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JULY 2020

Israeli Media Blames Russia For “Hostile Attack” On GPS In Israel


Israeli Media Blames Russia For "Hostile Attack" On GPS In Israel


Israeli media outlets are in hysteria over the alleged Russian meddling into GPS nagivation over Israel for the past three week. Some of them, like Army Radio, even called the move a “hostile attack.” It even claimed that Israel had sent a defense official to Russia to settle this situation.

On June 26, the Israel Airports Authority reported that pilots were having difficulty landing, experiencing mysterious disruptions.

“As a result of the disturbances, changes were made in some of the entry procedures for landing to ensure safety; these are procedures used daily in airports around the world,” the organization said in a statement. “At no stage was there a safety incident related to GPS interference in connection with the accuracy of navigation and flight routes. From the first day that the disturbance appeared, all of the elements in Israel have been working to solve the problem and find the source of the problem.”

The Israeli Defense Forces described this situation as poorely civilian and said that it “is constantly working to preserve the freedom of action and operational supremacy in the spectrum”.

Russia has denounced  reports in Israeli media as “fake news”.

Israeli media outlets come with simultaneous speculations regarding Russian ‘hostile activities’ towards Israel and growing Russian-Iranian tensions almost on a constant basis. The main goals of these efforts are to undermine the Russian-Iranian alliance and to keep the needed level of anti-Russian hysteria to continue providing the current policy in the region.




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  • Toronto Tonto

    Don’t the Russians hate Israel and jews .

    • Noland

      Lol…f Israel

    • Taz T

      There are 1.5m Russian Jews in Israel that’s why Israel attack Syria with Russiansknowledge.

      • Rob

        I was surprised that why Russia became so strong again. So this is the reason that they have kicked out most of these Jews morons from Russia and have cleaned own country for peace, stability, prosperity and development.

        • Taz T

          A lot them are Russian assets and obviously you do not understand it. Why would Putin meet up with Netanyahu every few months.

          • Hos Ng

            cuz THE Man , Putin. found the best punishment for the zioterrorists. Hence the regular groveling of nutface chickenpoo

      • Sinbad2

        Exactly, and they would start one of their terror campaigns in Russia if Russia bombed Israel.
        If you pick a fight with one Jew, you pick a fight with all Jews, they have no morals just their belief they are the master race.

    • grumpy_carpenter

      Russia has good relations with Israeli’s and Russia has a large jewish population. You never heard Hitler foaming at the mouth over jewish bolsheviks?

      Israel and Russia have partnered on making airborne radar for the Indian air force and Israel is about the only country in the world that Russia currently buys arms from.

      • Rob

        Dream less then you would be okay.

        • grumpy_carpenter

          So I’m dreaming huh …. enlighten me.

    • Sinbad2

      No just you.

    • Lena Jones

      Actually everyone hates you, not just Russia. And for good reason.

    • Hisham Saber

      Since the Middle Ages, 9th century – 13th century, the Khazars, who adapted Rabbinical Talmudic Jewry en masse, after their King did. Even going back to earlier history of Asia, the Russian steppes, the Caucuses and as far away as the Crimea, the pre-Talmudic Khazars reigned havov , were savages and even practiced ritual murder. A trait they found in line with the Talmud, no less.

      They ravaged the Slavs, frequently seizing this hard-working, peaceful people’s land, took from among them slaves.

