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Israeli Propaganda: F-35I Stealth Fighters Fly Over Iran Undetected

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Israeli Propaganda: F-35I Stealth Fighters Fly Over Iran Undetected

Israel’s first two F-35 stealth fighter jets on their maiden flight as part of the Israeli Air Force on December 13, 2016. (IDF Spokesperson’s Unit)

Two Israeli F-35I fighter jets entered Iranian airspace undetected over the past month, the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Jarida claimed on March 29.

According to Al-Jarida’s report quoting “a well-informed source”, the two F-35I flew over Syrian and Iraqi airspace to reach Iran and even conducted recognisance missions over the Iranian cities Bandar Abbas, Esfahan and Shiraz. Furthermore, the newspaper argued that the fighter jets circled at high altitude above Persian Gulf sites suspected of being associated with the Iranian nuclear program.

Al-Jarida went further saying that the warplanes were undetected by any radar, including by Russian air defense systems deployed in Syria and Russian-made S-300 air defense systems deployed by Iran across the country.

The newspapaer described the alleged incident as a a signal of increasing regional tensions and recalled February strikes by Israel on alleged Iranian targets in Syria as another thing of the complicated situation in the region.

Al-Jarida’s claims have been widely spreaded by the Israeli media, but have been questioed by independent experts and even media outlets.

There are few reasons:

  1. Al-Jarida is a media outlet widely associated wirth Israel and involved into Israeli media and propaganda campaign;
  2. The F-35I’s range of 2,000 km [without external fuel tanks] does not allow the warplane to fly over Iran and went back without stopover or aerial refueling;
  3. The claim about the alleged F-35I operation over Iran came a day after Chief of the General Staff of the Israel Defense Force (IDF) Gadi Eizenkot claimed that the Israeli military had resumed striking targets in Syria [without providing any details or evidence];

On February 10, the Syrian Air Defense Forces shot down an Israeli F-16 warplane which was involved in strikes on alleged Iranian targest inside Syria. This was a major military and PR blow to the IDF showing that the Israeli Air Force now have significant limits in operations in Syrian airspace. Since then, Israeli aircraft have conducted no strikes on any targets inside Syria despite Eizenkot’s March 28 claim.

This situation forces the Israeli leadership to conduct additional efforts to defend the Israeli image as a dominant regional military power. However, so far, these efforts have resulted in little progress.

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Promitheas Apollonious

Yes… in their dreams, they do that 24/7.


https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0556beb71f4f34aed617d2d90ea0564a42ede6946fea2fb55c57cb3a904c9c10.jpg Sorry for abusing this page for Dutch News…. They are starting to doubt that the Russians were responsible for the Skripal Case, on page 3….. Whoop…Whoop….hehehehe!!!


Sssshhttt..Merijn You Dirty Little Bastard!!! Shut T.F. Up! You are Ruining Our Reputation!!! Yours Sincerely M. Rutte



I don’t Care….. shouldn’t have Lied Bro…shouldn’t have Lied….soon everyone knows…and then the Questions will be asked…Good Luck!!! ???


Actually that article debunks every alternative explanation that tries to sow doubt. So it ends up that the Russians are still to blame.


Nope…It shows they are in retreat: first in the News, so it will make it easier to reverse the choices they made in a later stadium. Business & Gas, two Cornerstones to stay on good terms with Russia….Germany got the same problem….very wise of’m to make trouble….:)




Always love simple statements by people with private accounts….shows true braincapacity


Hey Paul….you there? Nothing but silence…good reason to study this newspaper again…there might be some hidden Truth in my little conspiracy-theory……


Been away from the computer. Your 666 theory is rubbish, that is why I said dribble. Also, Barba Papa is spot on about the article.


Great, that’s why I translated it in the first place for others to judge, same reason why I don’t believe any news to begin with….and I don’t care about 666 theories…Good & Evil to be found in every Human Being…What I like most at the moment is kicking my Government and all the other Western Governments in the Nuts for they are a lying bunch of Snakes…they should get the hell out of Syria….and one day I hope to see them in Prison…they are nothing but (War)Criminals…


Drivel, not dribble, dribble is the stuff on your chin.

You can call me Al

“Russia retaliates expelling 150 diplomats as battle continues over spy poisoning” …..in the UK press today.


