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Israeli Military Claims It Foiled Drone Attack, Destroyed 20 Rocket Launchers In Gaza (Videos, Photos)

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Israeli Military Claims It Foiled Drone Attack, Destroyed 20 Rocket Launchers In Gaza (Videos, Photos)

Israel Air Force F-16s. FILE IMAGE: Ofer Zidon/Flash90

On May 15, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) claimed that it had foiled an attempt by fighters of the Hamas Movement to launch an armed drone from the Gaza Strip.

In a brief statement, the military said that the drone fell on the launch squad killing two fighters. No further details were provided.

Earlier today, the military wing of Hamas, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, attacked a military base in the settlement of Kissufim east of Gaza with a Shehab suicide drone and mortar rounds. The IDF claimed that the drone was downed by the Iron Dome system.

The Israeli military has been trying to stop attacks from Gaza for five days now. Israeli warplanes struck more than 20 rocket launchers in the last 24 hours. According to the Israeli Air Force, the targeted launchers were aimed at southern and central Israel.

Israeli warplanes also bombed several targets in the Gaza Strip, including intelligence facilities, ammunition depots as well as apartments of Palestinian commanders.

One of the most recent Israeli strikes targeted two apartments in al-Qahera Tower in Gaza City. Another strike knocked down al-Jala Tower.

Despite Israel’s extensive strikes on the Gaza Strip, Palestinian factions as still launching rockets from the enclave. A recent strike on Tel Aviv and its outskirts claimed the life of a man and injured dozens others.


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Potato Man

the US blocked the UN Security Council from making a statement to condemn Israel’s assault ( signed by 195 of 196 countries). The US blocked it. The US blocks all security measures that call for Israel’s condemnation. You may have missed the fact that the UN president had to go to Moscow with Mr Lavrov to make a statement because the West’s MSM censors this from public knowledge. And President Biden confirms that Israel has the right to defend itself by bombing Palestinians to smithereens and building settlers homes on their graves.


not all of them, just the ones that are binding. If they did block every single one, the veto would go under under a number of reforms.

such as one security member along with 5 other members that are not on the council.

Potato Man

They may not block all but they never support any measures that call for Israel’s condemnation.
The US is the main reason why Zion still haven’t run away from the Middle East to the EU again.

BTW it is not your fault but still fuk you, I can’t edit my comment you ass.


move your courser over your comment unit you and icon that looks like two rings attached in the corner. or three dots connected right next your name.

while keeping the courser on your comment look at bottom right corner you should see a gear click it and you can edit your comments


also you can attach images by the photo icon above the capcha

Potato Man

You seem stupid…if someone reply you no longer can edit…
In your example, no one reply to you…try again old man and you understand what I mean.


did not know that was the case
sorry for trying to help you

Last edited 1 month ago by Lrcaptain
Potato Man

Thanks but it is not your fault like I said.


Reforms? the UN? Not bloody likely. The Zionists will never allow that.

Potato Man

So SF I just find out if an ape reply to your comment you can’t edit…example below.

“the US blocked the UN Security Council from making a statement to condemn Israel’s assault ( signed by 195 of 196 countries). The US blocked it. The US blocks all security measures that call for Israel’s condemnation. You may have missed the fact that the UN president had to go to Moscow with Mr Lavrov to make a statement because the West’s MSM censors this from public knowledge. And President Biden confirms that Israel has the right to defend itself by bombing Palestinians to smithereens and building settlers homes on their graves.”

Zion has so much support to kill civilians which they blame it on Hama a group that has nothing and they are cut of from the world and still fuk Nazi Zion LMFAO.

Russia, China, Iran, and Hezbollah are just laughing – who is the winner in Zion State…BiBi and he knows how to stay in power and the other Zion clowns can never get to him, but BiBi doesn’t understand after his “war” he is right back in hot water. BiBi is killing Zion State within and looting the US and putting EU block on a shit show, the west has lost power, and Asian countries growing. The West ear coming to an end and losing trust and power at once, Zion are Europeans so they can’t stop supporting their people, but the world doesn’t see it that way and see the West’s action as moronic.