      • Hisham Saber

        Khalid Ibn Al Walid (wiki him) is perhaps the most comprehensively victorious {Lead from the Front) General in the history of warfare. He was undefeated in over 120 battles, and a whole litany of personal duels that left not one inch of his body not scared. His genius ked to the complete collapse, militarily , of first the Persian Empire, then in quick succession, the Roman Byzantine Empire. And he didn’t even command a giant force. He did it all with his highly seasoned, veterans, duelists of his Elite Mobile Guard Calvary that numbered between 2000-2500 men. The collectively ran circles around enemy concentrations. Khalid coined the phrase ‘ Kar wa Far ‘ , or Hit and Run, to envision a sickle (hammer) and anvil degrading your forces on the left flank, then onto the right flank, eventually employing his Light Mobile Guard on whateven flank needed it most. The enemy would come to the battle all dressed up with Heavy Calvary, like the monumental Battle of Yarmouk, which was Khalid’s annihilator for the Byzantines at the Battle of Yarmouk (again wiki, however wiki minimizes the true nature of that disaster in which Byzantine was kicked out of the Levant, for good.)

        The first Islamic expedition to settle scores with the Talmudic Khazars went well, with the Kingdom of Khazaria weakened and this bought valuble time for the Slavs and others to strengthen themselves. Soon though, the Khazars were back at conflict with their neighbors. Looting, pillaging, land theft and all forms of debauchery and anti-humanistic behavior.

        The Slavic Princes known at the time as the Muscovites were adamant about getting rid of this Talmudic scourge infesting Russia. The Slavs were a hard working , noble people who bothered no one. So a second Islamic expedition was sent to eradicate the Khazars and their kingdom. It was not as successful as the firstin that the Islamic world was facing immanent threat by the Mongol Hordes of Ganges Khan, and the non-stop crusades. The Khazars simply moved into their Kingdom wall and baracaded themselves refusing to come out and fight. so siege was layed and afer a while, The expedition was called off.

        In 1158 A.D. Baghdad, with its world famous libraries devoted to every single science known to mankind at the timewas thrown into the river. Scholars have lamented that the Tigris river was like the color of ink, blue for many months. About 100,000 people, inhabitants of Baghdad, were rounded up and slaughtered by the brutal Mongols. But not all the Mongols were barbaric. Traveling along a desert trail,

  • newshole

    Karma, is that you?

  • opet ja

    When Russians jam drones closing Hmeyim air base they sometimes, due to high power of jamming equipment, get into Israeli space…and they don’t care much about that…

    • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

      yea thats what russia should tell israhell, maybe if you stopped helping those rats, we wouldnt have to jam their drones

  • klove and light

    lololol again not correct and alot of bs…… here is the truth of the matter

    GPS does not work… over Israel, syria,iraq and Iran it is a very massive “disturbance” of GPS Navigation….

    answer… ofcourse Russia…… why ??? to make it virtually impossible for Israel with USA to attack on a larger scale the Forces of resistance in Iran,iraq and syria…..

    that was also the reason why the USA Military, not trump, decided to Abort the attack on several iranian Targets after the shootdown of their drone.

    without the GPS System all sophisticated weapons Systems are totally worthless…they cannot find their Targets.


    ty Russia for avoiding the start of ww III Right now……..but rest assured, the satanic jews will try everything to get their big nuclear war, and they have a lot of Options on the table……i might add, that the latest drone incident, was much more serious than msm want u to believe…….

    there was a BAIT up in the air with the drone.A Poseidon intelligance Aircraft of the us Military with 17 us Military personal on board.That was the bait that Iran wisely Chose not to take.so ty to Iran also for not taking the bait “this time”.

    • bla

      good point, no need to down their aircraft , just make them go blind, whoever did this is a genius

  • Pave Way IV

    News flash in case any of you live in a cave: Russia just reiterated that if the U.S. uses ANY nukes (mini-nukes, ‘tactical’ nukes, low-yield meat-only nukes) on an ally, it would consider that equivalent to a nuclear attack against Russia, itself. That was done in the context of talks on the Middle East and potential for the war aginst Iran to start.

    Translation: That was equivalent to Russia publcly kicking Netanyahu right in the balls and warning: “That means YOU TOO, you little f*kers!”

