use the ‘projection’ of what is in fact the lack of any loyalty of the actions of the United States toward any country by Israel.


Diana Cornwell

Thousands of pounds of highly-destructive explosives going off over my head sounds pretty intense to me.

Ricky Miller

By intense, I mean a level of effect enough to alter the Syrian government’s ability to prosecute the war and maintain authority. The strikes have to be controlled in tempo and damage in a way that doesn’t threaten to add to the regime change burden. I’m not sure how the Russian government defines these lines, but that seems to be the case. I’m not certain what an Israeli misstep would mean in this crazy conflict where so many of the involved are trying to maintain some relationship outside of the proxy conflict. Would an Israeli missile veering off course and slamming into an apartment building, killing 21 civilians including children, bring Russian intervention on the spot? I doubt it, Russia has seen dozens of it’s own men killed with outside involvement and done little beyond cosmetic pushback to exact a price. And Russian citizens are under threat in Eastern Ukraine (d+l) and Russia doesn’t actually put an end to it. They seem extraordinarily willing to bear provocations and loss. I often wonder where that forbearance ends, what’s too much? The fact that that’s so unknown is dangerous all around.

I do know this; if I were a political adversary of Mr. Putin’s inside Russia, and I wanted to take Russia in a different direction, I’d do an American style ad campaign targeting him for these decisions. The American bragging about killing Russian defense contractors would be played over and over. Question, Mr President, why is it okay for Russian civilian contractors to be targeted in Syria by American personnel and weapons while servicing a legal contract with private property owners there? The dead Russian pilots, killed by their hacked navigation system, yep, I’d play that ad too. Dead Russian aviators shot down when Israel used a Russian military plane to hide behind after a strike on Syria, that would be a frequent ad complete with the charge that the Kremlin failed to protect the men they deployed. The kicker would be the politically charged accusation that Mr. Putin and United Russia cares more about their relationships with these outside forces than they do about our own people who’ve been killed. I’d close all these ads with the GOT line about “why should our own men fight for us when our own President won’t fight for them?”

Diana Cornwell

Stop it.

Putin is a Jew.

And Russians are gutless, brainless slaves. Of the Frankist Jews.


No one asks you Diana, mind your own business. Jews here Jews there, shut the F up already.

Diana Cornwell

OK boss.



Diana Cornwell

Thanks Putin for supporting your allies the Syrians.

Your ALLIES, my good man.

Putin is a Jew: https://www.quora.com/Was-Vladimir-Putins-mother-Jewish?share=1


feck off, back to the kitchen and hush

Arch Bungle

The same, fact-less, logic-less bullshit you spout in every post.




Syria/Iran/Russia should fire back

Furkan Sahin

Bro Russia not help Assad Only Iran


Russia helped Syria a great deal from providing large quantities of weapons, humanitarian aid and military presence to help Syria in multiple large battles. They want to maintain a peaceful setting and allow Syria to slowly rebuild itself. Israeli strikes do not accomplish much, they are just PR moves to make Israel look they are in control of the situation.


POOTIN protects the zio terrorist jew scumm.






Aahh..No worth talk to you brainless US servant from that crapy farm called U(k)rine :))) you obsessed by Russia :)) sorry for you..but your owner is no more Russia, now you are a US colony :)) you got $$ by our banks, you will pay for ever interests rates and submission and fight for us and give for us your blood :) Just suck :)))


The US/UK and parts of NATO are desperately looking for a fight NOW, for various reasons. The main one being to deflect the increasing anger of their populations. This anger is spreading and riots are increasing.

Covid is the tool that NATO nations have chosen to increase state control in all that we do. The latest on the control wish list being the control of how much carbon we use to keep warm in winter with a limit on central heating maximum temperatures, and the looming date of 2030 for the ban of the sale of all NEW cars powered by combustion engines in the UK and some other countries. Electric cars that cost twice as much as a normal car that will essentially preclude any Touring Holidays and the towing of trailers and caravans.

