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Israeli Prime Minister Threatens Hezbollah After Incident On Contact Line With Lebanon

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Israeli Prime Minister Threatens Hezbollah After Incident On Contact Line With Lebanon

Hezbollah has vowed to retaliate for the death of one of its members during an Israeli air strike in Syria last week

After an apparent exchange of fire on the Israel/Lebanon border, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has warned Lebanese Hezbollah fighters not to test the resolve and capabilities of the Israeli military, and Defence Minister Benny Gantz has promised a powerful response to any Hezbollah attack.

Although the other details of the incident remain in doubt, Israeli forces opened fire on the disputed Shebaa Farms area along the Lebanese border on Monday. They claim that they were responding to an infiltration attempt by a Hezbollah “terrorist cell” from Lebanon.

Al Jazeera reports that:

A resident of the town of Khiam, 5km (2 miles) from Lebanon’s southern border, told Al Jazeera she heard about two dozen explosions and witnessed large columns of smoke rising near Mount Hermon on Monday.

An Israeli shell smashed in a civilian home, narrowly missing a family in the house at the time, but nobody was hurt.

“The shelling that took place today on the village of Al-Habbariyeh and damage to a civilian’s house will not be tolerated at all,” Hezbollah said.

Hezbollah officials denied an infiltration attempt, saying in a statement that Israeli forces had taken “nervous action” and that there were no operatives present in the area when the Israeli forces opened fire.

All the enemy media claims about thwarting an infiltration operation from Lebanese territory into occupied Palestine … is absolutely not true,” a Hezbollah statement said.

The armed group attributed the incident to “the state of terror experienced by the Zionist occupation army and its settlers at the Lebanese border” over an expected response to the killing of the Hezbollah fighter. LINK

In a televised address from Tel Aviv on Monday evening, Prime Minister Netanyahu insisted that Hezbollah were lying and the infiltration attempt was genuine.

Netanyahu warned the Shi’ite military group that it is “playing with fire,” and stated that “Hezbollah and Lebanon bear full responsibility for this incident and any attack from Lebanese territory against Israel.”

Defense Minister Benny Gantz – appearing alongside the PM – threatened that any operation against Israel will draw a “powerful” military response. LINK

Whether the Lebanese militants actually crossed the border or not on Monday, Israel has been preparing for a confrontation for several days now. Reinforcements were rushed to the frontier last week after Israeli warplanes killed a Hezbollah fighter in Damascus, Syria, an act that the organization has vowed to avenge.

On July 26, the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) deployed M109 Doher howitzers near the separation line with Lebanon. Earlier, the 13th “Gideon” Infantry Battalion of the IDF’s 1st “Golani” Brigade reinforced troops near the border. The number of Israeli Hermes 450 drone reconnaissance flights over southern Lebanon has also increased significantly, and additional IDF units have been deployed around the occupied Syrian Golan Heights.

Israel and Hezbollah last engaged in open war along the border in 2006, with the month-long conflict killing more than 1,100 Lebanese and 165 Israelis. Since then, sporadic exchanges of fire have broken out, most recently in September 2019, when Hezbollah launched a volley of rockets into an Israeli military base in retaliation for an Israeli drone attack. Israel responded with an artillery barrage, and no casualties on either side were confirmed.


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  1. <> says:

    Better take us serously, we WILL go to a war against Lebanon and Hezbollah if it comes to that. Personally I was told to be on standby, already packed and ready to drive to the North. One small mistake from Hezbollah, and his shia men / women and children in SL will feel our wrath.

    1. Anti_Globalista says:

      Only cowards threat women and children. Why you are so scared from Hezbollah?

      1. <> says:

        It’s not about scared, it’s about eradicating them for good so no more Hezbollah kids will be alive to do their usuall terrorism.

        1. Galvo says:

          This is pure non-sense and hypocrisy from a citizen of a state born thanks to the terrorism against the legitimate inhabitants of then Palestine and against the British Mandate. Do the names Stern and Irgun tell you anything? The analogy between that period and the actual one is that Hezbollah is defending its sovrane nation and its people, just as the Palestinians (poorly helped by the treacherous Jordanians and the poorly armed and motivated Syrians) were during the end of ’40s.