    Russia knows damn well that Israel has either developed or been given some variant of U.S. tactical nuke penetrators specifically to take out uranium processing and rocket development targets in Iran. CENTCOM was alway hoping to roast a few Iranians with low-yeild tactical nuke cruise missiles or stand-off air munitions, then deny using nuclear-tipped versions because nobody had any proof. Plan B was to have Israeli jets drop them, then deny any prior U.S. knowledge about such an attack. Israel would just remain silent in such a scenario. Either way, both the U.S. and Israel would simply argue ad nauseum how the possibility of U.N. inspection teams finding anything radioactive at such bombed sites would – instead – prove Iran had nuclear weapons at those sites.

    The message was clear: Russia has zero tolerance for the U.S. or Israel using ANY kind of nukes in Iran and will know they used them. It will not bother going to the U.N. to demand an investigation because that’s NOT how Russia would react if under nuclear attack, itself. Note: telling Israel they CAN’T do something always makes them go full-retard. The accusatiions about Russia terrorizing Israel in the most preposterous ways will start spewing out of Tel Aviv and the MSM every day from now on. [sigh…]

    Russia’s only question after the U.S. or Israel uses tactical nukes in Iran is apparently where to send the SARMATs. Check out this video – it looks like France or Texas will be wiped out. Wow… I never saw that coming! https://youtu.be/cznDSXqBVgs

    • Rob

      Attack on Iran or on any other Russian ally Russia will react immediately without going to UN.

      • Hisham Saber

        In other words, the shies over the illegal squatter are non immune to electronic interference.

        • Rob

          I think you are right.

    • daniel

      Question: Imagine that Israel attack Iran and use these sorts of weapon, What will Russia do? Use nuclear weapon against Israel and in that process kill many Russian-Israeli Jews? and trigger WW3 ? or only condemn Israel attack and do nothing (oh yes because Russia will save the world from WW3..,..bla bla) For your record Iran Khamenei recently said that Iran in its confrontation against US-Israel… dont have any ally,

      • Pave Way IV

        If the US or our parasite pal Israel cross the line and use nuclear weapons in Iran, it will be WWIII. Why would Russia (and every other nation that would back them, like China) think that Iran would be the last time US or its proxies would use nuclear weapons on a Russian or Chinese ally (or Russia/China themselves)?

        Russia will retaliate directly against the US, not Israel. But your question is revealing – are Iranian lives worth less than Israeli (or Russian-Israeli) lives? All this time we hear Israel crying about the existential threat from Iran – why can they use nuclear weapons to preemtively kill Iranians out of paranoia to prevent that? And Russia should somehow be worried about people that left Russia permanently to live in Israel, pay taxes there and serve in its army? That makes them Israelis, period. They are no longer a part of Russia despite whatever Russian heritage they claim. Dual-national status is legal and bureaucratic nonsense. The Russain people wouldn’t consider Israeli immigrants as real Russians, just like I wouldn’t consider American immigrants to Israel as US citizens (unless Israel would be willing to extradite them back here for crimes against humanity trials).

        • Hisham Saber

          Also, don’t forget that the Iranian Supreme Command has a ‘ Fatwa ‘, or edict, a religious one that prohibits Iran from using, and not developing nuclear weapons. Any scholar of Shi-Sunni Islamic jurisprudence knows very well that Fatwa’s can be annulled, reversed or otherwise done away with by an assembly of Islamic scholars.

          Given that scenario, and Israel or the U.S. or both use nuclear weapons on Iran, the first order of business is to annul the Fatwa on nuclear weapons and their subsequent use, as soon as nationally possible.

          It would be foolish to think Iran doesn’t have enriched uranium and / or plutonium at 95-99%. They have a very robust ballistic missile arsenal numbering in the hundreds of thousands, some of which can carry a heavy nuclear payload. And Iran obtained from China very precise and accurate GPS guidance systems for their ballistic missiles. Also, Iran , in terms of staying conventional, have every square foot/meter of Israel, and all U.S. bases, including the Gulf Arab lackeys mapped out for ballistic missile bombardment using heavy cobalt high explosive warheads for maximum damage.

