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Israeli-Iranian Tensions Go Sky High As Israel Makes New Attempt To Undermine Nuclear Deal

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On April 30, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused Iran of having a secret program to produce nuclear weapons as well as to expand the range of its nuclear-capable missiles.

Netanyahu said the evidence provided “new and conclusive proof of the secret nuclear weapons program that Iran has been hiding for years from the international community in its secret atomic archive.”

According to the statement, Israel has thousands of documents revealing how Iran had allegedly lied to the world after signing the nuclear agreement.

The Israeli prime minister denounced the Iran nuclear deal as a “historic mistake” and claimed that lifting anti-Iran sanctions would allow the country to boost support for its allies throughout the Middle East, including Iranian-backed groups in Syria, Lebanon and Yemen.

On the same day, the Israeli Parliament, the Knesset, voted in favor of Netanyahu’s request to grant him the authority to declare war with only the defense minister’s approval in “extreme circumstance”.

The Israeli announcement followed another round of airstrikes on Iranian-backed forces in Syria, which had hit targets in the provinces of Aleppo and Hama. The strikes resulted in killing of dozens of fighters in Iranian-backed militias.

At the same time, the Israeli media disseminated a series of reports citing anonymous defense and political sources alleging that Israel had informed the US and Russia that if Iran attacks Israel from Syria, either itself or through its proxy Hezbollah, Jerusalem will not hold back and will respond forcefully, targeting Iranian soil.

Some Iranian experts described the recent Israeli statements as a direct threat to Iran and an attempt to escalate further the already complicated situation in the Middle East. Iran’s Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami slammed Netanyahu’s statement saying the Islamic Republic will give a benumbing and crushing response to its enemies’ conspiracies.

It’s important to note Mike Pompeo, former CIA head and the new secretary of state, supported the Israeli claims. He said that Israel has already provided the intelligence to the US, and American officials have assessed it to be “authentic”. Netanyahu’s speech “has really shown that I’ve been 100 percent right” on the need to take a hardline against Iran, he said.

The Trump administration and the president himself have repeatedly criticized the Iran nuclear deal threatening to review or to even to withdraw from it.

According to some experts, the Israeli-US-led bloc is now working to increase pressure on Iran or event to push forward for a limited escalation in an attempt to redraw the results of the regional standoff between them and the Iranian-Syrian-Hezbollah alliance, which is supported by Russia. Israel and its allies want to reverse the recent Iranian gains by any and all means because the further growth of Iranian influence poses a direct threat to their interests in the region.

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jerry hamilton

Neither Occupied Palestine or America can be believed in anything they say.
Iran and Russia needs to be prepared to play an interactive role now.
Words are having less and less meaning.


I was talking to a Christian man the other day and he told me that the Bible predicts a massive invasion of Israel by Arab nations, Iran, Turkey and Russia in the near future. He said that it was in the book of Daniel apparently and it sounded very interesting to say the least. It was rather refreshing to meet a Christian who apparently hasn’t been duped by the “chosen people” crap , ,


Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy will come to the rescue, so worry not.

Icarus Tanović

Hahaha, you’re good!


Thanks. I try :-)


LOL. It was called “Palestine” for centuries before it was called Israel wasn’t it? Looks like they are laying the groundwork for another üseful idiot intervention.


You are right and here is one of the better researched links: http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/WRHARTICLES/mapstellstory.html



Thanks mate :)


Very welcome

Rex drabble

Yes but that doesnt mean any thing in the bible is necessarily true


Don’t suppose he gave the chapter and verse in Daniel?

Rex drabble

Would prove any thing if he did? NO


Your “NO” is correct – but does it hurt to know?
I am merely curious and if he already knows and tells me I don’t have to go read the book of Daniel to find it (and be stuck with the possibility of not finding it because it’s someone’s “interpretation.”)


