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JULY 2022

Israeli Military Retaliates To Another Rocket Attack From Gaza

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Israeli Military Retaliates To Another Rocket Attack From Gaza

An explosion during an Israeli air strike on Gaza, August 8, 2018. IMAGE: Reuters

In the late hours of August 28, unknown Palestinian gunmen launched a rocket from the Gaza Strip towards the Israeli city of Ashdod.

Sirens were heard in the southern Israeli city. However, Israeli sources said that the rocket failed and crashed in the northern part of the Gaza Strip.

Despite the failure of the rocket attack, the Israeli military responded by attacking an observation post of the Hamas Movement in northern Gaza.

“An IAF [Israeli Air Force] aircraft targeted a Hamas military post in the northern Gaza Strip,” the air force said on Twitter.

The last two weeks were marked by several similar rocket attacks. No group has claimed responsibility for any of these attacks, so far.

Israel and Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip are both not looking for a large escalation, likely due to the mounting internal problems on each side.

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the ever evil maggot infested vermin. which is the squatters in other words, attack the palestinians with bombs and jets after being attacked by the kind of rockets I fun myself with on new years eve. and this after the ever maggot infested vermins from tel aviv and haifa and so on halved the water supply to Gaza after earlier rocket attacks.

the israelis, or the squatters in other words, operate a concentration camp a la treblinka in plain sight of the world where human deprivation is a certainty where ethnical cleansing is systematic and although there has not yet been reports of the use ZYCLON B (as made by IG Farben for Hitler) it’s bound to be there even if the squatters will claim it’s for the rats that thrive in concentration camp Gaza.

Zionism = EVIL

You have to admire the Palestinians in Gaza, despite being totally hemmed in by the Egyptian bastards and Zionist scum they put up a fight and refuse to bow down, maybe the Iranians, Syrians, Iraqis and Hezbollah would grow a pair after their humiliation and cowardice.


Over 100 pictures of Jews running away and hiding from rockets.


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