          The whole map of the MENA would be drastically different if there is an attack on Iran, conventionally or otherwise. The Shia crescent tops 400 million who will instantly be sucked into the quagmire, or rout if you will. Hundreds of millions of Sunni Muslims have no love for neither Israel nor the U.S.

          The Shape-shifting Zionist entity will be no more, and the U.S., British and French will have been evicted from the Middle East in a hurry. The Gulf Arab Monarchies will all collapse like dominoes. Who’s already making serious progress in the general Middle East when this happens, who’s going to fill the void left behind by the worlds troublemakers. Why, China of course, with its gargantuan OBR silk roads. That’s who.

      • Hisham Saber

        Iran has allies. And they number approx. 390 million Shia, as well as hundreds of millions of Sunni’s, from Afghanistan, Yemen, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, most of the ‘Arab street’-400 million, Chechens, all the multitudes of various militias and their auxiliaries, and Iran has a force called the Basij- who have sworn an oath to fight and die to annihilate the shape-shifting squatter Zionist state, and they number around 25 million angry, hardnosed, determinized fighters. Even Pakistan has a very large Shia population, in the tens on millions.

        One the Day To Libertate Jerusalem, all over the Islamic world, about 1.6 billion Muslims hold marches and celebrate to coming liberation of Al-Quds. They burn Israeli and U.S. flags, and swear to their allegiance to liberate Jerusalem. Every Islamic capital, city and town, large and small holds rally’s.

        Consequently. On the exact same day, the Israeli’s celebrate the second largest LGBTQ and non binary community, rally per capita ratio in the world in Tel Aviv and Haifa, also in the small towns and illegal settlements in occupied Palestine.

        So you see the big picture don’t you. Sodom and Gomorrah against the hundreds, if not billion + righteous of the world. And the Islamic world has had enough. Besides their inept, unjust, corrupt , sold out leaders, Islamic leaders by far, except for Sayed Hassan Nasrallah, Ayatollah Khamenei, Imran Khan, Mr. Ramzan Kadyrov, Mr. Mahathir Mohamad, The AnsarAllah-Houthi Movement of Yemen, The Pashtun Tribal Elders (whom are in essence the Taliban) Maj. Gen. Soleimani of Iran’s lethal, robust IRGC.

        Indecently, President of the Republic of Chechnya, the Honorary Mr. Ramzan Kadyrov is the second most popular man in the Russian Federation, especially when he sent an entire elite commando division to the Donbass in 2015, when the Donbass Peoples Militias were on the losing end in their struggle against the Ukrainian Military. As soon as the Chechens showed up, they quickly went about organizing the Peoples militias, and they brought sophisticated weapons and tactics with them and set up a most devastating trap for the Ukrainian military battalions as they tried to seize the Donetsk Airport. The ensuing battle was a slaughter, and a total rout with the Ukie’s running for their lives in every direction leaving behind their vehicles. Many Ukies were captured and paraded in the streets of the cities of the Donbass. Apparently, the Ukie High Command didn’t learn their lesson and attempted another major breakthrough with just about everything they had, divisions of armored columns gathered around the small town of Debaletsevo, where they were to smash through and flank east and smash Donetsk in its entirety. Well, the Chechens were there watching their every move, studying their movement and knew the Ukie plans in advance. Along with the Chechen special force commandos were numerous auxiliary People Militia troops. The Ukies High Command had assembled a formidable array of armor with the intent on smashing their way all the way to the border with the Russian Federation.

        Unbeknownst to the Ukies was the fact that the Chechens , with the help of locals, had amassed an awesome array of artillery on the western flank, deeply embedded and camouflaged from aerial surveillance. Also, unbeknownst to the Ukie High Command was the fact that these said Chechen special forces commandos are very, very accurate and thus very, very lethal with artillery of different calibers and munitions. By way of drones, as soon as the first armored columns advanced along the roads, their was no resistance of any kind. More and more armored columns were sent forth, still no resistance to speak of. Then troop carriers were sent up to seize Debaletsevo, hence cutting a huge swath of the Donbass in half, if successful.