Translated this Dutch Newspaper in English…at least they start to dare questioning the whole case overhere…see where it ends

Seven questions about the Skripal case: were it indeed the Russians, or …?

The British government says that Russia is behind the attempt to kill double spy Sergej Skripal with a nerve gas. Is that correct, or are we being led around the garden, just as with the ‘weapons of mass destruction’ in Iraq?

Bert Lanting 30 March 2018 9:48 am Source: De Volkskrant

Why would Russia kill Skripal in Britain if they pardoned him in 2010 and exchanged it against some of their spies? Then they could have killed him in prison anyway?

One explanation might be that the Russians are angry that Skripal continued to work for MI6 and other Western intelligence services after his release. He would therefore have violated the conditions under which he had received a pardon from former President Medvedev. He reportedly gave training on the working methods of the GROe, the Russian military intelligence service in which he used to work. Perhaps he was also involved in some kind of operation, of which the Russian secret services got wind.

How could the British have been able to identify the nerve gas as quickly as a variant of novitsjok? Is not that a sign that they have that nerve gas themselves?

No that is not necessary. The Russian arms expert and whistleblower Vil Mirzajanov, who was involved in the development of novitsjok, has given a fairly detailed description of the composition of the nerve gas, about which Russia has always been silent. Mirzajanov was arrested in the early nineties for betraying state secrets, but in the end the Russian judiciary dropped the charge because a conviction would amount to a confirmation of his revelations. Another expert involved in the project, Andrej Zjeleznjakov, revealed details of the program before his death.

The former Russian chemical weapons expert Vil Mirzajanov, who now lives in the US, would have said that novitsjoks are ‘ordinary organophosphates’ that can be made by any chemical plant.

He did not say that. However, he says in a report for the American government that the ‘chemical components and precursors of the binary version Novitsjok-5’ can be produced in such factories. However, joining these components to manufacture a nerve gas is a complicated and extremely dangerous process that must be carried out in special laboratories.

Novitsjok is extremely toxic. How is it possible that Skripal and his daughter are still alive?

The effect of the nerve gas depends on the dosage. There is only one other case of someone who became infected with novitsjok: Russian chemical weapons expert Andrej Zjeleznjakov. He came into contact with the gas in 1987 when, during an experiment in a laboratory in Moscow, a small amount was released. He initially survived, but developed a whole series of disorders of his liver, other organs and his nervous system to which he died in 1993. A year before his death, he revealed to the Russian newspaper Novoje Vremja that he had been the victim of novitsjok.

Why would Russia use a nerve gas for the attack on Skripal that would point to Moscow when it was discovered?

First another question: why would you use a nerve gas to kill someone at all? A knife or a revolver seems more obvious. An explanation could be that the murder is intended to deter other traitors, because that is what Russia Skripal, of course, thinks to be scary. Dying through a nerve gas is an extremely unattractive prospect.

Also in the murder of the former KGB agent Aleksandr Litvinenko, who defected to London in 2006, the Russians used an extremely rare murder weapon: the radioactive substance polonium-210. That the Russians were behind the murder was evident from the radioactive trail that Andrej Loegovoj and Dmitri Kovtoen with whom Litvinenko had agreed, left behind. Wherever they had been, British experts found traces of radioactivity, even in the plane on the seat where Loegovoj was sitting.

Novichok was not developed in Russia, but in a factory in Uzbekistan. That complex was dismantled with the help of the US. Would they have been able to do so?

At least three institutions were involved in the Novitsjok program: the GosNIIOChT research institute in Moscow, the chemical weapons factory in Sjichany in Central Russia and the Nukoes factory in Uzbekistan. The latter complex was indeed dismantled with the help of the Americans, but this is always done under the supervision of inspectors from the OPCW, the UN organization that monitors compliance with the ban on chemical weapons.

Why don’t the British give a sample of the Novitsjok to Russia, so Russian experts can investigate that?

The British government has called on the OPCW to investigate the case. That is an independent organization that also includes Russia. Probably London has decided not to give the Russians direct access on the basis of the experiences with the investigation into the murder of Litvinenko. Moscow was constantly being bothered by this. British detectives were only allowed to speak to Loegovoj and Kovtoen in Moscow for a brief moment. In retrospect, the tape recording of the Loegovoj interview was erased. Moscow also assured that no traces of polonium had been found in the aircraft with which Loegovoj had flown, while British researchers later found traces of radioactivity in the same aircraft.

