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Israeli-Palestinian Violence Grows Thanks To ‘Wise’ Decision Of Trump To Recognize Jerusalem As Israel’s Capital

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Israeli-Palestinian Violence Grows Thanks To 'Wise' Decision Of Trump To Recognize Jerusalem As Israel's Capital

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A “wise” decision of the US administration to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital has led to an escalation of the Israeli-Palestinian tensions.

Since December 6, when US President Trump announced his decision, 4 rocket shelling incidents, a destruction of undeground tunel, mass riots all across the world and separate actis of violence had already taken place. All these took place amide the continued diplomatic escalation in the region.

According to the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), rockets were launched on Israel targets from Gaza on December 12, December 11, December 8 and December 7. In all cases, the IDF responded with strikes on alleged positions of Hamas in Gaza. On December 10, the IDF also discovered and demolished an undeground tunel heading from Gaza.

The reported shelling incident already turned December 2017 into the month with the most intense shelling from the both sides over the last 3 years.

However, according to experts, the situation is still far from the de-escalation of tensions. While the Israeli government blames all of rocket shellings on Hamas, in fact, the movement, which has the biggest rocket arsenal among Palestinian armed groups, has not participated in the shellings yet.

According to reports, the al-Nasser Salah al-Deen Brigades have been the only side responsible for the rocket launches. The Israeli government is not going to tolerate any attempts to interupt what it sees as a major diplomatic success after the December 6 decision of Trump.

If the situation escalates further, Hamas will likely become involved in the military standoff with Israeli also.

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Jerry Hamilton

Yes. Trump made it official. The jews have officially stolen Jerusalem. Trump is surprised, he expected more Palestinians would have been murdered. Hope it doesn’t spoil his christmas.


‘Trump’s Jerusalem decision fuels the fire of Palestinian-Israeli conflict; With full support of the corporate democrats 1. The leader of the democrats in the senate advised Trump to declare Jerusalem Israel’s undivided capital and criticised him for the delay. 2. Obama- ” Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel and will remain undivided.” 3. Hillary Clinton- July 1999 First Lady supports Jerusalem as capital of Israel “eternal and indivisible capital of Israel”

Richard Noel Hedditch

Fortunately for the Palestinians, Assad and Hezbollah have wiped out much of Mossads ISIS and are dealing with the Zionist Nusrats.

Lena Jones

Yesterday, in his speech-response to Trump’s Jerusalem decision, Nasrallah pronounced the ‘peace negotiations’ dead, Oslo dead, and the beginning of the end of israel. He said the Axis of Resistance will now COMPLETELY focus on the liberation of the whole of Historic Palestine.

Wow. Can hardly wait.

Jozsef Osztronkovics

This the evil zionisraeli controlled world -the zionist toilet scum like violent and trouble because their satnic spirit is getting stronger and excuse for killing people around the world and getting richer

juan carlos ayala

que dira ahora el bufón de washington


…calculated move by US and Israel…this new violence will result in more land grab by Israel as an excuse for the intifada…it is not about Jerusalem, its about the land…it always had been…

Param Tejas

Long live Israel, we indians stand by you.

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