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JUNE 2023

Israeli Military Raises Gaza To The Ground. Another Tower Fell (Photos, Videos)

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Israeli Military Raises Gaza To The Ground. Another Tower Fell (Photos, Videos)

An Israeli Air Force F-15 fighter jet. © Amir Cohen / Reuters

The Israeli military counties to strike what it claims to be “legitimate military targets” in the Gaza Strip in response to Palestinian rocket fire.

On May 14th, Israeli warplanes wiped out another tower in Gaza city which used to host a branch of the Production Bank. In an attempt to justify the attack, the Israeli Air Force claimed that the bank was supporting the Hamas Movement.

No human losses were reported as a result of the attack. However, a nearby hospital sustained damaged, according to Palestinian sources.

Since the outbreak of the battle on May 10th, Israel has destroyed a number of towers in Gaza city in what appears to be an attempt to intimidate the locals and subdue Palestinian factions.

The Production Bank was only one of many targets hit by Israeli warplanes on May 14th. The other targets were allegedly rocket launchers and tunnels of the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas.

The Israeli military’s Navy Special Forces also struck three posts of Hamas naval forces with what appears to be Spike NLOS stand-off missiles.

According to the Palestinian Health Ministry, at least 122 people, including 31 children and 20 women, have been killed in Israeli strikes on the Gaza Strip, so far. More than 900 others were injured.

Despite Israel’s extensive strikes, Palestinian factions are still launching rockets and drones from Gaza. So far, the Israeli military has failed to achieve its goals.


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why they don’t just nuke them? sadism?

Peter Wallace

Yes good idea . Nuke Israel before they set off numerous nukes and end the world. The world will be a better place without them.. You are probably thinking a nuke is just a rather large firecracker in which case you had better change your name to .. uuummmm .

Peter Wallace

I believe this building sat on rollers and at night it was rolled across the road so that it expose a massive missile silo.. Israel attacking Gaza financial system and call it a military target. I notice they call everything a Hamas “TERROR” group which is emotive language to instill the idea they are terrorists rather than fighting to protect themselves from the thieves. Israel controls the water that goes into Gaza. They turn the tap on and off when it suits them. They are suppose to supply water daily but constantly restrict the days all the time. The residents are forced to try and collect rainwater. Rainwater collection on top of a multi rise apartment block is hardly going to collect enough for a drink let alone anything else. The Warsaw ghetto must have been a horrible place to try and survive but now the relatives of those that suffered there are doing the same to the people they have kicked off their land and demolished their houses so they can build new houses for themselves. then they can’t understand why the Palestinians object and call them TERROR GROUPS.

Icarus Tanović

Just one thing you are wrong. Those ones are not descendants from Warsaw Ghetto. They are dump and war criminals from all around he World that come there to live luxurious live and do nothing. Some War criminal that did massacres in Bosnia went there, and kinda become Jews or so. Joe Biden said once you don’t have to be Jew to be a Zionist. 95 percent of those aren’t even remotely Jewish at all, they are criminal from all around the world.

Peter Wallace

I agree Icarus but I was just trying to draw the picture they are basically of the same group of people , Jews , that are doing the same or worse that was done to them. What their actual ancestry is I have no idea but they claim to be Jews and decedents of the persecuted but whatever they are they have no moral compass and believe they can take whatever they see. This is from the Israeli group standing up for the Palestinians against the their own . ?? https://www.btselem.org/video/20210319_settlers_graze_cows_in_palestinian_farmers_field_and_threaten_him_deir_nizam_19_march_2021 Big improvement to the comments section and hope all the rubbish stops.


yes, i still miss disqus, replying to comments was much more convenient and quicker


Peter Wallace The nazi states of Israël With America and Europe, Hitler ans the sionistes ,it is the same: génocide of innocents périple women ans children

None of you

They are not going to use nuclear bomb they are going to use hydrogen bombs Nothing will escape in gaza if they playing with fire Hamas If Lebanon try to play games israel will unleash hell on earth for Lebanon. Israel didn’t even use the most powerful bombs in arsenal.

Icarus Tanović

Oh, you are so brave! So, why don’t you tell us your real name, instead? Let World see your idiotism against Lebanon.

None of you

I am not against any country but I am totally against jihad and terrorism in general. Jihad needs to be exterminated and alqaeda and isis And my name nobody has to know. Because I am special the same like you but None of you.

Peter Wallace

So it is alright that Israelis steal the property and land of Palestinians but when they object they become terrorists and need to be exterminated. What if a group came and pushed your family out of your home and took your land , you would find this is acceptable. I am sure sit down and have a beer and a good laugh about it with them..


Who gives a shi* what your name is. Alqaeda and ISIS are Israeli constructs, funded by the US. There is NOTHING special about you, and you are not like us…………We see Israeli Psychotic behaviour to its neighbours being the source of all ills in the region und that Zionism is EVIL personified. So fuc* off to where ever you originate, get an education and make it your objective to engage your brain before engaging your mouth,( or fingers ).

Peter Wallace

@ None of you.. Excellent nom de plume.. None of you …are going to believe a word I say .. Amazing , you are correct not a single person is going to believe one word of your horseshit

None of you are going to believe this … None of you should believe this.. None of you are stupid enough to even read my horseshit..

Peter Wallace

A Benjy . Certainly an apartheid state and the world jumped up and down to condemn South Africa for being an apartheid state but say nothing against Israel. As you say , very strong friends to block and deflect any criticism.

There is a Jewish organisation in Israel that stands against this and what Israel is doing / has done. It is called B’Tselem with a website btselem.org . Being Jews they can do more inside Israel than outsiders. They reported that the Car ramming incident the other day was actually IDF forces shooting at the car as it drove past and then removed security camera footage to hide the truth.


The gay Ayatollah from Iran is very upset that all those Hamas Poo Poo and Islamic Yahoo just got buried alive inside their own terrorist tunnels like moronic fighters of Allolalah.

The end

People say the history repeats its self. Well, this said, it is highly likely that for the same reason some generations in the future shall be visiting more of places like the one with “Arbeit macht frei” above the entrance… Enough said, they have it coming.

Kiss the Ring

Russia is the single biggest Dirty Settler contributor to IsraHELL outside of the US, and 8D chess morons still salivate over Russia being anti-empire hahahahahahaha…


the barbaric Americans pay theirsaudi colony to genocide in Yemen and their Israeli colony to do the same in Gaza


The state of ‘Israel’ is the last to use the old colonial paradigm of direct force. With all its hallmarks: Utter disregard for vital infrastructure and human life. The only ‘advantage’ over more subtle (but not necessarily less detrimenta) methods is, that it’s more obvious.

Charles R

‘Raze’ to the ground.


Notice the “not to be confused with” section.

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