Russia employs sixty US diplomats

Russia has decided to expel sixty American diplomats from the country. The American consulate in St. Petersburg must also close its doors. Furthermore, Russia has announced that another ninety diplomats from other Western countries will have to leave. The measure is a response to the expulsion of sixty Russian diplomats by Washington and a series of other countries for the attack on Sergei Skripal and his daughter. The Netherlands also dismissed two Russian diplomats. According to the US, it was diplomats who actually spied for the Russian secret services. Washington decided to close the Russian consulate in Seattle. The Russian Embassy in Washington then conducted a survey among the Russians on Twitter asking which American consulate was to be closed: St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg or Vladivostok. The majority chose Saint Petersburg. The American diplomats have been given the time to pack their bags until 5 April. It is not yet known how Russia will divide the remaining diplomats on the list to be deported over the western countries.


No they are writing cover stories to placate a thinking person’s unease with the very poor story the British cooked up. Like referring back to Litvinenko, like it was proven that Russia killed the man, when of course he was murdered by the British, to put pressure on Russia, not to sell arms to Iran.

The idea that Russia uses bizarre methods to kill people, to scare off others is as unbelievable as the Russian guy who beat himself to death in New York, according to the Americans.

How the Soviets killed people was revealed after the Soviet collapse, and the methods they used were always discrete, and usually involved a hidden and silenced pistol up the sleeve of the assassin.

As any detective will tell you, to find the killer, look to who benefits. Who has benefited from this attack, Theresa May. Who benefited from the murder of Litvinenko, Tony Blair. These bizarre murders only happen in Britain.


I agree they start with the Question: did the Russians really poison Skripal and just when people start wondering if it might have been the Brits…. they change subject….but I thought the first couple of sentences were pretty alright…Perhaps it was just me lookin’ for some positive changes in the narrative….


I understand, I used to try and see the good in Governments, but now I am more in tune with Mencken.

“The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out for himself, without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane, and intolerable…”(HL Mencken)


I don’t see the good in my Government…nor the European Government….their Lies turned out to be too Big… once a Liar always a Liar…so I’m done with’m forgood…words comin’ out of their mouth considered as just another Lie…makes life a lot easier..

John Whitehot

“Who has benefited from this attack, Theresa May”

I’d wait to express any judgement on that. History isn’t long two days, or two months.


Agreed, but you can say the same about Tony Blair, and they are rolling him out to denigrate Corbyn, for asking for evidence.


This is a typical style of “our” journalism today: raising the question “Waren het inderdaad…” seems objective, as if they are ready to make a sincere investigation. But the tone of the article and the counter-arguments do not leave a lot of space for doubt: yes: the Russians did it, yes, they are really that bad and calculated… (even if the arguments are really mind-blowing). Same with most articles in Germany or France (MSM), just went back on a French “populist” news site made by normal people: the comment sector filled with trolls arguing with similar phrases as De Volkskrant uses. Vreselijk.


Het zijn eigenlijk kakkerlakken….straks als het licht aangaat vluchten ze allemaal weer weg…De Ruttes en Consorten allemaal uit hetzelfde vat. Ik hoef verder ook niks meer van Europa of Nederland te weten, ze zoeken het maar uit…Ze zijn te ver gegaan in deze oorlog in Syrië, medeschuldig aan het onthoofden van kinderen. Ik vertrek binnenkort gelukkig toch naar Azië….In al die eeuwen hebben ze niks geleerd…! Maar ze komen zichzelf nog wel tegen…


The only relevant information on this page is that there are bargains at the ‘Persian King’ 90% exit on all Persian carpets (!) In a handwritten trashy advertisement. Action is still running until Easter Monday! All there!

Yet another proof that this justification is just as fake as the entire Skripal affair itself, … Yet again brought along nicely, so that Iran can also be cut down for banal carpet vendors. It must be that the Anglo-Zionists had some savings left over, to rent a full newspaper page so as to scoff at their earthly enemies Russia and Iran …


Hahaha…you are probably right…. them Numbnuts….but they used questionmarks right?