        The Chechens remained steady….steady, waiting for the armor and troop carriers to close the gap. The whole Ukie armored columns and troop carriers were now within striking range.

        That’s when all hell broke loose on the Ukie military. First to be hit were the forward columns, then the very rear columns, thus leaving the center columns in disarray. At the same time, highly mobile Chechen special forces with ATGM’s, mortars…60mm,105mm and 155mm artillery rained down on the now panicking Ukies. They couldn’t even turn around, as the ensuing chaos ground everything to a halt. A kill zone if you will.

        At about this time, the Chechens flanked the Ukie military, wrecking havoc on troop carriers. Decimating hundreds in the ensuing inferno. The Ulies tried shooting blindly , but this only gave away their precious position for artillery strikes. Miles/Km of roads were engulfed in flames, shredded tanks, armor, troop carriers and Ukie privates running around in complete daze till they were either gunned down, surrendered, if lucky, or went up in smoke from the ensuing inferno.

        The Ukie military never made it to Debaletsevo, just the outskirts, and due to the tremendous loses incurred by the Ukie military, which had allocated the entire south-eastern sectors military hardware and troops to this ill-fated adventure, the Ukie military could do no more offensive action in 2016,2017,2018and now, 2019. In fact, the Battle for the Battle of Donetsk Airport and the Battle of Debaletsevo, and the horrid, nightmarish effects it had on the Ukies moral in recruiting regular soldiers for the Ukrainian government became most problematic. As word seeped into the psyche of the lackluster and soft Ukrainian populace. The Donbass is gone to the Russian Federation forever.

        Moral of the story? Never mess around with a tenacious, hardnosed, well-equipped foe. Even if you enjoy total air superiority.

        Look at Hezbollah in 2006. When 4500 Hezbollah ‘ regulars ‘ fended off, and eventually routed 76,000 Israel Defense Force Troops and two armored battalions. Luckily for Israel, Hezbollah during the 33 day conflict had its best, commandos, special forces, elite forces, stationed just north of the Litani Line, hence they saw no action. But had they been at the border, the battle would have been in Israel proper, with the IDF in dire straits. Israel, with its much vaunted air force, bombed and bombed and bombed, but to no avail. They could not pin-point the highly mobile flanking maneuverability of the well prepared Hezbollah regulars. The Hezbollah guys knocked out 44 out of 400 Merkava ‘ Chariot of God’ MBT, such an embarrassment that Israel ceased production of the Merkava after the conflict. Its Naval Flagship was nearly sunk by a cheap C108 Anti-Ship missile right off its main naval port. So the demented Israeli’s went back to doing what they do best, strafing, bombing (using illegally banned ordinance) in highly dense civilian neighborhoods of South Beirut.

        Along with targeting schools, bridges, water treatment plants ect. That’s what the cowardly Jews do best.

        The coming war will consume the entire MENA region, affect the world in so many ways.

        Even if the U.S., Britain and France, and their GCC Gulf Arab Lackeys )who will fall one after another) get involved, to save the shape-shifting Zionist entity occupying Palestine, its a forgone conclusion that when Iran’s Supreme Leader Sayyed Khamenei says that Israel’s life span wont last for another 25 years, and he said this some 15-17 years back. He may very, very well be on the mark.

        The forces of the axis of resistance are ready, locked and loaded. They are itching for such an opportunity.

    • Do you refer to March 18 Putin speech? Since then things happened. I think about Rus usa isr meeeting in israel.

      So could iran still be classified as an “Ally” to start a nuke retaliation if attacked?
      I do not know.
      Russians acted to push the genie stuck into the bottle, yes deal on that for me too

  • bla

    jews are scum [with few exceptions]: Just thieves and liars , 2 of the worst human behaviors.