NATO governments demand a future where all that we do is regulated and taxed.

We are essentially being moulded into a NATO War Economy, with the perverse reality that the War is against NATO citizens .

Diana Cornwell

Good points, yes.


BS … Global Warming is R E A L … hello?

Can’t afford an electric car? TFB … learn how to walk!


Diana Cornwell

They won’t.

Russia under Putin is Israel’s ally. Iranians are scared of the Israelis and the Americans. The Iranian Mollahs are corrupt and depraved creatures happy enough to watch virgins getting raped before their execution. The Syrians…basically ceased to exist except as a justification for Russia’s presence in the Middle East.

More happy days ahead for NATO’s crown jewel aka Israel.

Arch Bungle

The day will come when ‘israeli’ colonists watch the missiles rain down over Tel Aviv.


Can’t wait… Can’t be soon enough to see the zio rats swimming back to Pooland




I can make you swim too if you’d like, back to the S-hole you came from.


Oh Frabjous day :)


That day will see Tehran with a Nuclear Mushroom Cloud overhead … eh?

Alekai Mordechai

Seems to me israel’s attacks are getting more blunt.

Israel seem to attack at an opportune time (when ever it gets). But even these sortie’s aren’t much of a tide-turner.




More plywood shacks destroyed by the IDF for the hundredth time ….

Sheesh … these Yids are stupid …. firing expensive missiles and destroying nothing … pounding sand … eh?

Ok … 4 SAA soldiers were ‘hurt’ walking by … a fluke occurrence

Ok … 3 Shia IRGC-trained monkeys were killed as well … no problem

We’ll still NOT respond to this provocation … the Yids will have to wait …



The previous day … Iran’s IRGC confirmed one of their ‘spy’ ships was hit below the waterline … causing damage and a quick ride to repair

Seems to me … the Yids are telling someone … maybe Dementia Joe … they’re NOT gonna play ball with America if this f/kn Iran JCPOA is renewed … hello Joe … can you hear me?

Taking down the sanctions regime WITHOUT stopping a nuclear bomb being produced in short order …. will lead to ever more attacks OUTSIDE and INSIDE Iran … a major attack might ensue … leading to a major upset in the MIDDLE EAST … cuz we ain’t fooling around … eh?

It’s Holocaust Remembrance Day in Israel … that’s a reminder Joe …. NEVER AGAIN!


Diana Cornwell

The Americans, just like the Russians under Putin and the oligarchs, will never let Israel down. And as long as the Fed and all the other Rothschild central banks (which includes the French, Russian and Turkish central banks) are in business, Israel will remain in business.

Have fun.


Luckily, nobody asks you. Sit down.


Why are the Ashkenazi on Arab soil and they are 100% alien to that soil?



Light up those engines IAF, there is alot of work to be done.


Washington, October 10, 1973

Nixon:There is a serious situation in the Middle East. It has developed into something tougher than the Israelis anticipated.

Kissinger: The Israelis were caught with their pants down —unmobilized.

Nixon: The Israeli tank losses have been extremely heavy. We won’t violate the confidence by giving you figures, but they are far heavier than anticipated.

Kissinger: If the Arabs start to win, all the Arabs will jump in. Israel has suffered the equivalent of 100,000 killed.

Nixon: We will not let Israel go down the tube.



The Kremlin, Russia October 10, 1973

Brezhnev: What’s going on? I thought this was gonna be a cakewalk?

Sadat: BUT … those pesky yids aren’t folding like you promised me

Brezhnev: We’re RESUPPLYING you with EVERYTHING you’ll need

Sadat: How about Russian troops?

Brezhnev: No … YOU’LL need to fight these yids yourselves … eh?



Unless they enter Syrian airspace thye cant really do mutch with stand off munitions most get shot down by SHORAD systems.