Those satanists love gematria and are eager to bully their opponents with it. They always act from a position of force majeure, never take risks, and then, in full haughtiness and arrogance, they (s)waffle their common disdain in your face. Those psychopaths enjoy that game immensely and let that be their weakness. There will come a day that they become lax and pay no attention, … suddenly they will notice that another has done his homework better than themselves. I think that day is coming soon and it will take years to recover from that insight. Let them burn in hell, IsraHell !!!


Dutch media… Syrians leaving Ghouta shown on Dutch news Nosnieuws: “hamdullah, hamdullah (thank God, thank God), that the Syria/n Army has liberated us”

Dutch voice-over: “Assad didn’t allow the civilians to leave the area”.


That’s why I can’t watch the Six O’ Clock News, I think we just have to give up this Western Circus with it’s stupid Clowns….for they are worth less than sh*t, they are beyond saving… let them drown in their own pathetic Lies…nothing but a Suicide Cult…


They wont even fly F35s over Syria after the bird incident!!


F35 reminds me Hitler’s Wunderwaffen, which actually didnt work and caused Nazi’s defeat.

Real Anti-Racist Action

The defeat of the indigenous tribal peoples was because the global-empire sent 30,000,000 to fight against their 7,000,000. No matter if even General Patton had been in charge of the ingenious forces, the Nationalist would have still lost to the Ashkenazi-invasion of Europe. https://holodomorinfo.com/


The Washington defense analyist declared that there are some defects in F-35 and that need to be fixed. At the moment F-35 is not the front line fighter jets because of its low speed and AESA Radars in SU-57, SU-35, SU-34 etc.

F-22 and F-35 can be easily shootdown by S-200 without any doubt. F-22 and F-35 is not stealthy for all types of missiles and from all directions. F-22 and F-35 can be easily targeted by Infrared seekers or HEAT SEEKERS and anti radiation radar homing SAM missiles.

Russian 4th generation fighter jets have been upgraded with new AESA radars as well as they have added new upgraded sensors to detect stealth fighter jets. Second IR sensors can detect any object that generate heat like people, animals, vehicle engines and aircraft generate and emit heat. So these sensors are in missiles as well as in the air crafts and can easily detect these objects. Second each air craft have data links with their own base station on the ground which also generate electromagnetic pulses which can be easily detected by an anti radiation RADAR sensors.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Well many things work that have defects. Windows has had defects for 30 years, but everyone uses it. All cars have defects, 99% of the time it does not keep them from operating. All humans have defects in one form or some gene switched off. Yet over 7-billion of us are still here. F-35 has many defects, and Russian S-200 and S-300 has more defects then F-35. That is why USA bombed hundreds of Russians in Syria, and Israel bombs Russia’s greatest ally ‘Syria’ on a weekly bases. No threat come from Russian S-200 or S-300. But perhaps the S-400 is capable? Or perhaps the S-500? We will not know till the day Lebanon is fielding it to good effect.

John Whitehot

“F-35 has many defects, and Russian S-200 and S-300 has more defects then F-35”

Oh really, and how would you know.

Brad Isherwood

Zionist media admit IDF screwed up in Lebanon. https://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3297431,00.html

Ruprecht Mudorc

I think the reason that Israeli jets are not getting shot out of the sky has more to do with political and strategic plans and little to do with the ability of the Russian missiles, which of course, they could have turned off for a good reason..

Igor Dano

would be good to know, why you upvote your own comments.. shill? idiot? imbecil?

Peter Howes

American hamburger muncher; the reports of hundreds of Russian forces being bombed by the US without retaliation are false; stemming from US Israeii sources. Like the myth of Iraqi weapons of MD, or the lie about a Syrian civil war, or the so-called FSA which is really ISS in variant US guise. Russian air and rocket power destroyed the American ploy to Balkanize Syria with Iran next on the Jew boys agenda, Russia stopped the US dead in its tracks; so much for Yankee superiority. Have another pizza and don’t forget to enlist in Trumps imperial army when the orangutang attacks China and Russia together. Such a genius is the redheaded one! He will need lots of cannon fodder from patriotic Doughboy gibberers like you! But not from his own super rich family of course!