          1. Ashok Varma says:

            You do realize that you are engaging a very disturbed teenage troll :)

          2. Paul says:

            Abe madarchod halala ki paidaish tereko Kya Muhammad paigaymber ne choda tha Kya lavle.Ja Iran ja aur ammi ka mutah karke ka bhenchod shia

          3. Ashok Varma says:

            Abay dalit kaanger, hum Brahamin han. Ma chod kalvay :)

          4. Paul says:

            Saale tu Shia hai chutye.Communist ki haram paidaish Shia mutah madarchod.

          5. Ashok Varma says:

            Funny Chutiya, tu dalit goo bar hai LOL

          6. Paul says:

            Funny Shia mutah ki paidaish.Hope Israel destroys Iran and stupid $hi@ like you

          7. Ashok Varma says:

            main real Hindustani hoon, tu dalit kanger bharwa :).

          8. Paul says:

            Saale tera baap kon hai wo pata kr pehle.Kahi saudi me halala krne waqt teri ammi ne tuze paid a to nhi Kiya:D

          9. Ashok Varma says:

            Dalit tere kalli ma ki chut :)

          10. Paul says:

            Hassan aur hussain ki maa ki Chut.Omar aur abu bakr ne gaand mary thi un dono ki : D

          11. Rafik Chauhan says:

            Meet me and i will defently crush your head and trow you in pig litter. you have done very big mistake by abusing .

          12. Paul says:

            Chal be nikal

          13. Rafik Chauhan says:

            Tu baahut jaldi nikalne wala hai is duniya se u zionist slave scum.

          14. Pork says:

            Put your hope in one hand and take a shit in the other, see which one is real.

          15. guest says:

            Et loquetur lingua hominibus

          16. Rafik Chauhan says:

            Tu harram khor defently zionist Aids ki paidaes hai. lagta teri ma ne tere mama ke saat soya tha. Tu paida hogaya jahil . PIg ki aulad hai tu .

        2. Free man says:

          “Hezbollah kids” – ?
          Killing only leads to further killing. Look at your neighbors.

          1. Paul says:

            Ignore him he is a Shi@ ba$tard

          2. Free man says:

            Ashok is indeed promoting here the propaganda of the mullahs regime.

          3. Rafik Chauhan says:

            Bastard is you who doesnt even your mother doesnt know your father name . this the culture of zionist they will sleep with hundreds . without knowing child father. you are one of them. if you are educated about history which i think you are not . tell me the meaning of shia in English or Hindi.

          4. <> says:

            Free Man, I am sick and tired of us letting them piss on us whenever they want. Israel will not be a hostage of any terrorist organization, it’s been going on for far too long. They thin kthe yan threat with shooting rockets on us whenver they decide?! this will END!
            I hope one day Iran will be free from the mullahs, but til lthat happens we will go to a war with Lebanon / Syria / Gaza or whoever else that tries us, our political leadership has turned us to weak puppets that are scared from sanctions. The army will bring back the respect Israelis deserve, and if their shia supporters in SL help them during the war, I stand behind my words to target all of them.
            They want death? we are ready for it just as much as them.

          5. guest says:

            Go to sleep, you are sick and tired for sure. Children need 7 hours at least.

          6. christianblood says:

            Like the americunts, Israel is in bed with ISIS and AL-Qaeda terrorists in Syria, Hezbollah fights them.


          7. Pork says:

            Hey scapegoat, it’s not piss, it’s rain!


        3. christianblood says:

          Hezbollah is part of the Axis of Resistance, you can’t eliminate them. They are defending themselves against the Evil Empire,
          they are defending themselves.

        4. Will says:

          Don’t go extreme man, I understand what you are saying, but watch the extreme parts. Leave the children be, in Lebanon they can be saved since more than half the population can turn them around. Read my above post.