    • Hos Ng

      Maybe, but lets keep the eye in the ball . Zio mafioso terrorists are our target/ennemy , then banksters and corporations.
      So enforce un resolutions and existing monopoly laws. Problem solved. Until then BDS and no visas for dancing child burners.

  • John Whitehot

    Russia avoided jamming the GPS of IAF planes for this reason – because they didn’t want to disrupt civilian traffic.

    Of course the vilest and the lowliest decided they would jam the civilian signal themselves so to blame Russia.

    The hint is very easy to find:

    Russia had no reason to jam GPS, if there wasn’t any Israeli attack underway in Syria, and we know there wasn’t.

    The vilest could at least put up a more credible story by jamming the GpS DURING a IAF raid.

    At least it would had been more realistic.

  • hvaiallverden

    Sounds like total bollocks, and do you know how big ISISrael really is, I grew up in an county witch had the same sice as ISISrael, its an smal country, and the jamming suposedly just affected the civlian system and nothing else, makes you wounder, and yup, jamming is an superp tool, make fake signatures of instalations is going back to ww1 where entire vilages was build up by card bords, to add more targets, etc.

    And I agrees with one coment, PW IV your excelense, about the size of it is hidden, but something snapped.
    And in an war against the Imperial banana republics forces and its vassals, time is also very much in this theater, and Iran must not forget that, the UssA wants an prolonged war, stretched over years, and it depends on air-superiourity, once that can be denied, they have an problem, and the second factore os launch platforms, and relative distance, and land overflown, since Iran can denie close proxemitys, and can push the UssA Impisses to an further distance.
    I dont consider Saudi-barbarians to be much more than an joke, and hopes Iraq is sinser, but the rest, huh, apast from Syria and Lebanon, I have only doubts.

    Iran, must realise it faces an massive campagne, salvoes after salvoe, etc, but to retaliate with everything you have is suicidal, dont shoot until you are dead certain you hit the target, and I am like old time military officers, shooting full auto is an waist of bullets, period, only idiots do that.


    • Hos Ng

      if only the world knew how small that tiny army base is in reality. Palestinians would already have their homes back

  • Domenic Patrone

    I see SOLAR FLARES or GLOBAL WARMING as the the culprits. There’s no proof the Russians are behind any of this. Go back to flight school, dunces !!!

  • Sinbad2

    The reality is that the technology to jam and possibly hijack the GPS system has been around for quite a few years.
    South Korea complained that North Korea was disrupting GPS at least 5 years ago.
    So any one of Israel’s enemies could be testing a new EW device. It wouldn’t surprise me if you could buy them on AliExpress.

    Having GPS fitted to and relying on in almost every modern US weapon makes GPS an obvious target.
    The Russians and Chinese have developed and tested satellite killing devices.

  • Xoli Xoli

    Very obvious Israel wants to make sure that most recently activated s-400 system because of USA Iran threat to be completely switch off.Satanyahu will send someone to Russia to get the assurance then shortly after Israel will attack Syrian forces in Hama and Damascus.

  • Xoli Xoli

    The biggest fear of Israel is all its spy cells were detect and expose.Israel and Erdogan completely wants to weaken Syria for attack on Iran.Partioning and taking over plan has been drafted by Pompeo and Bolton and sign by Trump.

    • Concrete Mike

      Come one dude! The partitionning of syria was planned way before trump and pompeo.

      And it wasent signed by trump , but by Adelson!

      • Xoli Xoli

        By USA NATO administrations isn’t it.Straight to the point.

  • Xoli Xoli

    Israel fake news.

  • Selbstdenker

    for the ones interested in Russias EW capabilities, here a document describing the situation until 2025 from a western perspective. This is based on so far available information, but does not incorporate the “secrets”.
    Still a good assessment though. https://icds.ee/wp-content/uploads/2018/ICDS_Report_Russias_Electronic_Warfare_to_2025.pdf