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Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu urges US to aknowledge Israel’s occupation and anexation of Golan heights

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Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu urges US to aknowledge Israel's occupation and anexation of Golan heights

This article originally appeared at advance.hr translated by Stevo Marjanović exclusively for SouthFront

Israeli newspaper Haaretz writes that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will ask United States to recognize Israel’s annexation of Syria’s Golan Heights. Newspapers also said that Netanyahu urged US President Barack Obama to “think differently” about this issue.

We remind you that Israel occupied part of the Syrian Golan Heights area, in 1967, after the so-called Six Day War. Later, in 1981, Israel annexed this area, but their annexation has not been recognized by any country in the world. Understandably, it would be enough for Israel to have one country that recognizes annexation, the most powerful country in the world.

Netanyahu’s argument is that, in his own opinion, there is no functioning government in Syria anymore and thus we should “think differently” about a number of issues, including the issue of the Golan Heights.

Netanyahu said that he is afraid that Iran will open “new front against Israel” in the area of the Golan Heights. He certainly wants to use those fears as an argument for American recognition of their occupation, but for now there is no concrete indication that the US could fulfill this wish for Israel.

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