They we’re too late for any effect. But F35 flies and is not a blueprint idea!

Ruprecht Mudorc

Except in the rain, or lightening, or for very long between long O/H sessions, or from rough airstrips, or fast, or far….. and all this courtesy of the US taxpayer whilst the country goes down the toilet in ever decreasing circles.



Now who did the US steal the B2 design from?

It only took the US 45 years to catch up to Germany.


Actually less than 10. First flying wing flown in ‘48, I think. That was with props. Second with jet engines flow early/mid-50’s. Jack Northrop got a handle on a few great German scientists and engineers as result of Paper Clip. Maybe read a little before you post? I cited this of wrote memory and experience. Where’d ya come up with your bs input?


Desperate Zionist RUBBISH as usual. Not even worth pissing on




Al-Jarida is funded by Israel in 2007 and many times in the past “leaked” the information that Israel wanted. If you have time, take a look at these two links:

An article by SyrianFacts

Another by the Aviationist


A “MUST READ” FOR EVERYONE………….THE AVIATIONIST…………. https://theaviationist.com/2018/03/29/heres-why-the-claim-that-two-israeli-f-35-stealth-jets-entered-iranian-airspace-does-not-make-any-sense/ A very very well reasoned argument, but I too wondered if they had managed to sneak in from a base in Azerbaijan, as it maybe Iran’s “Achilles Heel” in terms of radar coverage.

John Whitehot

Azerbaijan is in bed with sunni powers like Saudia and Turkey, not to mention that it already provided support to israeli operations in the past like the op said.

it would already be a joke if Iran left portions of its airspace uncovered, but neglecting that portion in particular would be paradoxical.

Don’t forget that the border between Iran and Soviet Union was considered a particularly hot area, and that for this reason Iran built huge amounts of radar infrastructure to keep it under control.


Well they jointly stealing Palestine oil.


Mmmmmm, thank you for the info, I did not know that that portion of the Iranian border was so well covered. But considering, albeit, a long time ago, that the Israelis bombed targets in Iran, then I considered if Iran has a weak spot in its Radar coverage, and from where else would aggressors launch an attack. Given that the Israeli’s have bases in Azerbaijan, then it would appear as a likely kick-off point. Then again, what do we really know about the Israeli’s ability to spoof radar, other than they are probably pretty good. They must be working flat out to find a way to circumvent the current Russian radar installations in Syria. Others have pointed out that the F35 is no longer stealthy when carrying drop tanks, what we do not know either is ; if they did manage to get through Iranian defences unseen, what route did they take, did they cross the country, or just just carried out a rapid “look-see” before bugging out…………….or maybe, its all BS.

John Whitehot

“But considering, albeit, a long time ago, that the Israelis bombed targets in Iran”

awwww. It was IRAK, not IRAN.


Ha ha , a big “oooooooppppppsss” on my part, and heavy irony duly noted. Have a good Easter !

John Whitehot

“Have a good Easter !”

you too : )


Israel doesn’t have any Airbases in Azerbaijan…..this was another bit of #FakeNews pumped out by the U.S back in 2014


They have had them for years, and while you may not find the star of david flying by the entrance, they have been entrenched there since the break-up of the USSR. I have proof of this, which I am not prepared to share, so brand me a liar or speak to others who are in the know. It was from these bases, that the Israeli’s tried to launch an attack to assassinate the Russian Premier aboard his aircraft whilst it overflew the Ukraine. VT reported on this incident exclusively , although it was echoed on 2 other decent Intel sites if my memory serves me correctly. This attack was planned to coincide with the downing MH17 see VT article ;https://www.veteranstoday.com/2018/03/19/breaking-silenced-ukrainian-military-pilot-accused-of-attack-on-boeing-mh17-found-dead/ .


We can smell their fear. Propaganda won’t do much help, we are well past that. Such bullsh*t PR stunts would work a couple decades ago, but today, actions speak louder than words.

Michał Hunicz

I read earlier about this on Polish media and I thought that this is a complete nonsense.


Lying Israeli wank-pots, lying………………its what they’re good at. If they were so proud of their efforts I’m sure there would be some memento’s or trophies………….. anything, a photo of the Ayatollah chilling out by the pool maybe ????????????? Nah………. Israeli shit pots !


