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Israeli Military Shot Down Mystiques Drone That Crossed From Lebanon

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Israeli Military Shot Down Mystiques Drone That Crossed From Lebanon

An Iron Dome antimissile system is installed near the Israeli side of the border with Syria in the Golan Heights. IMAGE: AMIR COHEN/REUTERS

On January 22, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) downed an unidentified drone which crossed from Lebanon to Israeli airspace.

In a statement, the IDF said the drone was monitored by its troops throughout the incident. The army didn’t provide any additional details on the matter.

“We will continue to operate in order to prevent any attempt to violate Israeli sovereignty,” the IDF added.

Israeli sources said the drone crossed 150 meters into Israeli airspace before being downed by the IDF with electronic warfare means. The drone reportedly landed near the northern settlement of Hanita.

The drone was likely launched by Lebanon’s Hezbollah, who is known for operating small drones along the separation line with Israel. On March 26 of last year, the IDF shot down a drone of the group near the line.

Israel has been anticipating an attack by Hezbollah since July 20 of last year, when a fighter of the group was killed in an IDF strike on the Syrian capital Damascus.

Tel Aviv is taking the Lebanese group’s threats seriously. Since July 20, strict security measures have been imposed on the separation line with Lebanon. Nevertheless, Hezbollah is yet to respond.


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mysterious but anyway that just means they have no idea what it was


They don’t know what it is but they know where it comes from. The Spirit World.


this could be south lebanese trolling the zionists for what we know because the zionists are so fearful that they would take even a commercial drone as a huge threat

Fog of War

Pure cohencidence.

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Jewish scumm pigs…. They destroyed Russia

Fog of War


Pave Way IV

They shot down a Dassault Mystère IV drone ? Bastards! Those ancient French Flying Coffins are very hard to come by. Now what am I going to tell my Namibian Air Force arms dealer? Buy our F-35s?

It would be quite a trick to get a few and paint them in Israeli colors for use as drones. Not that an air defense crew would ever see the thing before blowing it away, but if they did they would have to be a little confused. Besides France, I think Israel was the only other country flying them – in the 60’s.
comment image


Hezbo rats are using drones now, Nasrallah wants to appease his home crowd I see. If and when any of our troops get hurt due to their actions, then rest assured we will come for them. I am a civilized person, but when I catch one of those Hezbo guys alive then as it says in Arabic – Allah Yerahamu.


Hez are 100% brave soldiers and freedom fighters. Same cannot be said for you zio terrorist jew scumm vermins and children of lucifer who can only murder children, women, old men and unarmed civilians. Hitler was a great man who spoke the truth about you jews. He should of slaughter every one of you


We will see how brave they are.

P.S, why bring up Hitler? you want to slaughter us? I am right here buddy. bring your ass over here and your friends too, we will have some fun with you before we chop you off.


comment image?W=300

What brings the alien Ashkenazi to the Arab region?
The Arabs know their Arab Jews but they never met
or knew who the Ashkenazi were, white Europeans
who had always lived in the West but never in any
Arab or Muslims nation.


It is not ‘Arab region’, when will you ever learn that fact, HoeLen?

Icarus Tanović

IDF’s sources aren’t trustworthy. So, those drones successfully have hit theirs targets.

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