          Just get rid of Hezbollah’s military wing, we will take care of the rest. That peace deal will be signed in months should you disarm Hezbollah, I will be the first to vote for it.

          1. <> says:

            Hey Will, thank you.
            Read my comment I wrote to you.

        5. Pork says:

          Is this the part where you rinse and repeat the same garbage spewed back in 2006?
          I seem to recall hearing your military media whores claiming to have destroyed 90% of Hezbollah’s capacity to target israel within 8 days of 2006 war…lmfao

      2. d'Artagnan says:

        A big concern for Zionists is the recent arrival of precision weapons in the
        hands of various Iran allied resistance groups, Hezbollah and Hamas being the
        most immediate worry, but others, even Iranians firing precision missiles from
        Syria, Iraq or Lebanon posing a growing problem. The Zionists are petrified of Hezbollah and its fighting capacity. It is the first in human history, a small dedicated national liberation movement has defeated the most well equipped military in the world. The mention of Hezbollah puts the fear of God in the Zionists.

    2. Robert Browning says:

      Only an animal persecutes and torments the weak and the innocent. What makes you think you are human kyke? I got news for you kyke, you are not human. You are afzxcking goddamned animal.

      1. Ashok Varma says:

        This boy seeks attention and is very disturbed, no adult talks about genocide, cutting throats and idiotic fantasies. It is teenagers like this hooked on violent videos who are on the margins of humanity.

      2. d'Artagnan says:

        I remember in the Soviet era, the hubris laden Zionists used to threaten Egypt and today they are running scared of Hezbollah, a small but determined quasi-political Lebanese movement. How the Mighty Mouse of the middle east armed to the teeth with western weaponry is scampering.

    3. Paul says:

      Hope US helps both India and Israel against China.We are indirectly fighting China.

      1. <> says:

        Hope so Paul, India should be the true power of Asia not China.

        1. Zionism = EVIL says:

          LOL, comedy at its finest.

        2. Will says:

          China will fall, its a matter of short time, US will do the job by force should it come to that, along with Australia, japan, Taiwan, India and half of Asia, Europeans will be pussies as usual and let the big boys do the job for them while think of political correct words to use and discuss endless human rights with their Money laundering NGO’s all the while Muslims go to concentration camps and all the world suffers from the virus unleashed by China. Not to mention their industrial slave complex which wont live a day without western buying power.

          India is a much better option and ally to the world.

          1. <> says:

            Exactly Will, finally a normal guy on this site!
            China helps Iran which helps Hezbollah, it’s a cycle.
            Stay strong, we will free you from those shia terrorists and you can rule your country like you should, in peace with us.

          2. Pork says:

            Please explain how a shackled, victimized slave will free another shackled, victimized slave? You are scapegoats, no more. Sheep being lead to slaugher.

          3. Will says:

            Hey Iron, never mind these idiots, their IQs haven’t developed past basic obstacle avoidance.

      2. Ashok Varma says:

        Abay tere ma ki chut,kya har wakt China, China, Amerika ki phat raye hai, Chutiya. India has no interest in any war.

        1. Free man says:

          “India has no interest in any war.” – This is probably true. But you support the war in the Middle East.

          1. Ashok Varma says:

            No we support no war anywhere, US is trying to start a India-China conflict but has failed. The occupation of Palestine will lead to war.

          2. Free man says:

            Why not promote peace between Palestinians and Israelis?
            Is this not a better option than war and the desire to destroy Israel as the mullahs regime wants?

          3. Ashok Varma says:

            Indians by history are anti-imperialist as the British have caused these problems. The issue of Palestine was promoted by Indian Congress governments for decades, but US stalled all peace efforts and supported the Israeli brats. Now the shoe in on the other foot as US is weakening by the day. I travel in the region and don’t see any hope of peace as radicalization is taking place. Israel will not survive if it goes down the current path of arrogance. India could easily have issued threats to China, but even our extremist politicians like Modi, know Indian psyche that by nature is peaceful.