OK, just got more information. Daniel chapter 11 talks about the coming massive invasion of Israel. Ezekiel chapter 38 mentions the same invasion by the armies of Magog (Old Hebrew name for Russia), Togarmar (Ancient name for Anatolia, which is present day Asian Turkey) and Persia (Iran) and Gomer (Germany). Daniel 11, verse 43 says that the Libyans and Ethiopians will assist logistically. Israel will be defeated and Jerusalem will be made a UN administered international religious capital for the 3 monotheistic religions. The man who will lead this “coalition” of armies is known to Christians as the Antichrist, who apparently will be a superhuman dictator soon to appear on the world scene. He is not a very savoury character, but apparently is a military genius and He will launch several wars against Israel as the Israelis continue to defy his power and authority. There is also mention of a nuclear war between magog and another great nation which is more powerful than Magog. This nation lies in between two great oceans and is the international commerce and banking capital of the world. This nation will be destroyed in less than one hour according to the prophecies. Sounds like the USA?? Nuclear first strike??


Thank you!
If, as you say, “he is a dictator who will soon appear on the scene” then the Antichrist is already alive and an adult so …. who are the candidates for the job? And why him/her/them?

“He is not a very savoury character, but apparently is a military genius and He will launch several wars against Israel as the Israelis continue to defy his power and authority.”

While the amount of salt in one’s character and how many battles are won or lost might be a matter of opinion, that 3rd one, “launch several (more than 3) wars against Israel” strikes me as a bit of a problem …. maybe in 20 years time if someone starts now?


There is NO dictator in the Arab world that can rival the brutal genocidal dictatorship of successive Israeli leaders or successive US presidents since the 1600’s. There simply isn’t enough people to massacre in the Mid East compared to what the US has massacred in only the last 50 years – more than 20 million Human Beings. and that’s conservative,


Ah – I took you for interested
My bad.




The scriptures say that he(this powerful world leader) will attack Israel from the north and defeat her in the first war. A peace will follow for a very short time, but the Israelis will break some sort of political agreement, leading to another attempted invasion from the north, which will be stopped by what sounds like NATO naval and air power. After this the Antichrist will return to Magog, but then suddenly launch a third attack, which will be MUCH larger than any previous attacks. This massive invasion will completely crush and occupy Israel, plus many of the surrounding nations, including Egypt. It says that the only countries to escape will be Edom and Moab(ancient names for Syria and Jordan, possibly). The 4th war will be nuclear, as the Antichrist joins together with 10 other nations and declares war against the US, which will be wiped out in a nuclear exchange within one hour. Whatever happens, it looks like we are in for some rough rides ahead .


In your first reply to me (answering my request for Daniel chapter and verse) you also wrote this:-

“Ezekiel chapter 38 mentions the same invasion by the armies of Magog (Old Hebrew name for Russia)”

•What is the basis for your claim that Magog refers to Russia?
•Or that Magog is the “old Hebrew name for Russia?
Far as I can find, it refers to Lydia (now part of modern day Turkey.)

Aside: and just as a matter of curiosity – what “10 other nations” are expected to unite with the Antichrist (Russia) to go nuclear on the US/NATO/Europe/”Grecia?” (Iran + Turkey-maybe + possibly China leaves 7 missing.)


Most Bible scholars seem to think it is Russia. In other parts of the Bible it also talks of the Antichrist being tfrom the land of Magog and being the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal (Moscow and Tobolsk).
This is the general assumption: comment image


Then read this:-
Where are Gog and Magog located? [closed]

“I am a professional archeologist. Many end times aficionados believe that Magog represents Russia and that Russia will soon come to invade Israel. However, the ancient Assyrians had dealings with Magog, which was also called Lydia, and their Court records clearly identify Magog and it is not Russia. For decades Christians have been deceived and have been unwittingly deceiving others about who is to be involved in the prophesied invasion of Israel. Russia has absolutely nothing to do with Magog and being the nation that will lead an invasion of Israel.

