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Israeli Military Strikes Gaza Strip In Response To Mortar Attack (Photos)


The Israeli military announced on January 31 that it had struck a post of the Hamas Movement in response to a mortar attack that was launched from the Gaza Strip.

On Twitter, the army’s spokesman unit said that 3 mortar shells were fired from Gaza, claiming that the Iron Dome had intercepted 1 mortar mid-air.

“In response to the mortar attack on Israel, an IDF tank just targeted a Hamas military post in Gaza,” the spokesman unit said on Twitter.

The Shehab Agency confirmed that the Israeli artillery stuck a post of Hamas in the district of Maghazi in central Gaza. The Palestinian news agency released several photos showing the aftermath of the artillery strike.

The attack coincided with large protests along the separation line around the Gaza Strip. Thousands of Palestinians took to line to protest against U.S. President Donald Trump recent peace plan, which will allow Israel to annex large parts of the Western Bank.

During the protests, 48 Palestinian were injured by the Israeli military, which used rubber bullets, tear gas and allegedly live fire.

The Gaza Strip may soon witness a new military confrontation as a result of Trump’s peace plan and the tight Israeli siege on the Palestinian region’s inhabitants.

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