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Israeli Raid? Unidentified Gunmen Attacked Syrian Army Post Near Golan Heights

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Israeli Raid? Unidentified Gunmen Attacked Syrian Army Post Near Golan Heights

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Early on January 31, unidentified gunmen attacked a post of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) right on the separation line with the Israeli-occupied part of the Golan Heights.

The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that heavy clashes broke out near the post, which is located in the town of Jabah. The heavy clashes were followed by a loud explosion.

“No casualties have been reported so far,” the monitoring group said in a report.

The attack may have been carried out by local gunmen in support of former rebels in western Daraa, who were recently threatened by the SAA.

Another possibility is that the SAA post was raided by Israeli special forces. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) carried out such operations in the past, supposedly to deter Iranian forces.

Last year, the Nahal and Yahalom units of the IDF destroyed two Syrian military posts in the Golan Heights buffer zone in a covert cross-border operation. No casualties were reported back then.

Israel’s aggressive behavior is one of many factors contributing to the current instability in southern Syria. Now, the chaos prevails over the region.


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IDF raids ARE NOT talked about / discussed in public … can you guess why? pmsl

No need to embarrass / shame / humiliate their Arab / Shia antagonists … eh?

El libanes

Somebody is butthurted by Shia, no surprise though. As no surprise that the zionist support the wahabi rats.



Lame … it ‘hurts so good’ … eh?

There’s more coming … eh?


El libanes

Lame is what you are celebrating dude, no losses no casualtie it only exposes you as a terrorist support ( which we all aready know). Seriously stop bragging about victories.

Jim Allen

Victories of battles not fought.
Victories of battles fought against unarmed civilians.
Victories of battles blundered so badly no victory was possible.
Victories of staged false flag attacks against predominately civilian populations.
Victories of battles not yet fought.
Victories of terrorist attacks carried out against allied countries, and their own civilian populations.
It’s quite a record, actually, and really makes a statement.

Just Me

LOL, read your comments on RT, which are all against Russia. You are one dumb A$$HOLE ROFLMAO.


Russia is destined for takeover by the smart Jews and Navalny is the man the do it.
There’s more coming…..eh?



So I’m being used by RT and Fars … I’m thrilled … eh?

They know they’ve got an enemy in me …



You are a scammer LOL

There is more coming on RT….eh?


Cool … a doppelgänger … eh?

Ashok Varma

He is attention seeking clown and has ubiquitous posts on many sites, mostly aimed at getting a response. Best option is to reject the poor chap.

Jim Allen

Only because “wahabi rats” (Headcutters) are Zionist Khazars hiding in plain sight, pretending to be Arab, and Muslim.
It takes a lot of pretending when Eurasian Zionist Khazar Atheists already pretending to be God’s chosen one’s, then pretend to be Arab, and Muslim.
It must take somet intense concentration to stay in character at all times, given the pressure to keep up appearances.
There’s another group of Zionist Khazar Atheists that pretend to be Roman Catholic. Zionist Khazar Atheists created Catholicism (Borgias) which includes Jesuits, The Vatican, etc..

Just Me

He is one dumb troll and is leaving moronic comments all over the place. LOL

Just Me

You are the dumbest attention seeking a$$hole on the internet, you are posting comments all over RT, Press TV and other sites just to get a reaction. This is what you posted on Press TV a minute ago:



The Jewish parasite must submit to the divine will of the Houthi or bad
fortunes will be coming their way, you have been forewarned.



I don’t post on RT or Press TV … eh?

BUT … I’m thrilled that these 2 venues are filled with someone who is using my avatar … although I don’t capitalize my name


Go post on RT eh!

The future is here LOL


RT …. lol

Ashok Varma

The only cowards being humiliated are the IDF whose claim to fame is killing unarmed women and children in occupied Palestine or sleeping Syrian kids in their homes in the middle of night. Name one instance of an IDF ground operation against Hezbollah, Syria or anyone?


Are you a bi-polar troll? you seem to sing a different tune on other websites.

johnny rotten

Isis or Al Qaeda, or Yankee or Jews, what difference does it make? they are always terrorists.


more than likely the jews from palestine and thus the endangered specie and in their case there will be no save the jews movement. thus they will be taken off the red list since they are extinct – not a minute too soon.

William D

people that view everyone but themselves and their people as a threat are the threat


Frankly, this is BS news as the Zionists will never engage ground forces in Syria for the fear of casualties and being captured. This is just propaganda as they are petrified of the power of Axis of Resistance and a US and Iran negotiations.

Ashok Varma

Israel is running scared after Trump’s departure and planting a lot of fake news and trash propaganda. It has formed a whole new unit to push the Zionist line in Sunni Arab and Muslim countries. The Mossad false flag attack in New Delhi a few days ago was part of this deluded strategy. In reality, Israel is at its weakest as its US protector and financier is in real trouble and American people beset by a raft of health and economic problems have no appetite for a war. The IDF is basically a cowardly child killer criminal enterprise that only kills sleeping Arab women and children with long range missiles and not prone to ground operations where there even a remote possibility of casualties. They have not been able to contain Hamas in encircled Gaza, lat alone launch ground operations on the Occupied Golan against an entrenched Axis of Resistance.


If an IDF SOF is coming for you, then you are dead. So no, it wasn’t us.

Just Me

Tzatz is a moron and very dumb one as he is leaving digital footprints all over, that lead back to his US IP. You are just a playstation PUNK kid. LOL


YOU’RE the one spreading the bs

RT and Press TV aren’t sites I post on or read …

My avatar is ‘tzatz’ …

Ashok Varma

Silly chit of boy LOL do post some lunda bazaar Vietnam era US surplus clothing picture, mighty mouse child in pajamas.

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