We don’t need to, our airforce just needs to attack with more missiles and more frequently.


yeeeeaaa about that no matter how mutch you attack with stand off munitions the enemy will have warning of it and can take time to prepare better and aleart its air defenses the reason these attack happen in the first place is cuz of the small imout of aircraft the IAF uses its quite clever since the enemy wont know if its a attack force or just a patrol but if you bring in more aircraft the enemy will know something is up and will actually respond. A larger attack will work but the IAF will suffer losses as well.


You’re rationalizing the IDF War Plan? lol

‘stand off munitions’ … huh? WTF

YOU expect a frontal assault by paratroopers … an invasion?

Geez … thanks the input ‘general’



Ofc i am its my hobby to do so ether way you dont even know what stand off muntions are. Also yes a full invasion is needed in order to stop iran form spreading its influance in Syria.


No it’s not … wherever there’s a target firing … it will be destroyed the modern battlefield will be data dense …

The Future is About to Land …

Oleg Kondrashov



Which one’s your wife ?

I’ll take the other one … eh?


m8 the battele filed has been data dence since the 1980’s have you been liveing under a rock?

Well alot of the targets seem to be shooting but the IAF dosent seem to be doing any substantial damage at all most of their missiles are getting blown out of the sky by SHORAD systems.


AI and co-ordinating the data in REAL TIME is what’s new m8

As for ‘most of their missiles …. getting blown out of the sky’ … that’s complete BS

Satellite pics tell the ‘before and after’ story

Yer crew is up ‘Schitts Creek w/o a paddle’ m8

It’s too late to worry …



Errrr even A.I is that that new but yea ok i will give you that tho real time data is also a late 20th century warfare thing its nothing new.

well yea sattelite pics to tell the story and it seems they are doing fuck all to stop iranian shipments and most buildings get repaired a the span of a few weeks thus the conclusion is the strikes are more of a political then a actual military move since they dont do anythign cuz if they did it the IAF wont need to conduct a 1000 strikes a year and still not do anything substantial for 4 years straight.


Rationalization is all you got bro …

The Iranians have not ‘hit back’ and done anything to show their superiority …

Hezbollah threatens then has done NOTHING for 15 years …

Syria says they’ll take back the Golan but haven’t raised a finger since 1973 and in a brief flurry during Lebanon’s Civil War (1982’s Operation Mole Cricket 19) they were embarrassed again …

Israel is the military superpower … challenge Israel will lead to destruction of infrastructure and military assets …. as well as loss of life

The F-35 and new F-15’s are unmatched and will defeat the enemy … causing egregious losses



Iran has bigger issues closer to its bourder then Israel like the saudis and their ambitions in Yemen tho Iran has always played a passive role vs Israel like supporting hezbollah and speaking about them wasent hezzbolah a response to Israel invadeing Lebanon thus making them a defensive group i mean the IDF did try and take them on in 2006 but we all know how well that ended sooo why hasent the IDF attacked again if they are so mutch more superior?

Also plz dont over exagurate Israel is lucky to be surrounded by arab nations,arabs are known to be quite bad at modern warfare if a nation with actually good military strategists goes up against them they will suffer alot more casualtys then before and might even lose a war.

Oh and btw the F35 and F15 are nothing revolutionary really particularly the F15 nowadays. The F35 tho is quite a good airframe tho again it has good electronics and radars but nothing any other 5th gen aircraft has infact its radar is considered weaker then most other 5th gen planes,more over its actual performance is horrible tho that is by choice since its viewed like a missile platform wrather then a propper classic fighter.


In 1973 when Egypt and Syria were getting ready to attack the Jews in Palestine, they sent the Russians in Egypt back home and only 6 hours before the attack, Golda sent a message to the US to tell the Russians there was no need to leave because she said ”Israel” was not planning to attack at that time. The contempt of the white Jews for the Arabs was so much that it would never have entered their brain that it was the Arabs this time planning to attack them. It was too late. Egypt and Syria attacked with stunning speed and the Jews went crying to the US to save them and only the US could have saved them.

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