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Israeli Media Instigates Washington Fears That Iran Would Attack US Troops Soon

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Israeli Media Instigates Washington Fears That Iran Would Attack US Troops Soon

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Israel’s Mossad Intelligence Agency allegedly passed on “credible” information to the US of a potential Iranian attack on US troops, pro-Israeli outlet Axios reported.

This was reportedly the reason why US National Security Adviser John Bolton announced the deployment of the USS Abraham Lincoln carrier strike group, according to anonymous Israeli officials.

“Information about possible Iranian plots against the U.S. or its allies in the Gulf were raised two weeks ago in talks held at the White House between an Israeli delegation headed by national security adviser Meir Ben Shabbat and a U.S. team led by Bolton,” the unnamed Israeli officials told Axios White House correspondent Barak Ravid.

According to the report, Mossad presented several scenarios for what the Iranians might be planning:

“It is still unclear to us what the Iranians are trying to do and how they are planning to do it, but it is clear to us that the Iranian temperature is on the rise as a result of the growing U.S. pressure campaign against them, and they are considering retaliating against U.S. interests in the Gulf,” an unnamed Israeli official said.

The entire Axios report is practically based on nothing and it also simply alleges that Iran was “up to something” rather than providing anything specific:

“The intelligence about a possible Iranian plot is not very specific at this stage, but the officials said it was clear the threat was against a U.S. target in the Gulf or U.S. allies like Saudi Arabia or the UAE.”

CNN’s Barbara Starr cited anonymous US officials who shared the same information. In a Twitter response it was reminded that John Bolton was also part of the story that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.

On May 5th, US National Security Adviser John Bolton announced the deployment of the carrier strike group in response to “a number of troubling and escalatory indications and warnings” by Iran.

Initially it appeared that the carrier strike group’s (CSG) deployment was sudden, but a deeper look proves otherwise.

On April 8th, the USS Abraham Lincoln’s CSG arrived in Europe, after leaving their home port of Norfolk, Virginia on April 1st.

“The strike group, which includes the aircraft carrier, Ticonderoga-class guided-missile cruiser USS Leyte Gulf (CG 55), and destroyers from Destroyer Squadron (DESRON) 2, will operate in the Mediterranean Sea before progressing towards the Persian Gulf,” the statement said.

This was reportedly a standard deployment and is part of a change of homeport to San Diego, scheduled for October 31st.

“The Abraham Lincoln Strike Group has worked tremendously hard to prepare for our operations in US 6th Fleet,” said Rear Adm. John Wade, commander, Abraham Lincoln CSG. “We are poised and ready to perform our mission.”

In February, the USS Abraham Lincoln CSG carried out a rehearsal of strait transit maneuvers.

CSG 12 conducted the simulation “as part of composite unit training exercise (COMPTUEX) to test the strike group’s ability to navigate safely, while also dealing with threats that could be encountered during their upcoming deployment scheduled for later this year.”

“We train so it is second nature for when we do it in the real world,” said Cmdr. Kenneth Myrick, Abraham Lincoln’s intelligence officer. “In straits there is an increased opportunity for miscalculation. They are a prime space for those who may want to take advantage of our limited maneuverability. We need to understand how to defend ourselves while in straits if we find ourselves in that situation.”

The strait transit exercise further reminds of Iran’s interactions with US Navy warships:

“Strait transits put ships in a particularly precarious position because they are navigating through narrow passageways of water, usually with only one clear path in and out. When a strike group makes this type of transit, it is in a higher protective posture than normal due to high traffic or the possibility of foreign threats or attacks. During the exercise, CSG 12 was confronted with various simulated threats, including low-buzzing aircraft, small surface contacts, mine-laying craft and submarines.”

Most recently, the USS Abraham Lincoln Strike Group took part in a major Italian exercise called “Mare Aperto.”

On April 23rd, the USS Abraham Lincoln CSG met with the USS John C. Stennis CSG in the Mediterranean Sea for joint operations in the US 6th Fleet area of operations.

This was the first time that two carriers have operated in the Mediterranean at the same time since the summer of 2016, when the Dwight D. Eisenhower and Harry S. Truman CSGs were deployed to the region simultaneously.

“It’s a rare opportunity to train with two carrier strike groups together,” Vice Adm. Lisa M. Franchetti, commander of US 6th Fleet, said. “Dual carrier operations here in the Mediterranean showcase the inherent flexibility and scalability maritime forces provide to the joint force, while demonstrating our ironclad commitment to the stability and security of the region.”

This voyage of the USS Abraham Lincoln with a stop at Palma de Mallorca, Spain on April 15th, marked its first port call since 2012.

So, despite John Bolton’s announcement appearing as a sudden sharpening of rhetoric and actions, it was obviously planned in advance. The statements following the deployment are just the US scrambling for justification for the deployment.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told reporters he could not elaborate on what Iran specifically did, but said they were separate from the escalation in Gaza between May 3rd and 5th.


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You can call me Al

comment image?itok=qExGKTHp


I wish I could up vote this more than once…

You can call me Al

Mentally recorded. Tx.


Just flag waving, it shows how desperate they are.


Netanyahu desperately wants engagement of America with Iran. Would Netanyahu succeed in this idiotic act or they want another Venezuela type failed operation to completely FCK America. LOL


true, it’s another snafu in the making. will be fun to watch and donny the dunce will regret it once crude reaches 250 bucks per barrel.


