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Israeli Media Claims: ‘Iran-linked Terror Group’ Dismantled In Central Africa

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A terror group called “Saraya Zahara” in Central Africa was uncovered and dismantled, i24News reported. The suspected terror cell was arrested in Chad.

Israeli Media Claims: 'Iran-linked Terror Group' Dismantled In Central Africa

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Citing anonymous sources, the outlet reported that the suspected terror group was backed by Iran. The Islamic Republic was spending “hundreds of thousands of dollars to prevent diplomatic advancement with Israel,” by Central African countries.

According to the quoted sources, Iran’s elite al-Quds division, was behind the recruitment and training of men between the ages of 25-35 – several already belonging to a designated terror group operating out of the region formerly known as Seleka — to commit terror attacks against Westerners on the continent.

Ali Parhoon, a senior officer in the al-Quds, allegedly specializes in heading African-based cells.

“[Seleka militia leader Michel Djotodia] received $150,000, the Iranians spoke with Michel to…create an army to fight against the Westerners in Africa,” Ismail Mohamad Djida, acting commander of the cell, said in video testimony after his arrest that was obtained by i24News.

I24News’ information suggested that the former leader of the Seleka militia, Michel Djotodia had been by Iran “for terror recruitment with the aim to destabilize any country with either existing or burgeoning diplomatic relations to the Jewish State.”

This allegedly was due to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s active campaign to “build or renew” ties with African countries. Specifically ones that refuse to recognize Israel’s sovereignty or have distanced themselves due to its treatment of the Palestinians.

Israeli sources provided no actual conclusive evidence that Iran actually did partake in any such efforts in Central Africa. But after all, Israel and the US coonstantly accuse Iran of sponsoring terrorism on a global scale. Iran’s ally, Russia, is also continuously accused of expanding its influence in Central Africa with various tools. So, it’s only natural for Iran to also want to take part.

It is also worth nothing that the report surfaces soon after the US designated the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist organization and ramped up efforts in its “maximum pressure” policy on Iran.

Earlier, on April 15th, Al Jazeera also reported that its correspondents had been allowed into a Russian military training center in the Central African Republic.

The report concluded that despite Washington-led establishment and MSM accusations everything was in order. All relations were formalized and nothing but training was taking part in the camp.

An adviser to CAR’s president and former Russian intelligence official, Valery Zakharov, gave Al Jazeera access to the military training base. He also openly described goals and agenda of his presence in the country.

“My job is to deal with national security, I help restore the army, police and all sorts of questions regarding national security,” Zakharov said. “The Russians came here to bring peace. To arm government troops is one of the tasks so in the future these soldiers can occupy the borders and peace can be brought here in the end, and police take care of internal security.”

There was also an interview with a “opposition leader” who accused Russia of simply wanting to steal CAR’s gold. He was surrounded by child soldiers while speaking.

And it is without a doubt that Russia has its own agenda, and if Iran, if at all present in the region, has its own. But it’s also likely that it’s not as “sinister” or obvious as MSM like to portray it.


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Luke Hemmming

What is Israel complaining for? They support ISIS.

Concrete Mike

This is more like a look at my left hand whilst i slap you with the right.

You can call me Al

I gave you an uptick, but to be honest; I don’t get it ?.

Concrete Mike

Its old french woods wisdom, it means dont trust de israelistan or youll end up shanked!

You can call me Al

French !!!, oh;but as it is anti-kike; vive le Frogs.

You can call me Al

Actually the maid was having a sexual relationships with the Uncle’s nephew and the milkman’s wife’s friend (that bought the dress)comment image?resize=500%2C313

Promitheas Apollonious

what a load of bullshits. This is not reporting news is promoting zionist propaganda.

Promitheas Apollonious

SF so you know the Putin-Kim link is giving an 404 error message when you try to load it.

Lena Jones

‘A little birdie told me that” israel has illegal nukes aimed at every major Gentile city in the world. Even this little birdie news is more accurate than anything that comes out of israel’s media agents.


and I guess you know that israeli advisers advise mohammed bin salman in the war in yemen – full scale operatives and also supplying weapons of the latest kind to be tried out on the infidels (yemen arabs that doesn’t fit mbs view of what is a good arab). all out participation to get mbs to support an attack on iran, of course, but mbs is wary of the vulnerable ras tanura and is hard to convince. and since the squatters can’t bribe him with money the ply him with weapons, advise and terror, which he willingly accepts.

Parisa Zoorgoo

the dancing child burners know that if they fail to provoke ww3, they will eventually have to pay for kennedy,911 and every terrorist action don by isis

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