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MARCH 2021

Israeli Special Forces Destroyed Two Military Posts In Southern Syria – Report


Israeli Special Forces destroyed two Syrian military posts in al-Golan Height buffer zone in a cross-border operation, Israel’s Channel 12 reported on October 14.

According to the news channel, the Nahal and Yahalom units of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) took part in the covert night operation. Two posts located in the Syrian-held part of the Golan heights were destroyed. However, no casualties were reported.

Channel 12 said the cross-border operation was carried out in response to the growing Syrian military presence in the buffer zone, which violates the agreement on disengagement between Israel and Syria reached on 1974.

Lt. Col. Tal Goritsky, commander of the Granite Battalion of the Nahal Brigade, told Channel 12 that the IDF is following the cooperation between the Syrian military and its allies, Hezbollah and Iran.

“We are familiar with the cooperation between the Syrian army and Hezbollah, and any military entrenchment by the [Syrian army] has the potential to be a dual entrenchment,” the Times of Israel quoted Lt. Col. Goritsky as saying, “We won’t allow the south of Syria to become the south of Lebanon.”

The IDF carried out dozens of strikes on military positions in Syria since 2012. However, covert ground operations are rarely, if ever, revealed by Tel Aviv.

Israel believes that its military pressure will eventually force Iran and Hezbollah to withdraw from Syria. This strategy, however, has yielded no results thus far.




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