“The Assyrian Royal Court dealt with each of these nations directly about 100 years before Ezekiel wrote, and their records are reliable, clear and detailed. These are the same records that are referred to in Ezra 4:15 and the same records used to verify the historical events written about in scripture from circa 800 B.C. to 400 B.C. These records represent the primary source on this subject as opposed to secondary sources which are often not based on facts and very often the product of mischief, bias or lack of study.

“Any reference to Josephus is of no avail because historians and archeologists know from a multitude of written records, that the Greeks (such as Herodotus) did not call Magog the Scythians. All of our earliest copies of Josephus come from eleventh century Monks and the passage that is often referred to is clearly a forgery for several reasons obvious to historians and archeologists who study the ancient Near East. “</


Debunking the Russia/War of Gog and Magog Myth

Where is Magog, Meshech and Tubal?

At one time “Most Bible scholars” also thought the world was flat and not too long ago what “most people thought” invaded Iraq on a lie.

This strikes me as a particularly dangerous time to be propounding the (erroneous) view that Russia is Magog, its leaders the Antichrist, and is going to invade Israel because the Bible says so regardless of whether you support such an invasion or not.


Look Shahna, at the end of the day, no one really knows exactly what’s going to happen and anything we espouse is only ever going to be personal speculation. I cannot prove to you beyond a shadow of doubt that Magog is Russia. But we can draw some conclusions from the predictions in the Bible, however loose and cryptic they may be. It says very clearly that Israel will be surrounded and invaded by a group of armies from various nations for whatever reason. The leader of these armies is a man called Gog, and he comes from a land called Magog. It also says he comes from the north. He also, around the same time period fights a war against the king of the South who seems to be supporting Israel militarily. This same king Gog later destroys the King of the South (also named Babylon, mother of harlots in Revelations). It says his army is very powerful, but not as powerful as the King of the South’s army, which is “very great and mighty”. It says his armies will push towards the south and toward the East and toward the “pleasant land” (again this is Israel). There is no country in the ME that can challenge and defeat Israel and no country in the world that can defeat and destroy the US in “one hour”, except Russia. The only other contender would be China, but they don’t have the modern military experience, nor the type of nuclear weapons able effectively to destroy the US and it would be decades before they could get to this level of ability. They are still struggling with adjustable vectored jet engines at present and still don’t have full ability to produce variable trajectory ballistic missiles. As to the horses theory being proof of this war having already happened: It specifically says it will happen in the latter days(endtime), when cities have no walls of defence, and it mentions his attack with many ships and “chariots”(tanks?). If you were living 2300+ years ago and had a glimpse of the future, you wouldn’t know how to describe what you were seeing, except in terms that you were familiar with. We don’t have the answers. It’s still all a mystery, but we can make certain deductions. The 10 nations that join with the Antichrist? We don’t have any idea, but they are the same nations symbolized in Daniel Chapter 2 as the 10 toes of the statue and they are all apparently remnants of the Roman empire, some made of iron(authoritarian rule?) and some made of clay (democracies?). Turkey does not have the military or economic power to challenge the US in any way. Iran does not also, and they are too distant from Israel. Wover this Antichrist personage is, he seems to have chosen Russia as his main military to institute his program of peace on Israel and the Palestinians, but the Israelis defy him and what seems like world opinion, leading to the series of wars and final invasion.


You have no idea about anything but keep flooding with BS.

Ariel Cohen

So far the only bullshit I have come across in this post is yours anonim. You’re showing everyone what a jerk you are. Why don’t you go back to Haifa Tel Aviv or whatever cesspool you managed to crawl out from Shlomo

Chris Saunders

Moron. STFU!


I cannot prove to you beyond a shadow of doubt that Magog is Russia.

But you are basing everything, your entire reasoning, on that – that Russia is “the Land of Gog.” That it is not is proved beyond “reasonable doubt.”

The *Assyrian Royal Court records say Magog is Lydia and we know Lydia was in what today is called Turkey – and Russia has nothing to do with the land of Gog. It doesn’t even feature as a remote possibility.

*They are also the same records Bible scholars now use to provide independent verification and edification of the Bible’s historical accounts from about 805 BC to 530 BC.”

