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JUNE 2021

Israeli Soldier Injured In Missile Attack On Military Bus Near Gaza (Photos)

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Israeli Soldier Injured In Missile Attack On Military Bus Near Gaza (Photos)

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On May 20, a bus of the Israeli military parked near a base in the village of Zikim, to the north of the Gaza Strip, was targeted with an anti-tank guided missile (ATGM).

The attack was carried out by fighters of the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Hamas Movement. In a statement, the group said that several mortar shells were fired at the vicinity of the targeted bus after the strike.

According to a number of Israeli news sources, a soldier was slightly wounded as a result of the ATGM attack. The bus was severely damaged.

The Israeli military has been hunting down Palestinian “tank hunters” since the outbreak of the battle in the Gaza Strip on May 10. Yet, ATGMs are still being fired from the enclave.

This was the third such attack. The first attack, which took place on the first day of the battle, targeted an SUV east of Gaza. A civilian was wounded. The second attack, on May 12th, targeted an SUV of the IDF to the north of the enclave. One soldier was killed and two others were wounded.

In the last few hours, Palestinian factions targeted several Israeli military facilities with rockets and mortars, including:

  • Hatzerim air base;
  • Tal Nouf air base;
  • Mars military post;
  • Tselem ground base;
  • Mishmar Hanegev logistics base;
  • Ra’eem ground base;
  • Beersheba supply base;
  • Sderot artillery post.

Palestinian attacks on Israel have claimed the lives of 12 people, including at least one soldier, so far. More than 100 others were injured.

Despite much talk about a near ceasefire, the fighting in the Gaza Strip is not slowing down.  A number of issues are complicating the ongoing ceasefire talks, which are being run by Egypt and Qatar.


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Lightly injured meanwhile arabs finished in Arab occupied gaza shithole 😎


Not even close

✡︎ Millennial Holocaust Survivor ✡︎

You Hitler-loving antisemites just refuse to see reality, our victimhood and suffering. I was just walking out of a Louis Vuitton store on Rothschild Avenue in Tel Aviv after buying a $6000 rainbow flag with US taxpayer money for our pride parade this summer and a terrorist Pali rocket landed like 10 kilometers away.

But as a Russian-speaking cuntry fighting Nazi and Napoleonic invaders, we have a right defend ourselves against terrorists. I will strangle Palestinian babies with my rainbow flag to defend our god-given Jewish democracy, and everyone in the world from Australia to Russia, who’ve already supported us with migrants, scientists, tech and money transfers and nukes, will understand our plight.

Now let me cry a bit, our retaliatory airstrike just killed a Fakestinian toddler and a piece of his brain landed on my new $666 white sneakers I bought with US aid and ruined them.

Last edited 1 month ago by ✡︎ Millennial Holocaust Survivor ✡︎
Steve Standley

Even your name is a lie. There are no millenial holocaust survivors. Zionist Jews not only lie to the world, they lie to themselves, and it’s evident right there in your name.

Benjamin Satanyahu

comment image comment image


Last edited 1 month ago by Benjamin Satanyahu
John Wallace

I bet you are not even in Israel and more likely safely countries away from any harm getting a blowjob from your boyfriends as you write your dreams in the deluded belief we will get excited by them.. Nice story that has the hallmarks of making good children’s books for them to read and so they understand why they need to stay away from fairies.. like you..


Arab occupied Gaza? … That is a truly laughable attempt at pro-Israeli propaganda. Epic fail.

concrete mike

Your shit filled diapers tell another story.

Nazi cant even smell your own shit.

You have become the opressors that killed.you in the 1940’s, congrat. Morron

John Wallace

In 1914, only 94,000 Jews lived in Ottoman Palestine. There were 70,000 Christians and 595,000 Muslims. Did you read and understand that or do you need someone to explain it to you. In 1914 when Israel was mooted the Jews living there happily with everyone else were outnumbered 7 to 1 by Arabs. But as your name is Rab , short for Rabble , and you are gay I guess it is pointless saying anymore. Did you share a bunker with Iron Zion .. No need to say any more , we know already.

John Wallace

Very clever taking out an empty bus. What a waste.


It was obviously a military transport vehicle – all military services use a lot of buses to move personnel around. That was potentially a very serious incident for IDF – if it had been fully loaded with soldiers.

John Wallace

The bus was empty so it was not moving. So it was possible to see that it was empty and wait until soldiers started to climb on and do some real damage rather than end up with a bus that needs some repairs and someone else with a headache .As I said , what a waste.


yeah this is 5th time they hit an ’empty’ bus.


No evidence of explosion – Show us the REAL bus please IDF


There will probably be a ceasefire soon.

What would a ceasefire mean? Israel wins and can continue its evictions, thefts, blockades, etcetera.

And this will have been all for nothing. Same ole same ole.

Gucci Store Manager for the Hamas HQ Store in DC

The conditions for the ceasefire are that Israel stops the land theft and ethnic cleansing. If Israel continues on with the Sheikh Jarrah house theft, then the rockets will continue to fly at Tel Aviv; and the world will know more and more about the Israeli genocide of Palestinians. Israel already lost control of the narrative.

Last edited 1 month ago by Gucci Store Manager for the Hamas HQ Store in DC
John Wallace

The ceasefire is mutual and unconditional. That is NO conditions of any kind included those suggested by you that were part of the deal. Wishing for doesn’t make it true. Hamas lost. They fired thousands of rockets and killed 12 Israelis. No planes were shot down , no helicopter’s were deleted , no tanks blown up and destroyed not even an armored vehicle scratched and apart from a bus that needs some panel beating sweet FA else was done or achieved by Hamas. In return Gaza lost a number of high rise buildings causing hundreds of families to lose their home, 230 killed , hospitals already short of supplies overloaded with injured , infrastructure damaged causing more misery for the people of Gaza and in return they get a little bit if sympathy from a few people around the world. Now we also have to put up with that idiot Iron Zion gloating about how many times he wanked in excitement as more misery was rained upon the ghetto of Gaza. All this happened so that arsehole Bibi can stay in power and not get kicked out so he can go to jail where he belongs.



Steve Standley

It’s gotten so bad that Israelis have to manufacture resistance; I bet they show this to their own people. this has all the earmarks of israeli lies: expensive weapons used on cheap targets. Zionist jews not only lie to the world, they lie to themselves.

Last edited 1 month ago by Steve Standley
John Wallace

I would have thought if one of those had really hit the bus then the bus would have been a pile of scrap and all the windows blown out at least. Who knows what the truth is as after all the first casualty of war is the truth.

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