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Israeli Military Struck Hamas Infrastructure, Military Posts In Response To Rocket Attack From Gaza (Videos, Photos)

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UPDATED: Representatives of the Hamas group notified that the night attack on Israel was an accident. There was a technical malfunction that was allegedly caused by bad weather conditions.

Late on November 14, two rockets were launched from the Palestinian Gaza Strip at southern and central regions of Israel.

The rockets landed in open areas along the Israeli coast near the city of Ashdod and on Palmachim Beach. No damage was reported as a result of the strike.

According to the Israeli media, the Iron Dome system fired two missiles at the rocket that landed on Palmachim Beach. However, they both missed. Shrapnel from one of the interceptors hit the city of Bat Yam, causing minor damage.

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) responded to the rocket attack by carrying out a number of strikes on underground infrastructure and military posts of the Hamas Movement in Gaza.

“The IDF is conducting an ongoing situational assessment & remains prepared to operate against any terror activity,” the army said on Twitter.

The Palestinian Shehab Agency said the strikes targeted positions in Rafah, Jabalia and Beit Lahia in Gaza. No human losses were reported.

The rocket attack came two days after the anniversary of the assassination of Palestinian Islamic Jihad commander Baha Abu al-Ata. The assassination, which took place last year, sparked fierce clashes between Palestinian factions and the IDF.

While Islamic Jihad may be behind the attack, Israel insists that the Hamas Movement, the de-facto ruler of the Gaza Strip, is responsible for any attack from the region.


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the jews at it again – killing women and children finding a pretext which hardly would get another and reasonable force out of bed. they, the jews, sure as a klucking bell will take any pretext to kill a few more palestinians,

Jens Holm

There we go again since 1948. It might not be the hen and egg but too many rabbits with to many big carrots https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/45e13ec9b6b26f615f13064fd906319307010a333c23f11a0d2b06aca22baac6.jpg

cechas vodobenikov

u produce carrots in dk? transport in dk?—perhaps Serbia can teach u how to produce vehicles

cechas vodobenikov

iron dome incompetent–although superior amerikan trash…palestinians defeat themselves; Hamas/IJ are antagonistic to PA; until they unite and negotiate a 2 state arrangement Israel will continue to reduce their territories

Vox Populi

Palestinians deserve a lot of respect for their bravery and the Zionists have the same drones that made the Armenians collapse in a few weeks. Gaza is much smaller and totally surrounded by Israel and Egypt and still Hamas and other Palestinian resistance groups fight on.

Vox Populi

One has to admire the tenacity of Hamas as it has stood its ground against the much vaunted Zionist war machine with modern drones and unlimited western donated weaponry, while Armenia a nation state collapsed in less than six weeks. The Palestinians are brave and admirable people.


heh the Jews what i must feel about them sympathy or careless, i choose careless, i dont give a damn they are good in loosing real friends

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