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Israeli Military Accuses Hezbollah Of Storing Weapons Near School In Southern Lebanon (Video)

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Israeli Military Accuses Hezbollah Of Storing Weapons Near School In Southern Lebanon (Video)

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The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have accused Hezbollah of storying weapons near a school attended by 300 children in South Lebanon.

On July 14, the IDF Twitter account shared a satellite image of the alleged weapons warehouse in the village of Ebba. A school is located just across street from the warehouse.

“Our intelligence can reveal that Hezbollah has built a weapons warehouse just 25 meters from a school in the village of Ebba, Lebanon. This endangers the lives of 300 children who attend the school,” the IDF said on Twitter.

A quick search revealed that the building marked by the IDF as a secret weapons warehouse of Hezbollah hosts a toy store called “Lovely Baby”. No signs of military infrastructure are clear in the IDF satellite image or in the available photos of the toy store.

This was not the first time Israel accuses Hezbollah of sorting weapons in civilian areas. Tel Aviv accused the group of building missile factories, depots and launch sites in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, on a number of occasions over the last few years.

Israel has been attempting to incite the Lebanese public opinion against Hezbollah for a while now. Recently, Israeli officials claimed that the group was behind an attempt to smuggle a large arms shipment to northern Israel.


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zionists threatening children as usual

Arch Bungle

Moloch demands a child sacrifice of the Jew…

The Jew looks for gentile children to butcher upon their God’s altar.


Blackmailing will not work. if there is weopen it is still far from the main school compound which is atleast 50mtr away. unless zionist will say children got killed bcuz of hezbollah.

Christian J. Chuba

Before or after the IDF destroyed the school?

Simon Ndiritu

After Israelis butchering thousands of Palestinian children, they are suddenly very concerned about the safety of 300 lebaness children. This is highly hypocritical!

"Israel" is a terrorist European settler colony

The Jewish terrorists from the terrorist colony of “Israel” was just bombing children and women and innocent men in Gaza.

These Zionists don’t care about children. If the Israeli president could get away with it, he’d wear a necklace made from Palestinian ears, and the Western media wouldn’t care.

The Swede

Here we go again.
It’s not the first time they made allegations like this one.


zionists are imbeciles with weak propaganda. They routinely arrest and imprison Palestinian children and they talk about alleged weapons. Pathetic clowns.


JC Denton

Wow. Toy Story from 1995 looks more realistic than this crappy CGI. So this is the type of “evidence” that they use to start wars?

Ty Ty

Translation: The Jews are itching to sacrifice Lebanese children on their holy days https://youtu.be/HNkRJJ8Jz4k?t=547

here is a video for you: Israel attacks schoolbus full of Lebanese children on mothersday; i need some help completing the translation https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SpRCBaeL7fPMEcp1FiCPYX2WxFCSCjRs/view

Last edited 12 days ago by Ty Ty
A clown like you

Zion placed their camps right in heart of cities, they so moronic…like what the fuk they are saying?
@6:35 (By Zion’s definition the IDF uses human shields too)
“The Zion defense forces’ main headquarters is smack dab in the middle of a residential area.”

Religion divide people. No to religion

Fuc..k you all anti Western propaganda…
It is very normal for fu.ck up Hamas to hide behind school or market place…
War is war so no remorse for people who are on the side of Hamas..
Fu.ck them all …
Fu.ck islamist fu.ck Christianity fu.ck religion.
If you want to believe In God you don’t need to belong to a religion.
You just truly believe in God…
No Islam no Christianity no Hindu no fuc.k up belief….
Just be kind in life and Don’t give a fuck how someone fuc.k up your life…
You are addicted to drugs is just you to blame.
Are you a fuck up Islamic..is just your choice.and you deserveto die….
Your life your choice..
If you want freedom stop voting for a fu.ck up religious leaders…

people divide no, diapers religion zios

Calm down religiotard dispenser. People already divide no while religio no diapers.


No One here voting for religious leaders FuckTard so Stop venting. Maybe you need a woman or a Man – Are you sexually frustrated DumbShit?

Arch Bungle

The article is talking about Hezbollah, not Hamas, you imbecile!


So WHat? ISRAEL never cares about bombing civilians or babies, so why should it care about schoolkids? – Israel never warns before attacks on any of its neighbours, Why now? just bomb and get it done with.So why dont they bomb it ? – Because they know the response will be an invasion of Israel. This is just to let the Hezb know that IDF intel is ontop of of it all. The Hezb can store weapons wherever the Fu.ck they want – its their country


Israel finds weapons stash of the Hezb in Lebanon but cant find the Hezb’s weapons stash INSIDE Israel LMFAO :)


The sovereign territory of (southern) Lebanon is none of Israel’s business. Hezbollah forced the IDF to abandon its military occupation of southern Lebanon from 1982-2000 – the Israeli’s have never come to terms with this defeat and complete withdrawal.

Last edited 11 days ago by GoldStandard

Amusing that the imbecile gantz was part of the humiliation. Today they pretend as if he never existed in 2005/2006. Pathetic.

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