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Israeli, Saudi Warplanes Escorted US Strategic Bombers During Patrol Over Middle East (Video, Photos)

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Israeli, Saudi Warplanes Escorted US Strategic Bombers During Patrol Over Middle East (Video, Photos)

A U.S. Air Force B-1B Lancer supersonic bomber © Reuters

On November 11, Israel and Saudi fighter jets took turns escorting two American B-1B supersonic strategic heavy bombers during a presence patrol mission over the Middle East.

In a statement, the US Air Forces Central said that Israeli and Saudi fighter jets joined the patrol over their respective airspaces, while US fighter jets provided escort.

The two-hour presence patrol flew into the US Central Command (CENTCOM) area of responsibility over the Red Sea and conducted rejoins with “partner nations” along the flight path before departing the region.

“Today’s presence patrol mission was an impressive demonstration of our combined power projection capabilities,” said Lt. Gen. Greg Guillot, Ninth Air Force (Air Forces Central) commander. “Simply put, each of our air forces is strong, and we are even stronger together.”

The Israeli Air Force said that joint flight demonstrates the continued cooperation of the Israel Defense Forces with the United States.

From its side, the Ministry of Defense of Saudi Arabia said that the flight contributed to the cooperation between the Saudi and US air forces to maintain the security and stability of the region.

The CENTCOM coordinated five similar patrols since the beginning of the year, three in January, one in March and one in October.

The joint flight highlights the growing military coordination between Israel and the US Arab allies. Just a day earlier, forces from the United Arab Emiratis, Bahrain, Israel and US Naval Forces Central Command kicked off a multilateral maritime security operations exercise in the Red Sea.

These moves are, without a doubt, meant to mount more pressure on Iran ahead of the upcoming nuclear talks with the US in Vienna.


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Chris Gr

Yeah but Egypt is close to Russia?

L du Plessis

Another Saigon coming in the middle east 😂


Isn’t it protocol to escort other countries’ military aircrafts while over one’s airspace? As far as i know it is standard procedure.

In best case the escort is done with unarmed fighters (like we did with Russian strategic bombers on their way to Syria).
What i find interesting is why the Zionist regime felt the need to escort their patron’s airplane with fully armed [with AAMs] fighters?
I don’t buy that it’s to counter threats, whose aircraft is going to attack US planes over there? And besides, an strategic bombers has much better countermeasures than any fighters.

Last edited 15 days ago by Garga
Chris Gr

Maybe they want to bomb Iran?

Peppe il Sicario

Who was flying “escort” for Saudi Arabia, a flock of pigeons and swallows????? The Saudis like swallows, I’ve heard.


Nothing special about it, Israel is working closely with the U.S and our other regional allies. The mullahs in Tehran think they have the upper hand, Iraq thought so too before we bombed their nuclear reactor. I send a direct message to the Iranian leadership – STOP YOUR NUCLEAR PROGRAM IMMEDIATELY, or Israel WILL act. We have a new government and our policies have changed aswell, Bibi the bluffer is gone.

If it comes to a war and Iran responds with their ballistic missiles against our cities, then I can not promise we won’t do the same with our Jerichos. Think twice before you respond against a nuclear state.

Chris Gr

US is declining. Iran will have to face other enemies in the future.


Iran is facing Israel now, and neither the U.S or Israel will back down on the nuclear deal. Israel can cause Iran so much damage they can not even imagine, but that can be avoided. If the mullahs choose to continue with their plans, it will only bring them down faster. Israel will not sit still and we are very much ready for a war at any given moment, take that word from an IDF officer.

Chris Gr

I mean other powers like Russia, Germany, India and stuff like that. The Chinese and the Japanese are ok with Iran though.


Just burning up fuel and taxpayer dollars at the rate of $70k / hr / plane to show the world just who sits at the cool kids table at the UN cafeteria.

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