          4. Free man says:

            The Middle East is a violent place because violent people live there..
            The Arabs are not going anywhere and Israel is not going anywhere. Arabs and Israelis need to learn to get along with each other.

          5. Paul says:

            Ignore him he is a Shia mutah product

          6. Zionism = EVIL says:

            Watch it Apu, or I will put you in your place dot head dog boy :) enough attention seeking.

          7. Rafik Chauhan says:

            He has gone to far in his life . he is mad dog will be killed like mad dog

          8. Pork says:

            Lmfao! Love reading your comments.

          9. Rafik Chauhan says:

            Meet me one day i will crush you with my bare hands. You have abused Mohammed and his familly and husien you sealed your filthy faith of your life.

          10. Ashok Varma says:

            I would doubt that, anyway it is not India’s affair. We have enough problems with our economy and covid crises.

          11. Free man says:

            You doubt what?
            You declare that you support peace but promote the war rhetoric of the Mollus regime. How is it?

          12. Pork says:

            Truly, the most ignorant comment I’ve read to date. You know nothing of history and violence. A discussion with you is a discussion with a jackass…irrelevant and a waste of time. Pick up a book, educate yourself.

          13. Free man says:

            You better get your head out of where you buried it. Or you don’t like what you see in the mirror.
            The Middle East has been the most violent place on earth for decades. It created 90% of the terrorists, the other 10% are sons of immigrants from the Middle East.

          14. Pork says:

            I love your hasbarist response…LMFAO…enjoy the blissful ignorance pretty boy.

          15. Free man says:

            Salam alaikum halal Pork.

          16. Pork says:

            I love this banter
            You have koos between legs, sweetheart?

          17. Pork says:

            Israel will destroy itself by panic and implosion. No matter the outcome of any war. It matters not how, only when.

        2. Rafik Chauhan says:

          This paul gay is Anti india . he doesnt know history of India and shia muslim/and Brahmin. he is working more for US and israel. he is being paid to this job to promote Anti iran and anti shia sentiment . Anti palestne. and destroy relation with old friends of india. specially with iran iraq and syria/palestine.

    4. Ashok Varma says:

      LOL, stand by for what, milkshake?

      1. guest says:

        Indian humor ;D

    5. Rafik Chauhan says:

      i challenge you walk in to lebnon without air support if you have guts and balls.lets have fair fight with Lebanese people. then we see whos body bags are full. and who has more courage. Right now your zionist master are pissing in the pants for just one response of hezbollah. running around like mad dog. and you know what happen to mad dog in the end .

      1. <> says:

        Don’t cry Rafik, save your tears for the right moment.

      2. Will says:

        No no Rafik you moron, you got it all wrong, you see Israelis like other “civilized nations” in the world value human life and the life of every soldier, so they take extra precautions even if it comes at the expense of running about sometimes in circles.

        Meanwhile Lebanese and Hezbollah droids don’t care about life, in fact they don’t believe in life they believe in the after life, so they go to die not caring and their mothers don’t care either because they can’t remember the names of their dozen children let a lone some son who died in the field in the name of the great emperor Sayed, one martyr here, 72 virgins there all in for the cause.

        The rest of us Lebanese who love life and work hard for a living have to suffer for the absolute brain dead sheep of these shit fucks.

        1. Pork says:

          Hey, shit for brains yid pretending to be Lebon. The Israeli yids have more respect for Hezbollah than any other in the world, as well as fear.
          The problem is that you do not read israeli generals and high command comments, books, etc
          Israel would gladly trade 20 of their soldiers for 1 Hezbollah fighter. They know their soldiers are soft…and they fear it greatly.
          They fear death because yids do not believe in god or an afterlife. No matter the truth of it, think you moron, who would make a better defender of his land and beliefs?
          Or are you too stùpid to understand the point?

