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Israeli Military Uncovers Alleged Hezbollah Network In Golan Heights


On March 13, the Israeli military uncovered an alleged network set up by Lebanese Hezbollah on the Syrian-held part of the Golan Heights, in order to carry out attacks against Israel. According to the Israeli claims, the network was established without the knowledge of the Damascus government.

The Israeli military called the network “the Golan File” and said that it is led by Ali Musa Daqduq, a senior Hezbollah operative. Daqduq, who has been a member of Hezbollah since 1983, held multiple leadership positions, including as the commander of a Hezbollah special forces unit and the head of security for Hezbollah Secretary-General, Hassan Nasrallah.

Israeli Military Uncovers Alleged Hezbollah Network In Golan Heights

Ali Musa Daqduq

Israel claims that in 2006 Daqduq traveled to Iran to receive instructions and training from the commander of the Iranian Quds Forces, Qassem Suleimani. Later, he was sent to Iraq to head Hezbollah’s activity there.

Daqduq was allegedly responsible for planning a highly sophisticated raid at a US military base in Karbala during his presence in Iraq. During the raid, his group abducted than killed five US service members. Despite this, Daqduq was captured and spent a few years in prison. However, he was released later and returned to Hezbollah’s headquarters in Lebanon.

According to the Israeli military, Daqduq is currently cooperating with several Syrians within the framework of the Golan File network. The supposed Syrian collaborators were identified as Fahim Abu Qais, Talal Hassun and Ismail Mustafa. The Israeli military also accused the military wing of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP) of assisting the formation of the network.

Israeli Military Uncovers Alleged Hezbollah Network In Golan Heights

Fahim Abu Qais

Israeli Military Uncovers Alleged Hezbollah Network In Golan Heights

Talal Hassun

Israeli Military Uncovers Alleged Hezbollah Network In Golan Heights

Ismail Mustafa

Israel claims that the supposed network is now stockpiling weapons, recruiting members and building secret military infrastructure. The network is also gathering intelligence on the Israel-Syria border area from some outposts near the separation lines.

A spokesman for the Israeli military said that Tel Aviv sees the activities of the alleged Hezbollah’s network as a serious threat and warned both Damascus and the Lebanese party from dangerous consequences.

“We have a clear message. We’re not going to allow Hezbollah to establish a terror infrastructure on the Golan, capable of striking Israeli civilians. We hold the Syrian regime responsible for anything that happens inside Syria aimed at Israel. We expect the Syrian regime to implement the 1974 agreement, just as we are doing. Anybody who cares about regional stability should be concerned about the fact that Hezbollah is trying to build a terror network on our doorstep,” said Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Conricus.

During the last two months, the Israeli military stuck several outposts of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) along the separation line. Pro-government sources said that the strikes destroyed surveillance equipment of the army.

These new claims reflect Israel’s panic over Hezbollah deployment in Syria. Tel Aviv had used the Lebanese party as an excuse to strike the SAA on several occasions before. The alleged Golan File network is likely another attempt to justify attacks on the Syrian military.

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  • SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

    Fucking Jew hypocrites.

    • northerntruthseeker .

      Yes, these criminals are indeed hypocrites…. And I am not sold on these “alleged” Hizbollah “tunnels” in the Golan Heights….

      What this is really is pure Jew propaganda to sell this bullshit lie as their excuse to stay in the Golan!

      • Zionism = EVIL

        The Zionist scum have illegally occupied Golan since 1967 and then they expect no resistance?

    • Jets
      • Real Anti-Racist Action

        I notice their has never been a 1,000,000 Jew march against Zionism, Ever! Never in history.
        I am starting to think that Zionism was invented to serve the Jews, and that shuffle 10’s of Jews around to protest Zionism just so the Jews can say… “look, Zionist do not represent Jews” haha
        If Zionist do not represent Jews, then Jews should declare war against Zionist and bomb them the same way Jews bomb children.

