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Israeli Prime Minister Says New War On Gaza Inevitable


Israeli Prime Minister Says New War On Gaza Inevitable

FILE: Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attends the weekly cabinet meeting at his office in Jerusalem, Oct. 7, 2018.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on September 12 that Israel may have no choice but to launch a large-scale military operation in Gaza to overthrow the Hamas Movement.

“It looks like there will be no other choice but to embark on a wide scale campaign in Gaza,” Netanyahu said in an interview with Kan Reshet Bet Radio, according to the Jerusalem Post, “There probably won’t be a choice but to topple the Hamas regime. Hamas doesn’t exert its sovereignty in the Strip and doesn’t prevent attacks.”

Netanyahu justified his warning by claiming that Hamas is not preventing rocket attacks from Gaza anymore.

“We have a situation in which a terror group that launches rockets has taken over, and doesn’t rein in rogue factions even when it wants to,” the Israeli PM added.

Earlier this week, Netanyahu was evacuated from a campaign event he was holding in the southern city of Ashdod as a result of a rocket attack from Gaza. Hamas denied responsibility for the attack, back then.

Netanyahu has been avoided any large-scale military confrontation with Hamas since last May. The Israeli PM warning today could be a political maneuver to gain more public support ahead of the upcoming elections.

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