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Israeli Military Launches Large-Scale Attack On Southern Syria (Videos)

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Israeli Military Launches Large-Scale Attack On Southern Syria (Videos)

The “Adir” jets first flight in Israel. Pictured: “Adir” jet and F-16I “Sufa”. Photo by: Maj. Ofer

Late on February 3, the Israeli military launched a large-scale attack on military and civilian sites in Syria’s southern region.

In an official statement, the Syrian Arab Army General Command said that hostile air-to-ground missiles and ground-to-ground missiles were launched from northern Israel.

“The losses were limited to materials,” the statement reads.

The Syrian Arab Air Defense Forces intercepted several hostile missiles. The Syrian Arab News Agency shared videos showing some successful interceptions over the capital, Damascus.

According to the claims of several sources, the Israeli strikes targeted:

  • Damascus International Airport;
  • Mezzeh Military Airport;
  • Syrian Arab Army base near the district of Kiswah;
  • A series of military sites in Daraa and al-Quneitra.

These claims are yet to be verified by an credible source. Damascus International Airport was attacked by the Israeli military on several occasions before.

Less than two weeks ago, Israeli airstrikes on the northwestern outskirts of Hama city claimed the lives of a father, a mother and their two children. The main target of the airstrikes was a civilian warehouse near Kazo district.

These strikes were a part of Israel’s “War-Between-Wars” campaign, which ramped up after the outbreak of the Syrian war in 2011. The campaign is meant to push Iran and its allies out of Syria as well as to prevent them from developing their offensive capabilities. However, as the situation on the ground in Syria shows, it failed.


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INTERCEPT rate of SAA higher than Saudi /usaf at this point…but looks like IDF is trying to revive Daraa terrorists…in tandem maybe with other ‘Biden’ efforts east of Euphrates…more air defense from RuAF req.


But there has been increased terrorist activities also near Israel border (Daraa) in last two weeks…maybe something is up with the new US admin. and Israel, something NOT good?

In other news, Germany rejects the sanctions pressure from EU, looks like NS2 is entering its FINAL stage of completion…great news really.

Furkan Sahin

i hope Gaddafis son win election 2021 december so he send more soldiers to Syria to help Assad


Daughter nice too!

John Brown

It proves the Daraa terrorists are being defeated and Israel is desparate to help them but it won’t and is not working. Without close air to ground air support its just a cosmetic attack

Icarus Tanović

Ain’t gonna work for those Wahhabis from Daraa, actually smuggled across the Golan.

Icarus Tanović

They are so scared from Hezbollah, so they don’t tests lion nowadays.

Fog of War

Are you catching on to the PSYOPS that was Trump yet ? No troops leaving Germany, yet thousands of others were moved closer to the Russian border. Shell game anyone ?

— US ‘freezing’ Trump plan to withdraw 12,000 troops from Germany while Pentagon reviews policy –

US ‘freezing’ Trump plan to withdraw 12,000 troops from Germany while Pentagon reviews policy – general


Great analysis, anyone who thinks Sheldon Anderson backed anything other than deep state shills is blind or morally compromised.

Blas de Lezo

According to liveuamapSyria 2 Iranian 747 cargo planes were in Damascus today, perhaps they were trying to hit those and any cargo unloaded from them.

Rhodium 10

Usually IDF fail when attacks Damascus because there are strong air defense deployed!…therefore they attack at the same time Dara or Quneitra where no air defense ( Pantsir) are deployed!…it is a tactic to show to hide that IDF cannot hit Damascus military assets easily…

Potato Man

Russian and Syrian cargo planes have been moving “stuffs” to Syria as well last few weeks. The fact that Biden is in WH – make many think that Syria is the place where a war break-out again. But yeah perhaps, we see what Iran, Syria, Hezbollah gonna do next.

Jens Holm

Very funny there si no war in Syria – haha. 500.000 dead is nothing. Bombarments is nothing.

So how do You find a Hesbollah veteran in Lebanon ? Easy, they have only one leg and are halftains too.

UNICEF is feeding many of them

Johnny B. Allan

Casualities have been reported. Lives have been lost it is allover social medias. I just wanted to clarify this

Jens Holm

Some links for that would be nice. I fx see at least 8 articles by syrialive but none seemes dead

Johnny B. Allan

Casualities have been reported on social media because the gov’t won’t admit to these casualities because Israel has been eliminating quite alot of people. If they killed the scientist and Solemani want makes you think when they attack they only target material. Fuuk no bro! They target mostly to kill high officials of IRGC, Hezbullah or elements tied to them

Potato Man

You know you can link from Twitter, FB, etc here. Show us those videos, pic, etc you are just yelling and I saw you other comment on different report, you linked timeofgoys which show S-300 shooting goys rockets… Also, did you even read what goys said? “There were no injuries reported in the strikes but damage was caused, the Syrian state news outlet SANA said.”

Listen to what Hezbollah said “if they kill one of our man, we kill one of theirs” they have done that for years, to the point goys before attacking tell Iranian and mainly Hezbollah to leave the area.

