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Israeli Military Intercepts Rocket Launched From Gaza, Strikes Hamas Positions (Videos)


Late on August 16, unknown Palestinian gunmen launched at least one rocket from the Gaza Strip at Israel territory.

The Israeli military said on Twitter that the rocket was successfully intercepted by the Iron Dome system. A video on social media confirmed the army’s statement.

There was no immediate claim for the rocket attack, which took place a few hours only after the end of large protests along the separation line around Gaza. The Palestinian Ministry of Health said that 63 civilians were injured during the protests, 32 of them were hit with live bullets.

In response to the attack, Israeli warplanes carried out several airstrikes on military positions of the Hamas Movement east of Deir al Balah in central Gaza.

“We just responded with strikes on Hamas’ underground infrastructure in Gaza,” the Israeli military said.

Palestinian Shehab Agency released a short video showing some of the heavy Israeli airstrikes. No one was reportedly injured or killed.

Despite the high-tension, the situation will not likely escalate any further. Both sides appear to be more interested in de-escalation, especially that the exchange of fire didn’t result in any casualties.

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  • Rob

    Yes yes Iron Doom is working. Somebody from Israel said that Iron doom is a very nice firework, good for wedding ceremonis. LOL

  • Rob

    Till this time US, UK and Israel have done any job of a son of man.

  • Xoli Xoli

    Israel is the only country in the world who has the permission from UNSC, UN,USA and NATO to kill all opposing people against Israel oppression and apartheid. Israel attack constantly Syrian forces when ever it gain upper hand in liberating Syria from Israel sponsored terrorist.Ever since Syria destroyed its chemical weapons Israel has imposed hit and run tactic from Lebanon skies.

  • Zionism = EVIL

    Let’s keep perspective, the Zionist welfare leeches shoot off a $400,000 Americunt taxpayers Iron Dud to shoot down a $10, 1944 era grad Katyusha 122mm rocket. What a phenomenal Hollywood Jew “success”!

  • goingbrokes


  • verner

    ought to be a world wide collection of money for hamas with the purpose to buy them some serious missiles. enough of money and they can get themselves a nuke tipped one straight from Pakistan, which country is in serious need of money. and bye bye tel aviv! wouldn’t that be the day! (and if not pakistan, I’m certain kim jong un can send one of his medium distance nukes cif gaza.if the money is right)!

    • Free man

      You are really stupid:
      1. Hamas are the ones who fought together with the jihadists against the SAA. So they might use this nuclear weapon against the SAA.
      2. A bomb on Tel Aviv will kill thousands of Palestinians.

  • Helen4Yemen


    How nice for the European Jew to claim to be a direct descendant of Abraham and he never had to provide proof. But the proof is that these aliens are as alien to the region as the Chinese or Japanese. How long do they think they will continue to leech off Arab resources?