Daniel 11-1
Also I in the first year of Darius the Mede, even I, stood to confirm and to strengthen him.

Darius was born in 550 and ruled from 522 to 486. Daniel is therefore speaking in the time those records were written. It stands to reason that Royal Court Records would reflect accurately exactly whom the court was dealing with. And there is no logical reason to presume they meant Scythians [maybe original Russians] when they said Lydians. (That was Josephus’s error.)
So I’m going to suggest:
“The leader of these armies is a man called Gog, and he comes from a land called Magog. It also says he comes from the north.” …. in today’s parlance would be a reference to Erdogan and Turkey. (Because Lydia, ie Magog, ie Land of Gog, was in Turkey.)

Also, just as a matter of interest…
” It says his armies will push towards the south and toward the East and toward the “pleasant land” (again this is Israel).”

It can’t be a reference to Israel – look at a map.
Israel is to the west of an army moving south.
“As to the horses theory being proof of this war having already happened:”

What’s the “horses theory?”


“There is no country in the ME that can challenge and defeat Israel and no country in the world that can defeat and destroy the US in “one hour”, except Russia.”
Why ….. “one hour?”
One hour would require they launch all their nukes at the US at once in a pre-emptive strike and, to abuse Theresa May, that is “highly unlikely.”

I don’t think you should presume Turkey and Iran (and quite possibly Hezbollah) are unable to defeat Israel – and Israel, even with the US, is unlikely to defeat them (even singly let alone collectively.) Israel’s military is now only good for shooting unarmed children and their airforce for sudden strikes from outside their and their target’s borders all very secure in their safety cocoon that “Big Daddy” won’t let anyone hit back. (IOW., such habits don’t bode well for war.)

Also take into account that the only wars the US has ever won in its entire 200+ year existence are (1) their own civil war and (2) their war against Grenada. FGS, in nigh 20 years they haven’t even been able to defeat some stone age tribesman called the Taliban!

No, they didn’t “win WW2” they were merely on the winning side.Their claim they won WW2 is as facetious as their claim THEY defeated ISIS in Syria.


OMG, so much BS. How do you manage to eat it all?

Kate Brown

Israeli apartheid occupier troll detected! This one is such a pathetic coward he has to use an anonymous name like anonim ,, obviously a loser + a coward both


Out of medication mister?


I am a “Miss” peanut and no, my meds are all fully stocked. I have my Zionist Lies anti-bite serum, my Justice for Palestine vaccine, my 20/20 anti Zio-media eyesight pills and my IAKA medication. Oh, the acronym IAKA ? = Inoculation Against Khazar Antagonism. Go get a real life you frickin’ loser and stop your parasitical welfare lifestyle when there are hard-working Israelis that have to support you with their hard-earned taxes. . .


So nobody wanted to marry you. I know what kind of “Miss” you are.


Yes, unfortunately too many of my male aquaintances were penile size-challenged (probably like yourself- the biggest mouths almost always have the smallest appendages). lol . Take another look at it . I have a measuring tape if you need one…oh sorry, just remembered it doesn’t measure in millimeters….


Ok, I understand your pain.




WE can only hope


On the Richter scale of Bullshit – I’d give it a 10/10.
Thats a Plain setup for any Arab leader who might conquer Occupied Palestine and make his capital Jerusalem (ie, rightfully return Jerusalem as the rightful capital of Palestine). Then the West can get together their army of Christian religious crazies globally and start another crusade all over again. There are SO many interpretations. Even Nostradamus’ interpretations are as varied as there are Nostradamus “scholars”. To the Zionist Christians – any leader who challenges the misguided ownership of Palestine by the fake Jew Khazars must be the “Anti-Christ” . What a crock of Shiit.