Here the thing I don’t think you even know, Syria have shot down Zion F-16 jets before…they sure as hell can do it. Fun fact, Zion are the loudest fukers in the world that wouldn’t stfu…if they did kill any Iranian or Hezbollah they would leave GH and move 30K away from Lebanon borders. Have they done that NO.

Israel didn’t killed Qasem Soleimani or Fakhrizadeh – Qasem Soleimani – The Saudis lied to Iraqi PM which made Soleimani to see Iraqi PM and US were working with Wahhabi shit and they killed him. He wasn’t gonna go to Iraq – he was in Syria and was going back to Iran.

Fakhrizadeh – MEK, Kurds killed him, read the report someone close to him killed the guy. Ask yourself why the important guy have to leave the car…and then get shoot…

Proud Hindu

Did muhammad r@pe @isha?

Concrete Mike

You are Such a vile creature.

cechas vodobenikov

dalit sexually repressed—has sheep

Jens Holm

Do You have pictures?

Jens Holm

Ok – thanks


Yea well social media is a huge source of fake news don’t ya know!

Jens Holm

You are correct. I have asked him for some link for who is dead in this.

Jens Holm

IDs every time send in more missles then needed by calculated risk – and hit their targets.

The Israelians has no crews on their missiles.

…And as routine You name the Israelians as scared or cry me a widow whatever. Thats internal talk by arappistanis only. None of the rest of the whole world see the Jews there is doing that at all.

If anything we see You as inkompetent in warfare and most other things. You cant even elinate a small dot named Israel. And when many tell You why and how for needed changes – its even western propgagandalf.

You have no idea about who You are up against. Today the US dollar collpased again and tomorrov and friday it will too.

Compared to liras, rials and rubels the dollar is one bigg fiasco because its too expensive to use as toilet paper. Even Hesbollah use dollars.

Im the same. There should be big walls around the Middle East somewhere west of Istanbullies and in Caucasus too.


What the hell is an “Israelian”?


Those SOBs are at it again….

Jens Holm

For me its one the the very good sources You can rely often can rely on, even they makes big mistakes too.

Rhodium 10

I dont see explosion on ground..it means as usual that almost all missile have been intercepted rather than some Debris hit ground and cause damage like we have seen in Deir Ezzor and Hama during last attacks. where civilians building were damage by Debris.


It’s pretty obvious they can just keep ramping up the intensity of these strikes until the Iranians just eventually collapse, or at least the Jews and their globalist backers seem to think so. This is obviously coordinated with the new regime in Washington.

At what point does Russia call the bluff and shoot down an Israeli fighter? I don’t know how Russia could do that without provoking a massive Israeli response?

Fog of War

Whats Israhell going to do to Russia ?

You can call me Al

We need China in as well as Russia – to show the West and the Zionists; the game is over for them and then to show the US and my UK… eliminate the Zionist state.


Dream on

Jim Allen

Iran can do that any time it pleases. But then why would Iran give the pretenders what they wish ? Russia either ? Without US military, Israel doesn’t have a “massive response.”

The Objective

Iran stands a better chance inflicting higher casualties on its enemies in a big war. But the Israeli strategy is working fine, despite disagreements by Iran supporters here. They can just keep bombing Iranian forces even as Washington slaps ever crushing sanctions on Lebanon, Syria, and Iran. Israel has not take a single hit despite causing high material and human losses to the Iranian side. This includes the death of top Iranian military personnel, scientists, and bombings within Iran. If added up, these loses would have the monetary value of several billion dollars. The only thing I know Israel lost in its war against Iran is a jet fighter that was shot down in 2017. But that amounts to less than $200 million. The bombs and missiles used by the Israelis should cost up to $200 million. Iran is under the weight of crushing sanctions. It’s been cornered. It doesn’t dare go nuclear, neither can it successfully defeat sanctions. It desperately needs a deal that eases sanctions, yet it doesn’t dare give up its militias, cos that would amount to humiliation, defeat, and most likely, regime collapse. Israel should intensify these bombings, and even extend to Iraq. It’s about time Israeli warplanes rain hell on the PMU in Iraq. Iran also doesn’t dare attack U.S forces in Iraq for fear of another humiliating strike by America. I was thinking they’ll start killing U.S forces if Biden came to power. But it seems they understand Biden would bomb the hell out of the PMU. So it’ll only be material damage to U.S forces every now and then. However, at a point, the U.S will react – damaging in one single sweep what the PMU has destroyed in a year. IRAN HAS BEEN CORNERED FROM ALL ANGLES. BIDEN MUST NOT GIVE THE MULLAHS BREATHING SPACE OR A WAY OUT.

