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Israeli Strike Hits School In Syria’s Al-Quneitra

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Israeli Strike Hits School In Syria’s Al-Quneitra


Early on October 21, the Israeli Defense Forces targeted a school in the southern Syrian governorate of al-Quneitra.

The Syrian Arab News Agency said the school, which is located in the town of al-Hurriyah, was struck with a single missile. The strike resulted in material losses only, according to the state-run channel.

During an interview with the Kan TV, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz hinted that Israel was indeed behind the strike on al-Quneitra.

“I won’t go into who fired what last night. We won’t allow terrorist operatives from Hezbollah or Iran to set up on the Golan Heights border and we will do what is necessary to drive them out of there,” the minister said.

Several Syrian pro-opposition sources claimed that the Israeli strike on al-Hurriyah targeted a military post manned by Iranian forces.

Last week, a Channel 12 report revealed that Israeli Special Forces destroyed two Syrian military posts in al-Golan Height buffer zone in a cross-border operation.

Israel is determined to prevent Iranian forces from establishing a foothold in southern Syria. Tel Aviv claims that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and Lebanon’s Hezbollah are planning to launch attacks on its northern front from the region.


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If you read the UN buffer zone force reports. There is a great deal of Israeli aggression of the Syrian border. There are claims that both sides are in violation of the applicable resolution. But it’s clear that Israel’s violations are in your face scofflaw violations that have little to do with implementing the resolution’s provisions. Like stationing heavy weapons in the dmz when there is no fighting going on.

Great Khan

Zionist coward attack empty school,hospital. Lower lljig…


your brothers

Mustafa Mehmet



baaa baaaa i luuuvvveee ewe mustafa


why does she shoot her jaw off mustafa? is it a blonde thing?

Traiano Welcome

Did you know the father of the Turks was a jew?

Concrete Mike

Whatever you work for them anyways!

Your crocodile tears mean nothing!


They showed who’s the boss to those terrorist benches, chalks and blackboards!

johnny rotten

Nazism never died, it found its new home in Palestine.


Zionism did this.


the only viable and lasting end on the troubles of the middle east is to kick the jews in palestine deep into the ground, at least 6 feet, for good. the world can and will live without the jews in palestine, it’s a matter of a concerted effort by turkey, iran, syria, iraq and hezbollah and the rest of the world.

and if now north korea starts to export missiles, icbm’s and so on to iran it would be beneficial for the end result of a jew free palestine if the north koreans included a couple of dozens of hefty nukes suitable for iran’s missiles and so on. trump’s attempt to pacify north korea has failed and I guess kim jung un is rather eager to embarrass the idiot and one way would be to help arm iran to the teeth (and preparing the demise of the palestinian jews):

Traiano Welcome

I think the jews should be granted the entirety of Palestine. Underground.

Fog of War

” and if now north korea starts to export missiles, icbm’s and so on to iran it would be beneficial ” Why not Russia or China ?

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Everyone will rightly condemn the Israelis for attacking a school but I’ll bet no one will condemn Hezbollah and Iran for placing military post right next door to a school. The terrorists do it in Idlib all the time, they build military posts and other facilities right next door to schools, refugee camps and hospitals to try and avoid air/artillery strikes, it’s an age old tradition for weaker forces to hide themselves among innocent civilians, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, and when it doesn’t innocent civilians sometimes die. I always condemn the terrorists in Idlib when they do it and this is exactly the same situation, so I’d be a total hypocrite if I didn’t do the same thing with Hezbollah and condemn them for being just as cowardly as the Israelis are, schools and hospitals should be off limits for both sides, for both hiding and attacking.


Iran isn’t doing anything wrong. They can place whatever they want, wherever they want completely legally, and its not their fault if some barbaric country chooses to violate every law known to man and illegally attack them. No one is hiding because they are allowed to be there. What you’re saying is the equivalent of blaming someone for getting murdered because they went to the convenience store to buy milk, rather than just blaming the murderer. The person who gets murdered didn’t do anything wrong, the murderer did.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Iran is doing something wrong, it’s building threatening military infrastructure close to the Israeli border and provoking Israelis to retaliate, which in itself isn’t the bad thing it does, the really bad thing it does is put innocent Syrians lives at risk. The majority of the Sunni, Druze, and Christian populations don’t want to be stuck in between Israel and Iran if a war starts, they don’t want their kids stuck in the firing line. Towards the end of 2018 anti Iranian protest started in Daraa, Quneitra and As Suwayda and they haven’t stopped just grown stronger, so even if Assad is giving the Iranians permission to be where they are the simple fact is the local population are totally opposed to the Iranian/Hezbollah presence, and they’re becoming increasingly angry about it. Maybe you wouldn’t mind volunteering your children’s lives to help Iran outmaneuver Israel but the majority of the Syrian population want no part in another war, they’ve had enough fighting to last them another 10 lifetimes. You don’t care that innocent Syrian have to die but I do, and just as I support the majority of South Koreans who demonstrate about the US bases in their country that put their lives at risk, I also support the Syrian people who say they want no part of a Iranian Israeli war, so go kill yourselves somewhere else.

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