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Israeli Soldier Killed In Vehicle Incident Amid Tensions On Contact Line With Lebanon

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Israeli Soldier Killed In Vehicle Incident Amid Tensions On Contact Line With Lebanon

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On July 22, an Israeli soldier was killed, when a military vehicle carrying diesel fuel overturned in the Golan Heights, near the border with Lebanon. The incident took place at Mount Dov in the Hermon region.

The killed soldier was identified as Nahal Brigade Corporal Sahar Algazar, 20, from Moshav Ranen.

Earlier on the same day day, two shells landed in the Israeli-occupied farm area after being fired during an Israeli military drill. The shells sparked fires in the area and prompted Israel to scramble firefighting vehicles. An Israeli battle tank also fired 14 shells near Bustra.

The Israeli miltary increased security in the occupied area and launched a tactical drill after the recent Israeli strikes on Syria killed a Hezbollah fighter.


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  1. Zionism = EVIL says:

    Children, I have not posted in a while as many important events are taking place in the region as Iran rearms and creates solid alliances with Russia and China and the Zionist cunts are about to be get whacked bigtime. Just watch the next few months.


    1. Potato Man says:

      Hello father, welcome back.

      1. Zionism = EVIL says:

        Thanks son :) good to see you intelligent ones all pushing the truth and the Zionist cunts feeling the heat. Syrian air defences are being upgraded and the last air raid an Iranian Sayyad 3 fell into Jordan, and it was no coincidence. A very strong message to everyone. Even the most delinquent child knows that firing a few missiles at empty building is not going to have any effect on the strategic equation. It just shows how weak and ineffective the Zionist arseholes are. They have been barking about “pushing Iran” out of Syria for 10 years now and the opposite is true. BTW, the Jew parasites have pissed off China bigtime and it is arming Iran to a unprecedented level.

        China, Cuba blast Israel land grab bid, back Palestine at UNSC

        1. Liberal guy says:

          Did the ad missle intercepted the zio missle in jordan

    2. occupybacon says:

      Glad you were busy negotiating with the Russians and the Chinese counterparts, did you remind them to stay away from pork?

      1. Zionism = EVIL says:

        Indeed, and so should you, the days you eat less pork, your comments are smarter :)

        Iran is seeking to sign a comprehensive 20-year economic and strategic deal with Russia at the same time that the Islamic Republic negotiates a quarter-century agreement with China, signaling a new push to establish an international coalition against U.S. which is already marginalized globally and facing riots at home.

        Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javid Zarif arrived Tuesday in Moscow for
        talks in which he sought the renewal of a two-decade agreement for
        cooperation between the two countries. The contents of the pact were not
        made public but it follows a landmark deal involving oil and arms sales, as well as nuclear cooperation signed on March 12, 2001, by Russian President Vladimir Putin and former Iranian President Mohammed Khatami.


        1. occupybacon says:

          And if they eat pork it’s a deal breaker?

    3. In Exile says:

      We don’t want them in Australia but as they are the bosses here we have no choice.

      1. Zionism = EVIL says:

        You are right, Bondi and Bellevue Hill (not the mental hospital in Jew York where they belong) are full of parasitic cunts so OZ does not need more of the filth, but as Bob Carr said, they exert inordinate influence of Australia’s corrupt politicians, the Jew arsehole Frydenberg is destroying the place anyway. The so-called “Liberals” are totally owned by Jews, not that Labor is any better.

    4. christianblood says:

      Good to hear your voice again.

      1. Zionism = EVIL says:

        Thanks my friend. Also good to chat to the smarter folks here. I see the Zionist mental midget trolls are making a lot of friends as usual. LOL.

    5. Fog of War says:

      ” important events are taking place in the region as Iran rearms and creates solid alliances with Russia and China ”

      You contradict yourself as you’ve stated very often that Putin is a Zio lapdog ? How will Russia do anything unless he’s removed ?

    1. Zionism = EVIL says:

      Now the morons have deployed army on the streets to kill their own people. the Jews are destroying the Americunt shithole street by burning street. Karma is being dished out in industrial sized doses for all the innocent people the Americunt cowards have killed overseas.


      1. It’s civil war time
        Let the US get a taste of its own medicine of what it supplied to Syria for almost 10 years

  2. Assad must stay says:


  3. But the response will still come

    1. <> says:

      Do it kenny.

      1. Lol u scared just like last time, one atgm you can rest

        1. <> says:

          Not scared at all, I hope Hezbollah succeeds in whatever they plan. Afterall, you have nothing to fear from a ground invasion right? you won in 2006.

          1. Yes but that wasn’t even our final stage, now 160k rockets await the zionist entity

          2. <> says:

            Goodluck in shooting all of them Kenny, Lebanon’s population is 6.5M now. Let’s see how many remain after the war.

          3. Air defense will protect those, you will resort to destroying Beirut, but the people will be spared

          4. <> says:

            Kenny, oh Kenny..do you have any idea what’s going to happen to the shia lebanese villages when we come for them? like I’ve said, I hope Hezbollah responds.

          5. Well of course there would be damage, if a plane is shot down, it still has to fall somewhere, do you think Hezb is gonna give away its capabilities before the real war?

          6. <> says:

            That wasn’t what I meant, the next war is not only against Hezbollah, it is against every shia village in SL and when the numbers start to pile up, you will cry for the UN for a ceasfire which won’t come.

    2. Zionism = EVIL says:

      It is guaranteed.

  4. johnny rotten says:

    Slowly but surely the end of the last western colonialist adventure is approaching, not far from now the expulsion of the illegal occupation forces of the false Jews in Palestine.

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