Jim Allen

All good. Except the IAF pinprick attacks are about as effective as shit. After action reports show little to no effect against their stated targets. Talk’s cheap. Iran isn’t “cornered” from any angle, and The Pentagon will tell you, (or Yakov Kedmi) US military cannot defeat Iran in conventional war. A nuclear attack on Iran, (or Russia) by US will be answered by Russia with it’s hypersonic weapons already stationed within 200 miles of both US coast’s targeting 7 locations in US, and are targets in Europe. There is no defense against Russia’s advanced missile technology. Iran is close behind Russia in hypersonic missile technology, China has also developed this technology. Years ago. You’re just parroting old, regurgitated tired lies, that no one believed when they were fresh. Better go to CNN, and get in line for your “vaccination.”

The Objective

“Russia with it’s hypersonic weapons already stationed within 200 miles of both US coast’s targeting 7 locations in US” If you don’t stop replying this kind of shit to me, I’ll permanently block you.

Jim Allen

Hey stupid, I’m actually quoting President Putin. Made at a press conference called to announce Russia’s change’s in it’s strategic policy. A regular occurrence. For the first time, Putin stated Russia reserves the right of first strike if it believed an attack against Russia, or it’s allies was imminent. To this point Russian strategy had been purely defensive, in nature. Relying on the counter-attack, and the use of hypersonic weapons. (That have no analog he reminded) His speech was directed at US, and EU Government’s, and quite detailed. There’s video on YT of this, and many other announcements related to Russia’s military strategy as it’s evolved. Pity you’re the type of genius that doesn’t let fact’s interfere in your prejudged, and carefully considered conclusions. Otherwise, you’d shut the fuck up, and learn something useful. When your mouth is running, you can’t learn anything. And your mouth is always running. I will do as I please, pitiful trolls don’t order me around.

The Objective

First off, it’s your parents who are stupid for bringing up a moron like you.

If you think Russia will fight a nuclear war over Iran, keep thinking. But first, try to find an answer to Russia’s free-pass for Israel to keep spilling your blood in Syria, even though it could stop it.

In you insult me, you can be sure of a bitter response. That’s the way to treat your kind. So, if you value your parents, and respect them, you’ll refrain from swearing at me. I never insult people. But I retaliate disproportionately.


Jim Allen

So, President Putin is stupid, too ? Do you understand what a quote is in the English language ? I did not make up those statements, idiot. I repeated them verbatim. Go search YT for the video’s yourself, I have zero obligation to give you a fucking thing. It’s up to you to prove me wrong, and calling me name’s proves nothing other than your own stupidity, and complete inability to conduct yourself with honor.

The Objective

Talking about conducting myself with honor, you should read your previous reply to me, and note that you started with an insult that had nothing to do with the topic, even though I didn’t insult you or anybody in my comment. That was the main reason I insulted you back. If you cannot disagree or debate without insulting people, I’m going to have to block you. I don’t like exchanging viewpoints with such people. Only an arrogant person and a fool expects everyone to agree with him.

cechas vodobenikov

boxgirl–needs rehab: bad bath tub meth in trailer park


Terrorist Ziojew scum would be in trouble if Iran finishes building an AA defense architecture from Lebanon to Iraq, which is why you’re gonna see Bidet tying up JCPOA and ISISraeli “security”. If that’s the plan, it needs to speed up before the Ziocorporate terrorists send their US toy soliders into Iraq and Syria in greater numbers, some Pompeo’s replacement must be desperate to do.

John Brown

the cost of the attacks are increasing for the IDF.

No their American slave Goyim pay for everything while they have no health care, no jobs and no money

Potato Man

Satan’s people at work to save their kind in Syria, terrorists. Butthurt ugly shit they can’t stop being pigs of the world for a sec.

Proud Hindu

Israel can easily destroy junk Chinese and russian weapons used by iran lol

John Wallace

Just stick to playing with your junk.

cechas vodobenikov

dumb Dalit use spear–upper caste Indian intelligent—they rely on Russian technology LOL

johnny rotten

Always remember, isisrahell lies by definition, I have no way to verify the reliability of such news, but I know for sure that at least they are exaggerations, and that the aim is not to throw Iran out of Syria, they have resigned themselves to this, the real purpose is to burn the MO and then the whole world, these bigoted fanatics only dream of the total submission of all the goys, nothing else.

Icarus Tanović

Nothing much. Only material damage. And 9 intercepted GBU 39s. So, basically IDF looses money here, because cost of just those bombs is to high for damage they did. So, one high precision small diameter bomb of that sort is around 250.000 and up dollars! Heckava deal for making craters in a runway.


pin pricks – they, the jews in palestine, will soon be red listed and no one will come forward to save the fuggers. and no reason why the there should be any concern in the world about the jews’ future. gone gone gone forever like the dodo bird. what a larf!

cechas vodobenikov

US colony sends US missiles , destroys numerous olive trees in desert, becomes sexually aroused

chris chuba

Supporting attacks to help ISIS attack Syrian armed forces and Iranian allies12 Syrian Pro-Government Fighters Killed By ISIS On Homs-Ham… The most moral army on earth strikes again.


Syria will keep paying the price for Iran’s presence, it’s not going to end. For now it’s done by air, but once the traitor goes to jail then our policy will change. Hamas first, Hezbollah can wait after we’re done with them.

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