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Israeli Military Struck About 100 Targets In Gaza Strip In August

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Israeli Military Struck About 100 Targets In Gaza Strip In August

IMAGE: An Israeli F-35I takes off from Uvda airbase during Blue Flag 2019

The Israeli military claimed on Tuesday to have struck approximately 100 Hamas targets in the Gaza strip during the month of August. Immediately following the announcement of the latest ceasefire, Israeli military bulldozers entered Gazan territory to destroy food crops and build additional barricades along the border.

Following the announcement on Monday of a ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas—whereby the organization agreed to halt arson and rocket attacks, as well as border protests, in exchange for an easing of the economic blockade and border and fishing-zone restrictions, and resuming the supply of some essential services—the IDF released a list of the military actions conducted against the people of Gaza over the past few weeks.

According to the official statements of the Israeli military, 35 Hamas weapons manufacturing sites were hit, along with 30 underground sites, 20 observation posts and 10 sites linked to the group’s aerial capabilities, such as drones and anti-aircraft systems.

The military also released footage of some of the strikes, as well as a map of Gaza showing the approximate location of the targets.

Following the announcement of the ceasefire agreement, the Israeli Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) stated that if the violence ends, Israel will reopen the Kerem Shalom border crossing to Gaza and reopen the Gaza fishing zone. LINK

Meanwhile, Palestinian Chronicle reports that several Israeli military bulldozers today infiltrated the eastern Gaza border, advancing dozens of meters into Gazan territory along the border to raze farmlands and pile earth mounds amidst shooting.

Israel’s occupation forces regularly breach the Gaza borders to level the land, destroy crops and build earthen barricades part of a strategy to create a buffer zone along the borders not accessible to Palestinians.

Gaza, with a population of 2 million, has been under a strict Israeli siege and blockade since 2006, when the Palestinian group Hamas won the legislative elections in occupied Palestine. The steel ring around the Palestinians in the Gaza strip has been completed by Egypt, which has also closed its border with Gaza and prevented the passage of commerce, essential goods and services, and people. Since 2006, Israel has carried out frequent bombing campaigns in the heavily populated zone and several major extended military operations that have resulted in the death of thousands of people. LINK


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100 empty targets, not a single Hamas member was killed and it was intentional. PM Sharon knew how to respond to such attacks from Gaza, I miss him.


Tell bibi to at Least kill 1 Hamas terrorist lol


Bombing bottlerocket factories from 35,000ft. Hashtag “sobrave” hashtag “badass”…


it’s just another part of the jews slow genocide of the palestinian people. the world accepts that the jews maintain concentration camp Gaza and that the inmates are slowly starved to death and to speed matters somewhat these inmates, all palestinians, are bombed over and over again. remarkable that the world stays mute on the subject.

the only viable solution is to close down the illegal occupation of palestine and send the jews, either to their graves, or into another diaspora.

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