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Israeli Soldier Killed By Stone Thrower Leads To IDF Raids And Arrests In West Bank


Israeli Soldier Killed By Stone Thrower Leads To IDF Raids And Arrests In West Bank

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On May 12th, an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldier was killed by a Palestinian rock thrower in the West Bank, while the IDF was carrying out a raid.

The Israeli military said 21-year-old Amit Ben-Yigal died after being struck in the head by a rock thrown from a rooftop in Yabad village, near Jenin, as his special forces unit withdrew after detaining four wanted Palestinians.

The Israeli military said troops were back in the village later in the day, searching for the rock-thrower, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Twitter that Israel would “settle the score with him”.

This led to the beginning of IDF raids all around the West Bank against Palestinians, with numerous videos being released to show what transpired.

During the nighttime clashes west of Jenin, several Palestinians received gunshot wounds. The operation to search for those involved in the killing of an Israeli soldier continued all night in the area.

IDF arrested several individuals, but have reportedly not found the one responsible for the death of the soldier.

Separately, a Palestinian tried to stab Israeli security staff at Qalandiya checkpoint, around to the south on the West Bank boundary and was shot, an Israeli police spokesman said, adding that no Israelis were wounded. The Palestinian was taken by ambulance to hospital and he was in critical condition.

The incidents came one day before US and Israel plan to discuss Tel’Aviv annexing more parts of the occupied West Bank.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is to visit Israel on May 13th. He is to meet both Netanyahu, and his coalition partner Benny Gantz.

“We [also] hope that we can convince the Palestinian leadership that they should engage with the Israelis on the basis of the [Trump] Vision for Peace,” Pompeo said.

On May 14th, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu plans to swear in a new coalition government whose agenda includes a possible declaration of sovereignty over Jewish settlements and the Jordan Valley in the West Bank – a de facto annexation.

President Donald Trump unveiled a new plan for Israel-Palestine in January, but his administration has been boycotted by the Palestinians, who justifiably see bias in moves such as his 2017 recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. The plan, essentially, also provides greenlight for many Israeli aspirations to annex further into the Jordan Valley and West Bank




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