          1. Will says:

            Hey pig,

            I don’t give two rats ass fuck what generals think or what your decayed brain thinks, I don’t care or believe Hezbollah is defending anything but their own interests and power over the country i live in and you are so stressed to deny. I want them dead and I want them out and I want to see Iran turned to ashes like Syria who fucked Lebanon for 30 plus years, raped our women and children, imprisoned our boys, and stole every dime we had in the deposits. Syria got fucked because of Karma because of what it did to its neighbors and because it failed to sign any peace deal with anyone of them.

            And if anyone should invade my house my land or country after these brain dead fucks under the disguise of “resistance” are gone I will be ready along with 4 million Lebanese to fight for that land. We don’t fight now because we don’t believe in the fucking cause these clowns put up for us as a show, these proxy traitors of Iran on our lands. And 2006 was one of those shows, they paraded victory meanwhile half my family were forced to travel along with 10% of the population who could, businesses shot to hell to this day, and infrastructure sent to stone age, complete isolation and poverty from the international community.
            2017 was another when Hezbollah intervened by force and placed Daesh and ISIS and Alqaeda in air conditioned buses by the hundreds and sent them back to Syria and Iraq when the Army had them surrounded after they killed 25 servicemen and committed massacres to families in the north and east for over 8 months.
            You think you got the whole picture you fuck? You got nothing.

            You throw rocks when you have glass walls for protection, Hezbollah and Iran can go throw rocks form Syria or from Iran those fucking cowards, I am not prepared to pay the price for their bullshit.

            I’m hoping next round When Israel strikes we will fuck them in the streets of Beirut, there will not be support of any kind this time.

            You are not a Lebanese you don’t know jack shit from your ass to your nose. Why don’t you come here and live with Hezbollah for 3 days in Dahiye then I will listen to your brainless POV.

            Fuck off.

          2. Pork says:

            Inta sharmootah, habibi. Ha anikak…ta al Bekkah, baneek umak wa maratak.

            We’ve been fuc king you for 40 years, when we finish you, the traitors of our land will be hung.

            Salam sharmootah

        2. Rafik Chauhan says:

          civilized nation my foot . sleeping with your mother and sister . roming naked on the street. being racist to other cvilization. you called cvilized nation. US and israel Australia etc are the occupied land and nation from civilized people . they dont have any civilization. they all are immigration. occupying other people lands sending terriost to kill civilian etc . you call yourself civilize . please i piss on you for that. you whabhi/zionist dumb

      3. Pork says:

        NAH…let them bring all the air support they have. They’re air power is now irrelevant, they just don’t know it.

        1. Will says:

          LOOL you make me laugh piggy you make me laugh, just ask Syrians how their air support is handling it, also Putin bitch slaps Assad and Iran every day by giving Israelis green light to bomb the shit out of their presence in Syria. With pleasure.

          Oh but I hope Hezbollah brings down a jet just one, please do! So that I can see Hezbollah’s end sooner than later.

          1. Pork says:

            Be careful what you wish for sweet boy. Your dream will become a nightmare.
            Russia will not get involved, they never do. History has proven as such.
            No matter whiChat tiens are allied or enemies, Israel in its current form is in its last death throws.
            You speak with a big ego, but a small brain.

    6. Will says:

      Hey man, Lebanese here from Beirut, Please hurry up, we have been taken hostage by these degenerate assholes who call themselves the party of God along with their pussy partners Amal and Aoun. I live in a pussified country where no one dares to raise their heads less be blown up by none other than the usual suspects. They also have a civil war complex which these corrupt motherfuckers bring up to scare people away form fighting for their rights. After all Hezbollah is the only party who has the right to fight for king and country it seems, the rest of us are not allowed weapons since apparently we don’t love our country as much as they do.

      Our money is stuck in the bank accounts and no one is bailing us out so long as we are run by these corrupt pieces of shit. I advise you hurry it up and stop beating around the bush. Make a deal with the Arab world and arm the sunni north, also arm the Lebanese christian forces in Beirut and mountains and let the Americans pressure the army to back off. Believe me Hezbollah is hated by half of Lebanese to the bone and even their loyal base is shaken these days.

      You deal with them in the south and we’ll finish it off from the North. Don’t do this alone.

