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MAY 2021

Israeli Military Claims Two Rockets Were Launched From Syria At Golan Heights

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The Israeli Military claimed that 2 rockets had been launched from Syria at Mount Hermon in the occupied Golan Heights. There were no immediate reports of injuries or damage.

Pro-Israeli media outlets speculate that the rockets, which were allegedly launched, were Iranian-made Fadjr-5.

It’s expected that Israeli forces would soon attack Syrian targets responding to the abovementioned incident. If this happends, this will be the second Israeli strike on Syria this week.

Late on May 27, Israeli warplanes struck a position of the Syrian Army east of the Golan Heights destroying a Shilka anti-aircraft gun and killing at least one service member.


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  1. Lupus says:

    Syria has every right to shoot rockets on their own land if its want to

  2. Real Anti-Racist Action says:

    So wait a minute, let me get this straight.
    Syria launched a missile test in which they fly a test rocket from one point inside of Syria to another point inside of Syria.
    And Israel is going to bomb Syria for testing rockets inside of Syria.
    Seems to me Israel is challenging Syria if Syria has any self determination in their own lands.

    1. BlueInGreen says:

      We don’t even know all the details as Israel consistently lies (or more probably causes these attacks on purpose ) too ‘justify’ any following actions they conduct.

      It just sucks to see it happening yet again…

  3. Rob says:

    Syrian army will never use rockets rather ballistic missiles to directly hit missile and bio chemical sites of Israel. Syria has the right and capability to hit any terror target deep in Israel to defend own interests.

  4. Xoli Xoli says:

    Just retaliate immediately with full force against Israel.Their dont respect other peoples life as important.

  5. klove and light says:

    as pointed out for years…this is the typibal bully like Scenario……the bully will Keep bullying u, until you start hitting back….tit for tat…

    best example hezbollah lebanon…as just mentioned , and posted here at southfront, the latest Nasrallah speech….. were again he made clear…… tit for tat……..and the jews know heubollah will walk the walk

    but SAA, as i recall numerous times, espeically after the big IDF attack on damascus Airport, syrian Leadership finally tryed hezbollahs Approach…tit for tat , the Quote ” the next IDF attack on syria will be met with a tit for tat Approach.IDF hits damascus Airport, we will hit ben Gurion Airport”…….only Problem with that Approach is……you got to follow through…..and SAA never hit back…..and just like the IDF attack on may 27 , four days ago, syrian Forces have as usual not hit back……. a pity…. and just makes the bully ever more confident he can hit u with IMPUNITY
    .any fucking School kid can tell u that..

  6. Xoli Xoli says:

    Flatten Telaviv and Haifa hit airports and nuclear sites.Testroy Satanyahu palace.

    1. IamA Pragmatist says:

      Then go do the same to Brussels, Washington, Riyadh, and London.

  7. gustavo says:

    this news is totally strange and has no sense at all. Neither Syria or Iran would do something like that knowing the madness of Israel. However, Israel is saying this and for sure she is lying.. what is the proposes of this ? Remember that Israel is making a build up of tanks at Goldan Heights maybe (I hope to be wronrg) Israell in preparing an invasion to Syria (somehow like small advence).

    1. PZIVJ says:

      Doubt that Israel would make a move across the DMZ.
      This would be an open invitation for rocket attack on Israel.
      They must also consider Hezbollah in Lebanon joining the fight.

  8. AM Hants says:

    Just the two? How many have Israel sent to Syria?

  9. World_Eye says:

    So what? Syria is testing some missiles on their grounds, the Golans are Syrian land, what are you Zionists want? Fuck OFF.

    1. kurdish donkey says:

      lol. that’s no semite in the picture. that’s a pure european khazar

      1. Jacob "Wraith" Wohl says:

        ever heard of the possibility that Ashekanizs are the EUROPEAN DESCENDANTS OF ANCIENT HEBREW ISRAELITES? Meaning they are therefore ethnically Jewish? you uneducated fuck-wit

        1. kurdish donkey says:

          lol u mad, kike lord?