        • Harry Smith

          Zionism is just one of projections of satanism. Like other projections as marxism, liberalism, masonry, etc. Can you declare war on masonry? How victorious you can be in this war?

        • Barba_Papa

          There’s never been a 1,000,000 Jew march for Zionism either. Nor to think by anyone for that matter.

      • Tommy Jensen

        Self hating joo ;-).

  • Nowruz

    The hooknoses fear the Hizbollah. They haunt them in their sleep and give reason to spread lies throughout the region in hopes of starting a war against Lebanon and Iran.

  • Wraith

    Prepare for major IDF/IAF strikes :)

    • wwinsti


  • hvaiallverden

    Yeah, asumptions is the mother of f…. ups, this is an, well how to put it, not even ISISraelis bizzenizze since its not even ISISraeli land but occupyed, and to then attack Hezb, witch, they of course, ass eh… suume that, based upon somebody, we cant verify anything about apart from beliving this persons story, like I am in fact Santa Claus, and Rudolf is my little mule, yeah, why not, I head, somembody, based upon testimonies from another one whom hear something in the shopping mal in Burkina Faso.
    You know, pot smoking Joohos trippping infront of Windows word.
    An whore have integrity, IDF have non.

    Beside, this is about getting Hezb to be an exuse, since the Brits just stamped them as an terror org, and the Moronikans we all know is already drooling in anitispations of more death and destruction.
    Its timing, you know, but one thing do I know, because despite the cock shure snivenlng drivel dripping from the terror state ISISrael, ISISrael is an smal country, dense to, and to think they can andure an ground war so close to their home, is something I know they know they will not win, before, maybe, this time, nope, it dont even matter about the Moronikans, the Brits, etc, ISISrael will be crushed.
    The only variable I can/t forsee, is Russia, China is more an shaddow player and keeps them self there, I dont acuse them for anything, but hope the sanity where as we all know whom is behind this, isnt forgotten nor overseen, we all have the same problem, Moronika, the imperial banana republic UssA.
    Everyone else will be up as an lion and down as an damp squid.
    Intresting times indeed.


  • Smaug

    This should illustrate how fragmented this part of the world is, no one is ever sure who’s giving who orders.

  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    Israel lied when they said ” the network was established without the knowledge of the Damascus government”
    Actually about 6 or 7 years ago the President of Syria openly stated on TV that
    “Syria was now open to the resistance forces to come help Syria and Liberate the Golan”
    Why do Jews lie so much? Their should be a scientific field where researches can research this phenomenon and diagnose a treatment regiment to help heal, this is obviously a sickness.

    • J Ramirez

      One dose of lead to the forehead should clear it up.

    • verner

      if mohammed bin salman does what we know he can fix, he ought to khashoggie jared kushner asap. particularly since jk a) tried to lure mbs to participate in an attack on iran, which was bound to be a gigantic feck up and most likely would render ras tanura and other loading facilities on the arabian peninsula useless for a long long time and b) then failed (although he is probably working away on the issue) to sell nukes to mbs.

  • J Ramirez

    It dose not matter what the terrorist state of Israhell finds in the Golan, it’s not there’s. They should do like the UK defense as-hole said ( shut up and go away) He sound like a queer ;}

  • Cheryl Brandon
  • Cheryl Brandon

    Fucking lying jewhadist; Syrian is talking tough about reclaiming their stolen territory!

  • wwinsti

    Didn’t Syria just threaten war during senator Graham’s unwelcome visit to the Syrian Golan?

  • verner

    the squatters are habitual liers so when something like this pops ups it s most certainly an israeli lie. they just can’t help themselves, lies and lies.

    the squatters must be evicted from the land they have no right to. the DEPALESTINATION-program (ethnic cleansing centered in the concentration camp Gaza) and the LEBENSRAUM-program (land theft on the west bank) really disqualifies the squatters from the right to have a sovereign country.