No the war of America and Iran would be not like Iraqi war. Iran has technology. Iran is not Afghanistan, Iraq or Syria. Second Iran is not lonely because the regional other countries know that the next are their number in line. Russia, Pakistan and China are Iran strong trusted friends against America and Israel. Just two aircraft carriers of America targeted then the world will see the cries of America. This war will be not just regional rather global in which Israel will be completely wiped out from the world.


it’s well known that the squatters murder, steal and lie incessantly so this is nothing new. rather what you can expect from the squatters but the world at large know where the lies emanate from and keep watching to see if the neo-nazis in wahington dc are gullible enough to take the bait.

please note, the squatters need to be evicted forcefully from the land they have stolen and now occupy and there s no peace on this earth until the are safely stashed away somewhere on the north american continent, like canada or moronistan (aka usa – home of neo-nazi morons on par with what hitler managed to assemble around himself, think fatso – goehring, think bolton – himmler, think abrams – heydrich und zu weiter, the differences are hardly noticeable)


No need to evict them forcefully. They are suicidal.


vermin you dont export to another location to eliminate the problem what you sugest will make the problem even bigger, plus you put them in position of more power than they already have at their disposal. Not very intelligent thing to do.


I know but any other suggestion would sort of tend towards treblinka and that’s harsh and thus not really permissible in polite and erudite company, like south front’s commentary fields.


The war of America and Iran would be not like Iraqi war. Iran has technology. Iran is not Afghanistan, Iraq or Syria. Second Iran is not lonely because the regional other countries know that the next are their number in line.

Russia, Pakistan and China are Iran strong trusted friends against America and Israel. Just two aircraft carriers of America sunk then the world will see the cry of America. This war will be not just regional rather global in which Israel will be completely wiped out from the world.

peter mcloughlin

In these dangerous, febrile times powers should heed the warnings of history if not to repeat the past with yet another world war – nuclear war.

Luke Hemmming

The only thing Im worried about is Israel perpetrating a False Flag attack and making it look like Iran did it. They have done it before and will do so again if need be. My close friend is Iranian and her family still lives in Iran. They are the most beautiful kind hearted people I have ever met and I love them so much. I tell my friend to tell her family to have a plan and get out of Iran should a war start.Then head to Israel with a bag of toasting marshmellows, a stick and a lead suit and go toast your marshmellows from the intense nuclear fire burning when the Dimoana Nuclear power reactor gets blown up making Israel a glow-in-the-dark nuclear wasteland.


well…….. the zionists always call out for help while they attack you playing the victim. both you mention are ruled by zionists, so where is the surprise, what they are saying? Israel been under attack form Iran according to them in order to eliminate them as the settler village they are, the last 30+ years, always according to them and their american minions.


It has been exposed where Bolton people tried to create a false flag operation. All arrested. Planned to attack US forces and blame it one.


??? source???


Here is the source …reliable


thanks. interesting site Axios.
bolton is being played like a cheap violin.
a mad dog attacks everyone.


netanyahoo say “s*it” and the moronic murikans say “how much?”

Real Anti-Racist Action

It’s true. We Americans are now slaves to Jews like the Germans were slaves to the Jews in the early 20th century before they liberated themselves. But then they got reconquered and now we Americans are also a conquered people.
Everything hinges upon the ability for societies to learn how to fully liberated themselves from being slaves to Zionist-supremacist-bigots.


SameOldShit..Israeli ‘scenarios’= FFs for US troops=Bolton slavering.

Taz T

Netanyahu’s bitch is following his order. Israel is doing its best to start another war in the Middle East making sure it is the US who will be doing the fighting. American never learn.

Real Anti-Racist Action

After the Jews manipulated the US into fight a war against Europe, you think Americans would have learned.
Then Jews manipulated the media and the politicians against to fight another war against Europe.
And on and on. Subjects of the USSA should have learned long long ago.


Well the FA18’s could make it to Kabul to supply air support, but they couldn’t get back.
Iran could overrun American troops in Afghanistan within hours, and the only thing the US could to stop them being taken prisoner, is kill them with B52’s.
They would kill their own troops to prevent them being taken prisoner.

Real Anti-Racist Action

(((They))) tend to believe their wishes and lies.
It is like they want something to happen so badly, that it begins to become real in their mind.
To (((Them))) this is really going to happen.
However in reality, it is not going to happen.
That is the disconnect between (((Them))) and Reality.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

this is the end of US empire, my gut instinct is telling me

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

How does bolton or pompeo or nutty yahoo sleep at night knowing they are sending young american servicemen and women to their deaths for their own benefit? Somewhere where they should not even be. seems like they are nothing but pure evil


“How does bolton or pompeo or nutty yahoo sleep at night…”
doesn’t even enter their fevered minds.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

That has to be true psychopathy then

Xoli Xoli

Israel have realized that whatever their asked for USA Trump will authorize. Satanyahu knows Bolton and Pompeo will brainwash Trump and will convince for the nation with fake news operators of USA and Britain fake BBC news.All the NATO countries fake news journalists are rude and always take side of terrorists supporting lies and terrorism.

Xoli Xoli

Dont take USA threats lightly like Saddam and Gaddafi.Saudi oil output is subsiding USA is bankrupt Israel is instigating USA.Currently Omar is blocking warmongers decisions. Bolton,Pompeo uses false intelligence of Satanyahu.

Xoli Xoli

M16,CIA,USA, NATO medias are big fake news and fake intelligence editors and planners.No one in this entire world believe in their bullshit anymore.USA whites are hijacked from the truth.If their go to Africa and see us wearing nice clothes and driving beautiful expensive cars then their get shock and get heart attack.Because their are made to believe Africa is a animal conservancy and blacks are sleeping in trees.Their make fake Hollywood movies base on fake stories and pay few blacks and say runaway if you see a airplanes.

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