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Israeli Military: 1,000 Rockets Were Launched From Gaza In 2018. Only 250 Were Intercepted By Iron Dome

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On December 31, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) released a summary of their claims on attacks coming from the Gaza Strip. According to the IDF:

  • Israeli forces destroyed 15 cross-border tunnels;
  • 1,000 rockets were launched at Israeli targets from the Gaza Strip;
  • 250 rockets were interceted by the IDF’s Iron Dome system.
Israeli Military: 1,000 Rockets Were Launched From Gaza In 2018. Only 250 Were Intercepted By Iron Dome

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good, lets hope for 20000 rockets in 2019 and up from rockets to heavily lethal missiles. that will be the day. amazing what you can put together in a concentration camp. israel is toast and the good for nothing should start preparing for the next diaspora. that will be the day!

Lena Jones

250 interceptions are an exaggeration – jews always fiddle with numbers.

My true wish for 2019 is for the Axis of Resistance to multiply its weapons in number and in force.

My equal other wish is for israel to fire the first shot that would lead to the destruction of tel aviv and the annihilation of the terrorist klepto state of israel.

Zionism = EVIL

As I posted during the recent Gaza flare up, the Zionist scum chickened out in 48 hours as the new 330mm Fajr missiles brought down a whole Zionist apartment block in Ashkelon and were landing close to their only desalination plant that supplies 15% of water to Southern Occupied Palestine. Hamas has much better targeting now and the Iron Dud is as useless as US Patriots. Zionist hype and propaganda is falling apart like their Hollywood created Pisrael.


Hey, birds disabled an F35 last year that was permanently put out of commission…humble allies to the side of right like the birds are not to be dismissed, like the field mice who ate through the wires of German tanks during the Battle of Stalingrad.

Lena Jones

250 out of 1000? It’s always suspect when a nicely rounded up stat-number is given to the masses.

Promitheas Apollonious

250? maybe in their dreams. They have not manage to hit more than 10% of the missiles send against them. At least this is what military circles within israel admit.


An interception rate of 1 in 4 looks pathetic for such an expensive system. That’s how a journalist ignorant in military matters would look at it. As most journalists are. Me, I would surmise that the actual interception might be higher, but that most of the rockets coming out of Gaza are relatively simple unguided ones, and anything that the IDF reckoned wasn’t going to hit anything of importance or with civilians in them, that they just weren’t going to intercept them. Which would be something I would do if I were them. So the number of missiles that were successfully engaged, when the decision was taken to do so, might be a lot higher.

I know many here like to dismiss the IDF as incompetent bullies, but I reckon that underestimating your opponent is never a good thing. Wars are lost that way.

Feudalism Victory

Hmmm. A thoughtful and thought provoking idea. They did not say how many they tried to intercept leaving one to assume they tried every one.


Some readers don’t understand how the Iron Dome system works. Radar calculated the trajectory and if the missile is going to the system protected areas, then the missile is launched to counter the attack. If the missile is going to an empty land then Iron Dome doesn’t bother. For financial reasons obviously.
The success of Iron Dome is not evaluated by the percentage of interceptions but the success of the missiles landing in the protected areas.

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