“suspected of being associated with the Iranian nuclear program”

Iranian nuclear matters are regulated by agreement and inspection. Are the zionists pretending that the Iranians want nuclear bombs like them?

Vince Dhimos

Yes, it is a hoax, just as I thought a soon as I read it.


Here is the detailed report coming to same conclusion from The Aviationist, yesterday:


That Guy

Might be true, but I highly doubt it.


Not possible without Aerial refueling. Unless it uses stealth drop tanks or stealth air tankers.

That Guy

I was about to edit my comment to mention just that.


Then the real MVP would be the stealth refueling aircraft. Perhaps this is the real propaganda. “We now have stealth refueling aircraft to refuel our stealth fighters.”

John Whitehot

“unless there are stealth refueling aircrafts”

It’s already highly doubtful that there are “stealth aircraft” in general, can u imagine how’s about “stealth tankers”.


They can refit the B2 spirit into one. I think it’s possible.

That Guy

Yeah, 100% stealth is impossible, even partial stealth is impossible unless you fly really low, like at an altitude of 30 meters. The gimmick of the stealth doesn’t make sense if you think of it scientifically, the aircraft MIGHT be harder to detect is it was “stealthy” but not impossible, at least that’s according to a senior radar specialist that I asked before if aircraft stealth is a real thing (he told me it is not).

John Whitehot

yes, that is what can be ascertained reading real publications (as opposed to pentagon or lm released ones) and speaking to radar specialists.

The concept wasn’t totally flawed back in the 80ies where it originated. The increases in antenna sensitivities and especially, signal processing (owed to a logaritmic increase in computing power) make the concept obsolete, and surely totally uneconomical, the way it is implemented by LM.

Basically, planes are never “undetected”, their returns are just very small. With modern signal processing though, you can discriminate them anyway – more than that: your radar scope would actually show a big orange (or blue) blip with the label “stealth” placed near it, as the radar software would categorize the contact as such on the basis of the strength and shape of the return.

Another thing is the fast evolution of passive means of detection – visible, infrared and ultraviolet light are used to detect fighter sized objects at distances never thought in the 80/90s. And F-22s still lack any IRST capability, whereas their enemy fly with radars off and position themselves behind them, without them knowing.

Also, don’t forget that in the 80ies there still was not much integration in air defences and early warning, at least in smaller powers. Today, every radar screen of one side shows pretty much the same tactical picture.

I’m not saying that the F-22 is outclassed or obsolete, I’m saying that it isn’t the component that can alone win air superiority over prepared enemies (namely, Russia and China).


Not to mention that if you publicize this capability to reach Iran, you’ve basically compromised it. Now the enemy knows it exists. The only explanation that makes sense is if you want to feed your enemy false information. Force him to spend money and resources on a fake threat, while taking away money and resources from the actual plan of attack.

Eskandar Black


Bjorn Metaal

Failure 35 hahhahahaha


They can’t even fly over Syria and bull about iran without refuelling?


Sounds like the propaganda is hoist on its own petard. It reminds me of the quandary as to if a tree falls down in a forest and nobody is there to see it or hear it fall did it make a sound? or did it fall at all? Ditto did the flight take place if no one saw or heard it or even picked it up on surveillance equipment?


Stealth technology is used in it’s aerial photographs resulting in stealth photographs.


They did not even flew …thay th why no one detected them. Simply want to bs


Israel is spreading fake news to raise the morale of its people after the embarrassing shooting down of its “invincible” F-16 by Syria.

John Whitehot

perhaps they are also in bed with LM over this.

j. jaxson

israel is good at beating helpless people in robes and sandals who throw rocks.


All propaganda although many of european countries like Greece have S-300 so its been possible this stealth F-35 to be tested on S-300 radars, and to broke that stealth cloak. But the Russian new S-400 are very new and design for these purposes, and the new S-500 that are coming now, but its not needed on the new S-500 cuz they are for HVT targets, but why these F-35 dont try circle a bit on Tartus to test their technology. It just another Israeli propaganda they are so happy that now, they have few F-35s like a little children


Just trying to sell a few for their sponsors, someone will believe them.


