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Israeli Iron Dome Intercepts Rocket Launched From Gaza (Video, Photos)

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Israeli Iron Dome Intercepts Rocket Launched From Gaza (Video, Photos)

File image.

On February 1 afternoon, at least a single rocket was launched from the Palestinian Gaza Strip at Israel’s southern region.

Incoming rocket sirens sounded in the city of Sderot and the nearby settlements of Ibim and Nir Am. Moreover, footage showing Iron Dome interceptor missiles exploding in the air surfaced online.

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) said in a statement that the rocket was successfully intercepted by its “Aerial Defense Array,” referring to the Iron Dome system.

An Israeli woman in her 50s was reportedly lightly hurt after slipping while running to a bomb shelter in Sderot. She was taken by the Magen David Adom ambulance service to a nearby hospital for further treatment. The Sderot municipality also reported minor damage to one of the city’s roads as a result of shrapnel from the rocket interception. The municipality shared a photo showing what appears to be a a part of an Iranian-made Fadjr-1 107 mm rocket.

Israeli Iron Dome Intercepts Rocket Launched From Gaza (Video, Photos)

Click to see full-size image. Source: Sderot Municipality, via Twitter.

Early on in the day, Israeli National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir ordered the Israel Prison Service (IPS) to shut down two bakeries inside prisons hosting Palestinians held on “terror” charges. The controversial far-right minister linked the rocket attack to his decision.

“The [rocket] fire from Gaza will not stop me from continuing to work to abolish the summer camp conditions of murderous terrorists. I give my full support to the IPS to go into the [prison] wings and restore order. I asked for an urgent cabinet meeting this evening to examine ways of responding to the launch of the rockets from Gaza,” Ben Gvir said in a statement following the rocket fire.

After the rocket attack, a photo showing three Fadjr-1 rockets with messages condemning the IPS crackdown on Palestinian prisoners was shared by Palestinian activists. The crackdown came as a response to prisoners celebrating a recent shooting attack in Jerusalem that left seven people dead.

Israeli Iron Dome Intercepts Rocket Launched From Gaza (Video, Photos)

Click to see full-size image. Via Twitter.

Last week, Palestinian fighters fired two salvos of rockets from Gaza at nearby Israeli settlements in response to an IDF operation in the West Bank’s Jenin refugee camp that claimed the lives of ten people, including a woman. The rocket attacks provoked a series of strikes on military positions of the Hamas Movement, the de-facto ruler of the Palestinian enclave.

No group has claimed responsibility for the new rocket attack, yet. The IDF will likely hold Hamas responsible and respond by launching strikes on Gaza within a few hours.


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Palestinians doing what palestinians do best, fire useless rockets built by brainwashed idiots paid for and donated in millions feom their sponsors in iran while their children frow stupid uneducated and brainwashed rinse repeat for next generation until 100 years from now they will grow ten times the population count while their lands shrink even more. Telling their children that one day a million years from now they will have their fantasy land and kill all the jews. They will wake up to discover the sun is going supernova and the earth will be no more and tell their children then that the generational fight in starvation and corruption was worth it because allah wills it and now they will all finally go to their virgins.

I say why wait that long?


Israelis are doing what they do best attacking unarmed or under-armed populations to make up for their lack of worth as real army. Just look at the pathetic performance in Lebanon 2006 or their attempt at invading little tiny Gaza 2014, or look at the useless pinprick attacks on Syria that failed to alter course of the war. When will brainwashed Zionist idiots like you paid for and donated in billions by the overworked U.S. taxpayer sponsors. Judging from the rest of the badly written trash of paragraph, it looks like it’s you who come of as an uneducated idiot, try harder or get lost sub-human trash.


Go live in the middle east ignorant idiot then come write to me poems about unarmed people. 2006 was a disatser for lebanon they havent recovered yet they still dont have power or internet or water. Israel meanwhile is doing just fine.


OK, then why hasting to leave Lebanon in 2006. if the Israel was doing just fine. We all know that when Israelis occupy others nation territory they do not leave. Was it because they felt very uncomfortable with Hezbollah? In such a case, every Arab country should have Hezbollah.


Fukin uneducated people around here, israel left from nearly all occupied lands during the 7 day war including the sinai in 1983 under a peace treaty, israel has no interest in lebanon never did have even during the civil war until palestinian plo fukers started using lebanon as a rocket launching platform! Hezbollah is a cancer to any country it is in, it is corrupt and no different than any extremist militia. It drove the country to ruin and poverty the likes of which it never saw not even during the civil war!


Spilled poisoned juice spewing juice filth


Maybe one day the iron dome will melt! The global warming we are told is causing the ice to melt in the North Pole B/S but it would be nice to see someone take a blowtorch to the iron dome and sell it for Scrap


I would like to remind the israelian army that palestinians have no army, no navy no air force and no marines, you are killing civilian, cheap shot from cheap people.


Then who shot the rockets? They have too many soldiers. Their economy is based on getting charity money from Qatar for its soldiers.


The so-called juice gadget Iron Dome seldom catches Gaza bottle rockets but Bubba Nut’nyahoo is now threatening to send the garbage to his khaZar naZi klown kousins in fast evaporating rump Ukrapland. The fun never stops. How long more will the vermin squatting in Palestine evade their righteous destiny of total destruction? As long as the IOU Saudi Mercan toilet paper dollah$ continue to “functiuon as money”. Get ready for the great flush and the end of the juice abomination and their UsurioUS ways.


Peppe il Sicario

More Juice fairy tales for the lunkheads. If it weren’t for all those Russians, who don’t even possess any ethnic or religious Right of Return whatsoever, serving in the Israeli defense forces, Israel would have disappeared years ago

Last edited 1 month ago by Peppe il Sicario
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