  10. kurdish donkey says:

    israel is a faker state than bruce jenner’s vagina

    1. Jacob "Wraith" Wohl says:

      except it’s existed for thousands of years. The original people of ancient Israel were the caananites who were ISRAELITES (Hebrews) and the Kingdom of Judah existed THOUSANDS of years before the Palestinians and Arabs came along. get your facts straight simepleton fuckwit

      1. 1691 says:

        Wrong. It has existed for 70 years.

        1. Jacob "Wraith" Wohl says:

          Go take world geography and world history again

          1. 1691 says:

            I just did.
            Ben gourion proclaimed the state of israhell on 14/05/1947. I proclaim myself the king of whatever comes to your mind! Fair? It doesn’t matter. Same same. Lol. There is no such place, face it. After 70 years it is not yet recognized as a country/state.

          2. Omega says:

            It’s worth noting that following the 1937 Peel Commission (that proposed 20% of Palestine to the Jewish minority), Jewish Zionists went on the rampage of the land with terrorism – blowing up markets full of people, infrastructures, buildings, booby trapping British soldiers. It was so bad the British army couldn’t contain it. The terror campaign lasted for an entire decade until the last months of the British mandate where the same Jewish Zionists attacked several hundred Palestinian towns and villages (80+ of them Christian) before self-declaring independence. The intervention of the surrounding countries (which Britain encouraged) was a response to the culmination of Jewish terrorism in Palestine. All this is best depicted in Thomas Suarez’s archives-based “State of Terror: How terrorism created modern Israel”. Tom Segev’s, equally archived-based, “The First Israelis” elaborates on how Jewish Zionists stoke everything from the Palestinians; down to kitchen tiles and faucets. None of this is, of course, part of the mainstream ans imposed version of history .



      2. kurdish donkey says:

        calm down kike lord

      3. Omega says:

        Are you suggesting that the “original people of ancient Israel” invaded their own land? I ask because the very founding myth of Judaism claims so.

        Could you also explain why today’s Jews are so inclined to be associated with an ancient people, the Israelites, who were not Jewish?

  11. Jacob "Wraith" Wohl says:

    Israeli AF successfully destroyed 4 butcher regime positions around Damascus!
    -1 S-75 divna launcher
    -1 observation post
    -1 artillery position
    -1 ammo depot

    1. chris chuba says:

      An S-75, a vintage 1957 product. Very impressive.

  12. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

    “Pro-Israeli media outlets speculate that the rockets, which were allegedly launched, were Iranian-made Fadjr-5.”

    I doubt it, more likely they were crappy old rockets the rebels managed to source somewhere [probably Turkey], and then fire towards Israel in an attempt to create a false flag attack that would possibly encourage Israel to attack Syria [yet again].
    As far as I can remember this is the second or possibly third time that a missile or rocket has either been fired into or towards Israel from ‘Syria’s’ Golan heights, and I think it’s the rebels doing it every time, I’m sure they’d love to see Israel attacking Syrian government targets, and I’m pretty sure they could pull it off too.
    I know It’d be pretty difficult to smuggle a rocket into the heights and launch it too, but the Palestinians manage to do it in front of the Israelis noses and get away with it, so I’m pretty sure the rebels could do it too, especially since they just about have free movement through the areas the Israelis occupy or secure.
    A rebel false flag attack is what I think it was, the CW ff attacks aren’t working with the US so they’ve decided to try and involve the Israelis instead.
    I don’t believe for a second it came from the SAA or Iranian troops.

  13. Dušan Mirić says:

    Is there anybody believe what IDF says!?

  14. AlexanderAmproz says:


    The Deep State Has Been Running America Since the 1920s, a Few Vignettes

    What history books do not tell us

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    Watch This Reenactment by an actor playing Smedly Butler:

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    The two-time Congressional Medal of Honor recipient exposed war profits that benefit the few at the expense of many.

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    While there is no evidence that has surfaced so far that Prescott Bush was actually pro-Nazi, documents have since revealed that the firm he had an interest in, Brown Brothers Harriman (BBH), acted as a US base for the German industrialist, Fritz Thyssen, who helped finance Hitler in the 1930s before falling out with him at the end of the decade.

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  15. verner says:

    since the information comes from the squatters we know it’s a lie, since the squatters are unable to stop lying (or stealing or murdering) it’s just the way they are. evict them to the disintegrating states of america. no one wants them but since they’ve bought and paid for the american lawmakers, so be it.

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