Obvious question as raised in report – Israeli warplanes cannot currently attack Iran for simple reason Israel requires permission to refuel over third party intermediate Arab state to cover the flight distance. If Israel had such an arrangement available, then most likely they would have already struck Iran in some capacity. So how could these F-35’s even get to Iran and then apparently loiter around all on a single fuel load? Improbable in the extreme.


These jews make me laugh so much. Even a old system like S-200 is capable of detect and bring down this garbage F-35.


They absolutely did fly over Iran – thanks to the heroic efforts of Israeli – ornithologists. These brave people identified a small window in time when – birds don’t fly in Iranian skies, eliminating the only possible threat to F-35I…

Manuel Flores Escobar

If they are invisible for air defense system…why Israel risked 1 F-16( shot down) and 2 F-15(damage) in the last attack vs Syria?…

Real Anti-Racist Action

Israel has bombed Russias closet ally in the world ‘Syria’ all the time without suffering even 12 planes down over an 8 year period. Iran has to operable air defenses that work against modern craft. It would take the S-500 to defend Iran. And even if the S-500 was operable, Russia will not even supply Iran or Syria or Lebanon the S-400. Russia will not even allow Syria to have the S-300. So Syria fires S-200’s into the air for show.

northerntruthseeker .

The more I watch your comments, the more I am smelling Hasbara/JIDF…..


Stop lying you silly kike….and go back to your Jerusalem Post forums!


The jewish filth are MASTERS OF LIES (lawyers, politicians, psy-ops, PR, film, advertising etc, etc). So anything they CHOOSE to say is designed to play with the brains of the hard-of-thinking.

The exception is the advanced publishing of their war intentions in the depraved racist state of Israel. Here the jews always tell you in advance what is coming.

Now, the despicable jews ain’t attacking Iran- that would be to invite disaster. (which is why Southfront pushes this LIE). The jews have laid down their intent to holocaust Gaza and Lebanon shortly, and murder ONE MILLION+ Humans. They are now waiting for the UK and USA and France to declare war on Iran.

Jewish monsters have been involved in a whole series of wargames with other nations (especially the catholic nations) in readiness for their holocaust. In reality every jewish war on their helpless neighbours has massive assistance from christian nations in the West. Modern christianity, unlike its original form, is but a jewish cult.

Real Anti-Racist Action

I had already warned this site of several occasions that I learned back in 2016 of an Israeli program to design external fuel tanks and weapons designed for the F-35I to be able to carry extra fuel and weapons without breaking the F-35I’s stealth capability. Israel has done similar projects before on their F-15’s and F-16’s. They have done much better to these F-35I’s. They can now carry external items and remain stealth. They had already completed these things before Israel even received their latest batch of F-35’s. https://holodomorinfo.com/

Brad Isherwood



…..and you can be sure Russia has them too…..as they’re further down the road than the Chinese when it comes to military technology.

Brad Isherwood

China with Comparable Super Cray computers,modular line construction, Rare Earths… Maglev Bullet trains. They are positioned to create one serious Juggernaut technology military. Good Thing Putin/Russia are Signatory security partners. …Kissinger and the Empire can kiss dreams goodbye of China join Empire to fight Russia.

Russia,China both set up for Active area denial vs Empire. It’s part of the defence response to aggressively reach where US/NATO AWACS, Air refueling tankers and ELINT would be stationed. ..via Strike aircraft with new BVR missiles Designed to kill these aircraft. US/NATO operations would begin to falter with % loss these aircraft. US Deep strike concept is % fail if they must strike from further distances. NATO would also experience ballistic strike on bases,radars etc. That entire show would collapse with countries like Poland left to fend for themselves. US/NATO satellites and key GPS/Communications SATs would also be terminated as part of Active denial.

Both Russia/China can wreck Empires plan from the outset. Question remains as to Empires mind set afterwards. .. As Nuclear strike is really all they have that could overcome their Early defeat in war.


I agree….and there is some technology being shared between Russia and China especially with regards missile systems. A $3 million top-of-the-range anti-ship missile can destroy a $14 billion Aircraft Carrier……now that’s bang for buck! :)

Brad Isherwood

Something of interest



There’s no such thing as an absolute 100% “invisible” stealth fighter….sophisticated radars will pick up any 5th GEN fighter or bombers. Don’t be fool with fictional story telling by the Americans and their side-kick Israelis.

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