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JUNE 2023

Israeli Spy Plane Approaches Russian Naval Base In Syria

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On September 25 afternoon, an Israeli spy plane approached the Russian Naval base in the coastal Syrian city of Tartus.

SAMA Strategy Analysis, a group monitoring developments in the Middle East and Northern Africa, detected the plane as it flew off the shores of Lebanon before approaching the naval base in Tartus.

The plane was identified as the Israeli Air Force (IAF) Nahshon-Eitam airborne early warning and control (AEW&C). The plane, which was built on the basis of the Gulfstream G550, was developed by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and Elta Electronics Industries.

The Nahshon-Eitam is equipped with the EL/W-2085 active electronically scanned array (AESA) multi-band radar system. Besides it main task as a AEW&C, the plane can carry out surveillance missions.

Last year, IAF warplanes carried out a series of airstrikes on Syrian coast. As a result, a Russian Il-20 spy plane was shot down by Syrian air-defense fire. Since then, Israel has ceased its attacks on the region.

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Pave Way IV

I would have lit off a 48N6 S-400 missile at them to ‘warn them away’. A 145 kg fragmentation warhead flying towards a spy plane at mach 6 is just Russia’s way of letting Israel know it cares about them.

White American Patriot

And then it would hit an IL20 and Israel would humiliate S400 again haha


whats up pseudo-murican immigrant, I heard the mass shootings going well over there.


How did the patriot humiliation go with the Saudi oil attacks lol

Hisham Saber

How very clever of you, you trailer park hick.


On 25 September, a week before the Battle, Aidid supporters shot down a Black Hawk assigned to the 10th Mountain Division with an RPG and killed three crew members near the New Port in Mogadishu. It was the first time a helicopter had been downed in Mogadishu, and the event was a huge psychological victory for the SNA


That is good news – we need to smoke the Yankees out.

Jacob Wohl's Nose

remember the 2000+ US jets/helicopters that got shot down by the NVA Vietcong? :)

Rhodium 10

Even the Iraqi air defense shot down 72 US&Allies aircrafts in less than a month during Desert Storm operation in spite of UN embargo and naval/air block…

Zionism = EVIL

True, Iraq was sanctioned for decades and hardly had any air defence but was able to down a substantial number of Americunt flying junk, including F-18


The blockade was not the reason, the numbers were so low. It was the no fly zones in the north and south of Iraq. Whenever US planes were flying to enforce the no fly zones, and an AD radar lit up, this was dealt with as a warlike operation, and US destroyed the active AD installation, effectively reducing Iraqs AD capabilities. A good book about it is Timothy Garden Iraq: The military campaign

Rhodium 10

It was during desert storm operation in January 1991…then in less than a month Irak shot down 72 aircraft( US&Allies) its an acceptable ratio due to UN sanctions and no chance to buy weapons therefore not spend ground to air missile!

Zionism = EVIL

The U.S. military command said has lost 5,993 helicopters (airforce losses were over 2250, Navy 650, Army over 1300, CIA, puppet nations and others including ARVN the rest) in the Vietnam war— their total value conservatively estimated at $10 billion (current 68 billion) and were forced to abandon another 475 plus fixed and rotary aircraft to the North Vietnamese victorious military upon fleeing Vietnam on helicopter skids in 1975. Over 45 helicopters were ditched into the South China Sea as US and its puppet ARVN fled in panic and defeat.

The Zionist scum lost 60% of the F-4E and Skyhawks in the first week of the 1973 Ramadan war and the Americunts had to organize the largest resupply airlift to reinforce the panicking Zionist fucks. All of these losses are attributed to Soviet/Russian air defence sysyems. The SA-6 mobile took the heaviest toll of the filthy Zionist airforce.

Concrete Mike

Still better than patriot missiles.

All patriots are pointed towards iran and you idiots say the drones and missiles came from iran yet not on patriot was fires to intercept.

At least the s200 was going to the cowarldy israeli plane that was hiding behind the IL20.

No go away shitstain!


Nicely put, Mike :)


Patriot sucks big time :)


And White American Patriot sucks biggest time of all :)

Zionism = EVIL

The Russians should have downed this filthy Zionist flying crap box, which is as disgusting as the Avivam barracks with soiled bedding.

Friend of Russia

To do that Russia needs brave leadership and valiant soldiers both of which they don’t have

Tiresia Branding

is not the Iron Dome a slightly modified version of Patriot!? :-D IDF in fear because if a war with Iran erupt they cannot go ballistic nor nuke

Saso Mange

Everything that Israel made is mostly based on stolen US technology. And still they like to boast about their ”technological superiority” and ”leadership in the world” lol


Stolen or even gifted. Did I mean grifted? ?


The Iron Dome works fine – it always hits the operators and not the air targets.


their iron dome will soon be their iron doooooom kaboooom and they’ll be on their way to either hell or kingdom come – whichever is first.

Ziønist šhill

Shoot the faggots down

Zionism = EVIL

It can be downed even by AAA. It is just a Gulfstream passenger jet with a few antenna and TV screens. Like most Zionist hype it is a dud like their rusted M-113 APC at the soiled bed Avivam barracks.