      My third advice to you is to keep away form the north and parts of Beirut. Also spare civilians unless you know they are brain dead sheep. You guys should figure out a way to bomb the tunnels already, use tactical nukes in the south its the only way, we will understand, make sure the wind is not blowing up my direction when you do it. Besides a bit of radiation is harmless to us Lebanese comparing to what we’re going through.

      Meanwhile can’t you guys poison our politicians? Mossad is good at this shit, a bit of cancer inducing poison for Berri and Aoun is a good start, they are old shouldn’t take high doses but those motherfuckers aren’t dying man! But Hezbollah can’t be killed off by cancer since you can’t fight cancer with cancer.

      Come on already i got my beer and popcorn yesterday I thought this was it! but alas…

      1. <> says:

        Will thank you for your honest comment!
        First let me say I have no problem with Sunnis or Christians in Lebanon and I hope they can rule Lebanon and get back their country from the filthy iran that took over it, along with their Hezbollah puppets.
        Don’t worry! our war will not be against you and we will do whatever we can not to hurt you as much as we can, only bomb the Dahya and kill Nasrallah.
        In Southern Lebanon it’s mostly shia area, we will deal with them the proper way and after we’re done, you can get it back and we can have peace.
        Let me be very clear since most of the guys here like to attack me and my country – We DO NOT want any part of Lebanon, only to eradicate Hezbollah for good so we can have a normal neighbour like Egypt and Jordan,
        Help is coming Will, stay strong we will free you from the filthy Hezbollah and Iranians, and save many lives. the IDF will not target you as long as the Hezbollah fuckers don’t hide rockets in your areas.
        Stay safe and strong.

        1. Pork says:

          LMFAO…1 Shill responds to another shill pretending to be, ehmmm, lebon.
          I love the comic relief, you yids are great with Hollywood fiction.

    7. Pork says:

      You forgot to mention crippled children and the elderly.

      You enjoy killing and maiming the innocent and defenseless, then you cry how much it hurt you.

      Patience, zionist, the end of the colonial project is near. Back to Warsaw for you…or if you so choose, 6 ft of Palestinian dirt will cover you, you can defend that.

  2. johnny rotten says:

    Quousque tandem abutere, israhell, patientia nostra?
    Quamdiu etiam furor iste tuus nos eludet? Quem ad finem sese effrenata iactabit audacia?

    1. guest says:

      Magis timoris super dorso stultorum gentibus

  3. Ashok Varma says:

    First Israel lied, then backdown and now threats. All it shows is desperation and panic. Even a non-Middle Easterner, nothing but respect of Hezbollah, its iron will and maturity.

    1. d'Artagnan says:

      This is a military and PR disaster for the Zionist regime as their fear of Hezbollah is once again high-lighted.

    2. Zionism = EVIL says:

      Zionist cunts predicament can be attributed to Hezbollah’s unique asymmetrical warfare ability and the reach of its precision missiles. Until 2006, the Zionist cowardly shitfaces held the technological edge and could bully others as their airforce could inflict damage on small nations civilian infrastructure, then Hezbollah changed that equation and created a finely calibrated balance of terror. City for city, port for port and building for building, the welfare leeching Zionist cunts are soft lazy arseholes and have far more to lose than a Lebanese Shia farmer in the south. Sure the Jew filthy cunts could kill a few civilians, but Hezbollah unleashed in a no holds barred war would destroy them. That is why the Zionists have become a global laughing stock and much worse is yet to come, but not for another year or so. This episode is over, before it began and the Zionists chickened out. This round goes to Hezbollah as always.

  4. Lone Ranger says:

    Anything to avoid prison…
    Right Bibi…?

  5. Nexusfast123 says:

    They are stuffed as they have Hezbollah on their border. Air power is nullified as well as other options..

  6. verner says:

    they are cornered with nowhere to run – waiting for the entire neighbourhood to turn up with guns, tanks artillery jets and missiles ad infinitum and the jews will be done with and palestine returned to the rightful owners, the palestinians.

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