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Israeli Military Admits Tweeting Fake Lebanon Map with Marked Hezbollah Positions

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Israeli military has admitted that a map, which was posted on its Twitter account and allegedly showed military positions of the Hezbollah resistance movement, is fake.

Israeli Military Admits Tweeting Fake Lebanon Map with Marked Hezbollah Positions

A fake map of Lebanon, allegedly, showing military positions of Hezbollah, which was tweeted by Israeli military earlier.

The Israeli Army has admitted that a map, titled “Declassified map of Hezbollah’s military infrastructure in Lebanon,” which was posted on its Twitter account on December 6, is fake. The map, accompanied by the text “This is a war crime,” allegedly shows positions of antiaircraft systems, rocket launchers, infantry, and tunnels of the Hezbollah resistance movement in 85 villages in south Lebanon.

However, online users noted that the map was fabricated, as it was clear that its history was created by using Google Maps. Commentators also pointed out that the dots, marked on the map, represent a repetitive pattern.

On Thursday, the fact that the map, which, according to Israeli media, has been circulated among foreign diplomats, is inaccurate was admitted by Israeli military. According to the Israeli Army, the map was just a “visual illustration.”

It is not the first time, when Israel uses social media as propaganda tools against Hezbollah. In 2013, a fake Facebook page, which allegedly belonged to Hezbollah, was created by a representative of Israeli military. A fake website of the resistance movement was also created and regularly updates by the Israeli Armed Forces.

The Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement, which has already fought off two wars against Israel, has been successfully protecting the territory of Lebanon from terrorists, who could enter the country from neighboring Syria, where, as it is known, the Israeli Army support anti-Damascus militants. Hezbollah also dispatched its fighters to the territory of Syria near the Lebanese border in order to assist the Syrian Armed Forces in the fight against extremist militants.

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Gary Sellars

By deception shalt thou wage war….

The (unofficial) motto of Mossad.

Joseph Scott

And only unofficial because they changed it for PR reasons recently. It was their old official motto. *Note: the word translated as deception also means strategy, and wise counsel, though that has some interesting implications in and of itself.

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