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Israeli Merkava 4 Battle Tank Flipped Over During Drills Near Contact Line With Lebanon

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Israeli Merkava 4 Battle Tank Flipped Over During Drills Near Contact Line With Lebanon

A photo from the site

An Israeli Merkava 4 battle tank flipped over during military drills near the contact line with Lebanon. According to reports, the incident happened somewhere near the Har Dov Mount. The tank was damaged, but no casualties were reported.

The new drill followed drills by the Israeli Defense Forces’ 215th Artillery division, which in the period from December 1 to December 6 participated in an exercise simulating a war with Lebanon. Hundreds of troops as well as officers, commanders and reservists from the 402nd and 55th battalions participated in the tactical drill taking place in the Jordan Valley.

Israeli Merkava 4 Battle Tank Flipped Over During Drills Near Contact Line With Lebanon

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Jimmy Jim

Kikes in panic mode.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)



This is even better, Zionist Merkava destroyed near Bint Jbeil Lebanon by Konkurs. In 2006 Hezbollah destroyed or disabled over 21 Merkava IV in a bad tactical position with relatively primitive Konkurs and Saggers with great skill, luck and bravery. Now, it’s much more likely as Hezbollah weaponry is more advanced than most of NATO and its soldiers are far better trained and more experienced.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

but now they have been upgraded with the ability to flip over, hezbollah must adapt to this hahahahah ;))))


It was the Iranians


Give the Zionist spin machine some time and they will surely make up more lies implicating Iran or Russia or even tiny Armenia for all crimes of omission and commission.


Lol. With Russian help of course !


This is what happens when you try to fly a Tank.


But it flew in my video game, to it must be possible :)


So-called IDF has been whittled down by brutality of occupation and will face a disaster in next war with a superbly armed Hezbollah who have fought real battles with some of the worst CIA sponsored Wahhabi headchoppers in Syria and all over the region. The Zionists are well aware that the 30 year old Merkava are death traps in face of modern ATGM like the Russian Kornet and its Iranian cousin the even deadlier Dehaleveiah.

Hasbara Hunter

Private Iron Zion was behind the steering system of that tank when the accident happened…Out of the blue a rabbit jumped in front of his tank…Private Iron Zion scared himself half to death…pooped his panties made a sharp turn right and thus them Tank ended up in a ditch…The IDF is still searching for Mister Iron Zion…all they have found of him up till now are his poop bedraggled panties…


You are wrong HH. Private Iron Z bravely avoided killing another living animal and his selfless actions saved the rabbit. :)

Hasbara Hunter

I will thank Private Iron Zion for saving Bugs Bunny as soon as he pops up again…my contact in Hell Aviv just told me that the SAR-Operation is still without any positive result….

Hasbara Hunter

Even the import of “Jewish” Units from abroad in recent years could not compete with the growing Arab population…which is a very good thing… Rothschild’s Criminal Freehaven, Apartheid State, Beachhead & Steppingstone into the Middle East called ISraHell has lost all rights to exist…it only caused Troubles & has behaved itself as a Demonic Entity & Malignant Yinon-Plan-Tumor in the region (since its very existence)…They have gotten their chances to prove otherwise and blew it Big Time….By now the World seems to be pretty much done with it…

It is the Global AngloZioNazi-Elites, they have created all this….so ISraHell is just part of a much bigger problem in my personal opinion

Black Waters

Hezbollah did it, they have telekinetic über sonic weapons!- Cmon people use your imagination!!

Gary Sellars

Good. Now hit it with some RPGs until it goes bang.


They saw Hezbollah (or thought they did), s#at their pants, tank slipped on their s#it and the rest is history.

Mer-kava! The tank that flips over your s#it instead of flipping your enemy’s s#it.


Oy Vey …! A Zionist soldier reports to the Zionist commander! Report sir! An invisible Hezbollah fighter has destroyed our tank alone with his bare hands! Now we have to retreat to headquarters to change our diapers again!


If memory serves correctly, the engine on this tank is in the front and the fuel tank is in front of the engine, the rear is a troop carrier. interesting design.



Oops. Iran did it. Let’s bomb Iran.


What is this a female driver perhaps!!

Hasbara Hunter
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