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Israeli Military Blows Up Tunnel Of Hamas Near Gaza Border

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Israeli Military Blows Up Tunnel Of Hamas Near Gaza Border

By the Israeli military official Twitter account @IDFSpokesperson

On October 11, the Israeli military announced that it discovered and destroyed a tunnel of the Hamas Movement that infiltrated Israel territory from the Palestinian Gaza Strip. According to the army, the tunnel was built with the aim of carrying out attacks on an Israeli settlement near Gaza.

“We estimate $3 million worth of cement, electrical equipment, and hours of labor were invested in this tunnel,” the Israeli military said on its official twitter account.

This was the 15th tunnel destroyed by the Israeli military this year. In late 2017, seven fighters and commanders of the Hamas Movement were killed, when Israel destroyed a similar tunnel near the Gaza Strip border.

Back then, the incident led to a dangerous military escalation in the Gaza Strip. However, this will not likely happen now as no one was reportedly killed or injured during the destruction of the new tunnel.

The Israel military claims that’s using an “advanced technology” to locate and track these tunnels. According to experts, this new technology is likely a sophisticated ground-penetrating radar (GPR) which is installed in ground or aerial vehicles.

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chris chuba

“the tunnel was built with the aim of carrying out attacks on an Israeli settlement near Gaza.”

These tunnels are used for smuggling, not terrorism. There has not been an infiltration attack in Israel from Gaza for over a decade yet they have found hundreds of tunnels. Did the Israelis discover them in the nick of time on every single occasion? Don’t think so.

Lena Jones

Blow one up while at least ten are concurrently getting dug and built lol!

When the big war comes, mister and missus israel will be attacked from air, sea, hill and tunnel.

You can call me Al

….. and Nature, mark my words.


i really want them satanic jews to die…BUT..

stop with this bs attack by air,sea,hill,tunnel……by whom??? hamas???
hamas is and was MOSSAD
PLO payed off
hezbollah..defending lebanon yes…attacking israel not in a lifetime
syria no chance, still occupied by 3 nato countries..turkey,usa,france
iraq still dead…usa on satanic jew orders did a fine job on iraq (that fine is fucking sarcastic)
iran just to defend themselves like hezbollah

will the big war come as u mentioned?? probably…the jews need the war, so all that we have been seeing and going to see from israel is a constant stinging on either hezbollah or IRRG, to make them strike first….iran and hezbollah have so far shown great restraint because they know the consequences of a “big war”….total destruction for south lebanon and iran….devastation for israel……dont get me wrong, like i mentioned above , i hope those fucking satanic jews die sooner than later, but if feelings are left out and u bring in logic…its simple the outcome..
israel will suffer greatly due to the thousands of missiles, and will suffer as long till them satanic jews use their big ones, their nuclear arsenal…..and dont nobody believe that they wont use them when the going gets tough.
israels power lies in the BIG LIES of mankind and in the monetary system that they control to a 100%.the big lie is the bs holocaust fairy tale…thats the ONLY reason israel(jews) have leverage over the european and n.american POPULATIONS.The nations themselves must follow orders due to the monetary system…best seen in the 2008 meltdown, brought about by excatly them satanic jews, and hence exactly those criminals get rewarded not with millions, but 100´s of BILLIONS, that goes for europe and/or n.america.
But , sorry to write, it seems like them fucking satanic jews are getting the upper hand…the destruciton of europe is nearly finished, with millions of illetarate thiefs,rapists and murderers etc.. getting asylum with tremendous amounts of money and goods, 99 % from MIEDEVAL moslem countries where stonig a woman, or hacking arms off, chopping heads off,women seen not more than walking virginas,etc.. so anybody counting on europe in the next 1000 years for anything positive to happen..LOL…in germany ie. the moslem population will outnumber the indigenous christian population by 2043, in sweden by 2032,, those are facts based on NO MORE influx of bastards lol…so anybody can do the math..those years 2043 and 2032 will definetly not hold…france already is a totally failed state..same with netherlands..here on southfront was a great article about the netherlands and the new crime wave by the new incoming asylum seekers…from the article the head of the neatherlands drug commision “we have lost.this war cannot be won anymore.we have no man power to cope with the sheer numbers of thiefs,drug dealers,rapists etc.. here in amsterdam a murder costs only 300 euro.we are lost”
belgium hahaha great country, remeber the town where abdessalam was hiding?? remember what happened as the special forces went in and arrested him??
These special forces(equipt with machine guns,pistols,body armour etc..) got attacked by hundreds of young moslem youths with stones,molotov cocktails etc.. lol….just a matter of time..
in england lollolol… just watch the RT documentaries on “moslem cities and towns ” in england…unfuckingbelievable…..no whites in numerous towns, districts of cities, recored number of knife crimes,record number of acid attacks on women(world record holder is pakistan in that regard)…just a matter of time…

and it all is part of the satanic jewish agenda

a one world government with jerusalem as its capital under satanic jewish leadership.

only 2 ways to do that.
make israel bigger

make the world smaller

take a wild quess which one it will be.
peace love and harmony

Lena Jones

I’m a Californian who’s been living in south Lebanon for over six years now – and I can tell you that the Axis of Resistance is super ready to cripple the israeli command and control plus runways and infrastructure right on the first day of the ‘big war’… and the rest will be history.

The ‘big war’ will be ugly-violent but short, imho. Sure the south Leb will be hit too and refugees there will be created, but one thing is for sure: they will be returning home when the war dust settles whereas the ‘refugeed’ jewy khazars will not be returning to the holy land for the next thousand years.

And nobody around here is weeping over the the disintegrating fabric of europe or the usa. As an American, I myself am more than happy to see all countries with a murderous colonialist mindset knocked off their stolen perches. Fuck europe and fuck America and long live their victims!




These jews…… Never use a Capital Letters when spelling the word “jew” The jew scummers have always sucked a hard or soft comment image cock


Of course Israel can’t reveal their techniques they’re using right now, but one method is they used to use is that the cell phone signals of suspected Hamas members could be used as a sort of GPS. Often these phones would go into a house, the signal would be lost for a couple hours, then reappear in the same spot. This method helped them to identify the entrances to many tunnels during the Gazan Wars.


Can’t bomb Syrians any more – guess they’re back to bombing Gazans.

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