Some outlets are now saying that Israel is becoming open to a cease fire. True or not, who knows? But we will know when Israel has had enough…the US will magically sign onto a cease-fire. Hamas should stay the course if they can. So far this is an exercise in attrition. Just how many rockets/missiles does Hamas have? Even more important, how many interceptors does Israel have? Neither have an infinite amount…but Israels defense will be severely affected if any other entities enter the fray. How effective Hamas rockets have been is not known, as Israel is not showing the aftermaths. But, they do show their effects on Gaza. One sided reporting, as per usual.


What i see is simple

the IDF are trying to take out Hamas ATGMs as they would cause enough armor/tanks losses to force the ruling Israel elites to step down. This is why they are delaying sending in troops. The losses would not be acceptable.

Hamas having nothing else left to lose and would need to be put down one bye one this will cease heavy casualties and unacceptable losses the first two waves of attacks will burn but third will go through.

The IDF will have to go down into tunnels that they know nothing of ambushed and first few squads being wiped out.

consider the stages that you need to take to capture a full city
Surrounding it (from other cites)
pushing defenders back from the outskirts
fighting to city center.
clearing out tunnels and hold outs.
mass occupation forces needing to maintained while a last few safe houses are found.

each step requires Israeli blood
can Israel do it yes but the cost would destroy anyone’s career

Last edited 1 month ago by Lunarcaptain

As I said – there will be NO ground attack. It is just a ruse. There is no point of ground invasion, their goal is not to conquer Gaza – their goal is to destroy it. Destroy infrastructure, kill as many fighters (AND civilians) as possible, neutralize Hamas for the next 10 years.

With their South Front (no pun intended) secured, they can focus north in case of war with Iran.

Last edited 1 month ago by Duniga

are you agreeing with me or not
sorry i can’t tell.


No need to enter tunnels. IAF blew them away. Metro caved in entire streets in Gaza. Even Hamas does not know how many of their men are buried in there. And they have no machinery to save or even salvage bodies.
This was a ridiculous exercise by Hamas. Bibi needs a political victory so he is giving generals what they have wanted for years: destruction of Hamas infrastructure.

Peter Wallace

Attacking international media center claiming it was Hamas military center and leveling it to the ground. Bombing refugee camps as military targets and you again claiming with no evidence of truth despite being requested to as no where has this been reported. So Israel lies and it appears your comments are no better. All this killing and destruction to keep Netanbooboo in power. The barsted needs to swing from the end of a rope.

Chad Dubchak

no need to going into tunnels
so i guess there is no need for them to put any effort either then

if you’re not going to get your hands dirty don’t play the mud
bullets kill no matter who fires them IDF soldier will die but the they win

look at Vietnam
when you sieges a city you get into the mud
air and artillery don’t work alone ever.
you don’t need infrastructure to carry mortar from place to place
a simple single rocket be set up fired in 15 seconds.
the fact that Hamas is even able fire heavier rockets that time to set up shows that air strikes are not working.
get in the mud or got sit down if you want your uniforms to get dirty

Hamas have nothing to lose and will welcome death and will agitating you until you give it them


IRGC, hezb, where are you? are you totally useless?

