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JULY 2022

Israeli Missile Strike Target Military Positions South Of Syria’s Damascus

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Israeli Missile Strike Target Military Positions South Of Syria’s Damascus

Israeli AccuLAR-160 mm precision-guided artillery rocket. By Wikimedia user Ronite.

Late on February 16, the Israeli military struck positions of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) located to the south of the Syrian capital, Damascus.

“At around 11:35 of today’s eve, the Israeli enemy carried out a strike with a number of ground-to-ground missiles, which were launched from the occupied Syrian Golan, targeting some positions in the outskirts of the town of Zakyah in southern Damascus,” the Syrian Arab News Agency quoted a Syrian military official as saying.

Zakyah is located 40 kilometers away from the Israeli occupied part of the Golan Heights. The town is surrounded by several key bases and facilities of the SAA.

The unnamed Syrian official acknowledged that the Israeli missile strike resulted in some “material losses” without providing any details.

This was Israel’s second attack on Syria in less than ten days. On February 9, Israeli fighter jets and missile artillery targeted several positions near Damascus. The targets included a sensitive military research complex and a key air defense base.

Israel’s repeated attacks on Syria are supposedly meant to push Iran and its allies out of Syria as well as to prevent them from developing their offensive capabilities. None of these goals have been achieved, yet.


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Syria should make an official request to the UN for a resolution against Israel for an act of war, and request immediate sanctions and compensation. They should also inform of Syrias right for retaliation, in case Israel continues its hostile activities against Syria.

Last edited 4 months ago by Selbstdenker

There is no United Nations. And there are no governments. Now we only have the law of the jungle.. It seems the the Russians are making finally that switch.. I don’t think they will make another historical mistake.. This time they will hit very hard…

Cuckmander Hebrew

Interestingly, this was a strike via surface-to-surface missiles, not BVR ASMs.

It means that some paradigm shift in air defence has occurred that is somewhat deterring the kikeroach air force.

Chris Gr

Who do you support here? Except for your vagina I mean.

Cuckmander Hebrew

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I made it pretty clear in the past – I hate kikeroach sandmutts, so much so that I’ll make an alliance with other wogs against them.


Tactical shift, hezbolla boasts 150k missiles, IDF is testing and will make 3times, 450k missiles +IAF +navy…….the great book says Lebanon will burn like a corn field

Cuckmander Hebrew

The GAY book hypes up it’s sandmutt protagonists a lot and yet, they suffered humiliation after humiliation and will continue to do so after the last one’s snuffed out like a candle.

Temple – burnt, Jerusalem – sacked, Yeshua – crucified, Kikeroaches – genocided, Christcucks – impotent

The christcucks/cuckservatives can keep slobbing on that shitskin desert demon yahweh/elohim/jehovah’s pathetic little brown dicklet; he will remain impotent in the face of adversity, just as he did when Rome destroyed his desert shithole land and the raghead saracens and Mamluks fended off the christcuck crusaders and reverse-invaded much of their territory.

Though I despise ragheads, I am fully willing to commit to action alongside them against kikeroaches and their bastard mongrel offshoot known as christcucks. After that, I will happily slay whichever of them remains in Australia or Europe itself should they not depart peacefully. And oh yes, any White person who doesn’t renounce desert cults will get culled too like blighted crop.

Last edited 4 months ago by Cuckmander Hebrew

Some Hizballah terrorists transformed in grilled meat ^^

Cuckmander Hebrew

Tom Sewer, you and that gayreek faggot have one thing in common – being whores to kikeroaches.

The next sack of jewrusalem will outdo what Titus and his Legions did in 70CE. Then it’s open season on cuckservatives, slaughter and rape for all of you. Well, even if you’re a kikeroach yourself, you’ll get much the same.

Chris Gr

I wanna see you try. You will burn like a soup.

Cuckmander Hebrew

Wrong, boy. Both kikeroaches and cuckservatives are notorious pussies and live punching bags.

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