Hisham Saber

No need to immediately retaliate. A verbal warning first declaring that if it was to happen again, the Israeli’s would be fired upon. Believe me, they will cease and desist right away. Russia always holds the higher moral ground than the criminal apartheid Zionist shape-shifting entity.

If they decide to get silly and do it again, then yes, an S – 400 and a few Iskander’s on the airbase the plane took off from. There would be nothing the Israeli’s or the U.S. could do about it except cry foul, make a lot of cry baby noise. Then they would suck their collective thumbs and go to sleep. Lesson learned.


Good news for the Donald he will get some extra shit filled diapers from his beloved Jewish people.


Russia has a new toy and Israel checks it out and collects signatures and radio from it. 48Ya6-K1 Podlet K1 deployed at the Hmeimim airbase. It’s business as usual nothing to see here people, move along.

Jacob Wohl's Nose

Russia has prevented 4 Kike Strikes on Syria since early September. They intercepted and chased away IDF F-16s and F-35s. https://www.jpost.com/Middle-East/Russia-prevents-Israeli-airstrikes-in-Syria-601618


I would imagine the Russians just turned everything off as soon as the ELINT plane flew by


They are playing dangerous games whit Russia

Hist 83

They should’ve tested the S-400 right then and there, and blew that damn Zionist intruder out of the sky.

J Ramirez

I think they should wait till there’s an F35 in the air to use the S400, message will be loud and clear to all :}


Why did Russia not fire some missiles to it ? Russia looks weak to Israel ? IL-20 Russian crew killed , did NOTHING WHY ? Now this ? Anyone care to explain?


Because Putin is an Israeli puppet


Bull Sh%t, An unarmed aircraft flying in the E Med. And Russia should launch missiles at it ??


You are correct – Russians are sane people – Jews and Americans or Brits not.


My point is not going berserk of course, but Russia has only done NOTHING when IDF kills their countrymen, THAT IS my rhetorical question heck, Shoygu had to take measures and brought the S300 to Syria after the IL-20, Putin did not want to, what the hell..

Jacob Wohl

IDF collecting very important data on the russkie’s s400 radars and electronic warfare systems! They will be analyzed and effectively jammed + destroyed in the event of war. russkies stand NO chance against the IDF on their weakest day, let alone the IDF on their strongest day :-]

Jacob Wohl

F-35 cannot be detected by an s400 past 30km so IDF will have absolutely NO problem destroying it


Sorry Jacob, I forgot the nice sign out front. You can view this on the bus going in. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9df95e4497dc2634ea41b44818efac4c96c610d2f3a9a135edb742195246ecc0.jpg

Zionism = EVIL

Jacob is a Jew fraud fag and looking forward to making more “close friends” at the jail, he partial to the brothers.


Even if that were true, which is doubtful, it would be a one way trip for the f-35’s because there is a Kilo (black hole) sub sitting off the coast of Israel and Iskander missile launchers in Syria whose mission it is to make sure the IDF is either destroyed on the ground or is left without any place to land and that would just be the immediate response.

You really should pay attention to what’s going on in the world. The cruise missile attack on the Saudi oil refinery evaded the most advanced air defence network ever assembled by NATO allied forces. The USA has a dense network of patriot and Aegis air defence systems in place backed up by a raytheon FPS-132 radar in Qatar say nothing of the saudi patriot and hawk missiles directly defending the refinery and they couldn’t defend against a primitive drone and cruise missile attack.

They can’t even figure out where the attack came from let alone how to stop it …. and Israel is in exactly the same boat


You are ignoring one thing – the plane maybe stealth but once the missiles are fired they are very visible & can be intercepted.


Will daddy keep you out of Chino state prison? Friends are waiting for you there. :) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f95e33e9b210a5ec74678c988573674eac3a7c92b1570882ad4cf6374151c8ca.jpg

Friend of Russia

Jews boasting about defeating Russia seems funny. It is very much like the house lizard sitting on the ceiling boasting that he is holding the ceiling from falling down

Xoli Xoli

Expect and attack to shortly.

Zionism = EVIL

It is a basically a Gulfstream G-550 passenger jet and a pretty crappy ELINT aircraft with very limited capability. The Russians or even the Syrians could have blasted it out of the sky at will and they should. These Zionist shitboxes fly in international airspace off the coast of Lebanon and Syria. They are very easy to track and down.


We have to get rid of the New Nazi Germanys: US, UK, Israel etc.. Its enough – all human beings have the right to live.


well a few have less right to live than others – example the israelis that has forfeited any right to expect a decent and friendly intercourse with its neighbours due to its hitleristic plans to eradicate the palestinians or the ethnical cleansing plan and to steal the palestinians land or the lebensraum plan and the operation of concentration camp gaza modeled on concentration camp dachau and the continuous humiliation of the concentration camp gaza inmates, the continuous starvation and reduction of available water and the continuous murder of palestinian kids armed with slingshots. those perpetrators have hardly any right to live – any such right is long since forfeited.


Russia or SAA, Time to bring down some ZioniNazi birds! ?


This means that Russia has not allowed yet Syria to use S-300 system against Israel planes.

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