Fog of War

Where’s Russia ?


giving statements here and there


so russia is not better than a parrot and the resistance doesnt take palestines moment away this time palestine will alone beat the zionists so badly that it will turn into an utter loss for the jews and now throw 100 more lies around and lets see how tel aviv will stop exploding because of empty lies also the fact that palestine is armed just shows no iran isnt useless in what it does in fact iran pretty much won the issue already the fact is being seen by zionists not daring to invade gaza with ground forces and gaza shooting the zionist to dust


hezbollah did this 2006 to show the world it cant be easily messed with and today is palestines moment to crush the zionists and show that it cant be easily messed with either anymore and today is not 70 years back also the way palestine gets help is showing itself on the ground in fact the intel aswell as the targeting for example on where to hit with precision weapons is good because we saw quite some things blow up extremely sky high also name me one country besides iran or lebanon who have military advisers in gaza right now you cant because there are no other countries


Sending immigrants to Israel and importing Israeli goods.
Just like Turkey is sending cheap linens and trucks full of goods to Israel and importing computers and diamonds.
These countries talk big against Israel, but they all do business with them and never stopped.


waiting for IDF to commit to a ground assault of Gaza and launch full pacifying operation in west bank.
Then stab them in the back.

besides it takes time to gather troops look at things in why attack when IDF troops in on boarder are at full strength wait for a few squads to be pull of the line to deal with a chaos.

why attack with 15 guys when you will have 30 guys and a tank tomorrow.

have you not heard some random group did launch a missile from Syria and IDf did not bomb them. Just show how weak the IDF are in that area without air support.

Last edited 1 month ago by Lunarcaptain

time will tell i suppose

Peter Wallace

Israel bombs to the ground buildings ” claiming ” they are Hamas Terror control centers or command bunkers when they are really housing numerous media outlets. The objective to silence the media to cover up their evil illegal acts. 14 of the 15 UNSC members were in favor of making a statement because the US wants to protect Israel by withholding the truth by saying such a statement would not help. This was a private meeting rather than a public one. Before the US election Israel was saying Biden always supported Israel and never ever voted against them. Expect nothing but support from Biden. Trump was the same. In France people are not allowed their democratic right to protest. In Berlin preventing the spread of covid was much more important than protesting against Israel , supposedly , yet I bet if there were a march supporting Israel it would have been allowed. Erdogan was the only vocal world leader condemning Israel. Does this mean that Netanyahu who caused this to stay in power has every worlds leaders genital firmly gripped in his teeth so they stay silent. Nothing but gutless vassals who will expect my family to go and die for them in wars against Russia and China. Only after they jump on a horse and go Lead Scout.

Donald Moore

Yes we noticed about twenty 7 to 10 year olds along the fence we built with bottle rockets ready to shoot them over the fence into Israel. F-16’s were called and and neutralized this terrorist attack!

Peter Wallace

What with , napalm. Donald Moore , more like Donald Cook..


chemical weapons factories are targeted and they are blowing up leaving huge flames and its very noticable how weapon factories and so on are all blowing up these days


when their rocket factory blew up the idiot zionists wanted to tell the world that they did tests and therefore it blew up but please who does do a test of rocket engines beside tanks of fuel it doesnt make any sense their excuses before and still their lies are absurd and a little bit of brain will already make you understand how stupid mistaken the jews are

Peter Wallace

It seems that everything they say is a lie. Even their trolls on here can’t help lying. I wonder if it must be a course they do in Israeli schools. How to lie lie lie. Of course it matches up with their thieving ways . Lying and thieving . Time to turn the ovens on.. Israel is losing the public support it is used to having with more and more condemning them . If Black lives matter what is the difference for Palestinians. Israel may have the power and the backing of the worlds biggest thug but I see a backlash coming that will cost them more..


i noticed that zionist airports are the next targets so i wonder how much longer these f16´s will exist


It will take decades for Gaza to recover. It will take months and years for Hamas to rebuild. Maybe longer.
For what? Qatar food baskets and Gulf gift cards for Israeli produce (these are what families of dead get). They buy Israeli products with Israeli money (the currency of Gaza). Their men are dead and the widows become prey for senior surviving Hamas men.
They are such morons, honestly. I simply do not get their end game.

Fog of War

The problem isnt that Hamas took the ” bait “. The problem is that no other force will join in with them. Israhell needs to be assaulted by multiple ” actors ” from all sides, otherwise it will always ” win ” .

Fog of War

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