You are answering a matter before fully reading what was written my friend. It does not say that an Arab leader will lead an army to invade Israel. It says “a” leader of Magog will lead this invasion. The Arabs are totally incapable of doing it. I was just quoting what was passed on to me by a friend who has extensively studied the predictions of the Bible for the past 50 years. Whether or not it happens according to the stated interpretations is definitely open for conjecture. I detect a deep bitterness toward religion in your comment, but be careful not to throw the baby out with the bath water on any issue as there are many other Christians out there who are not a part of the hellish Zionazi Khazar conspiracy and who hate Zionazi occupation of rightful Palestinian lands. Another interesting point is that this coming world leader is apparently brought to power suddenly by the JWO, but then he turns on them, leading to an attack on Israel. We’ll have to wait n see ..


Yet another BS. Will you ever stop?


Oh dear . . I just offended another Zionazi Khazar. . .


You sound like an ISIS preacher. Nothing more nothing less.


I must have said something right. The Zionazis are screaming and contorting with rage. I’ll have to remember the formula for my next comments… LMAO

Ariel Cohen



I can tell you all sorts of lies, if you’re stupid enough to believe them.


WHO Runs America – RACKATEERS and MYTHOLOGISTS : “All are, in fact, “Dominionists,” part of a Christian ( and JEWISH) heresy movement which advocates global apocalypse and
the destruction of mankind, leading to the “rapture” where the “chosen people”
will sit at the side of “Jesus”( or a Zionist Messiah) and watch those “left
behind” die in agony.

This is who runs America; and Russia isn’t paying attention.”

jerry hamilton

I think you will find that Russia are paying far more attention than you could ever imagine.
They will understand most of what the West does before they do it.
Russia will never try and compete with the West.
Would you want to compete with stupid?


Did Israel use at least one tactical NUKE when it bombed Syria
on Saturday the 28th of April : https://www.veteranstoday.com/2018/04/30/israel-strikes-syria-with-tactical-nuke/?utm_source=May+1st++2018&utm_campaign=VT+Newsletter&utm_medium=email and the COVER STORY: https://www.veteranstoday.com/2018/05/02/u-s-officials-israeli-f-15s-struck-syrian-base-storing-iranian-anti-aircraft-missiles/?utm_source=May+2nd++2018&utm_campaign=VT+Newsletter&utm_medium=email and recent May 2nd good ANALYSIS, other than from the American “host”who talks as if his mouth is full of peanuts or marshmallows and could use some heavy-duty VOCAL training https://youtu.be/BlT1GWOowXE

Where is Russian admission, analysis or condemnation

Nothing is ever what it seems, “jerry”

jerry hamilton

Thank you for the links. It was an obstensibly good read.
I do not agree with everything that Paul Craig Roberts has to say.
I imagine that Iranians would sell secrets to Occupied Palestine, or at least make them up.
I was unable watch the video, as I have restricted bandwidth.
It would take most of the day to watch a 43 minute clip.

The official quietness around it all does indeed indicate that mini nukes hit Syria.
That is very disturbing to the whole world.
It is also a suitable show of sickness from the man screaming Iran has nukes.
In return I post two very short clips which I think you will enjoy.


Thanks fo0r those links

jerry hamilton

Really. It would be boring as hell if we agreed on everything.
I prefer life as it is.
Not got a clue how long that will last though.

Your passion as a rebel, I completely understand.
Not everyone will. Not that I need to tell you that.
Your passion is Not wrong. Mostly misunderstood.
Don’t let anyone dishearten you.
Never lose your passion.


At 78 I don’t think I can be “disheartened”.

In fact with increasing knowledge my passion gets stronger each year :-). Age is a blessing because if I was much younger I would be a MUCH more ACTIVE rebel. My Grand, when he was young, even fought in South Africa also, with the Boers against the British and then returned do Ireland to “pay his respects” to the Queenie. I believe with more GUNS for the Irish :-)

He was one tough Republican, not to be trifled with and HATED the British Royalty and Military, for what they did to we Irish


Yeah.. laughs at the USA … and almost wants to marry Bibi Netanyahu, like a desperate lover.

jerry hamilton

Hang round, they might need a bridesmaid.




Thanks.I try :-)

US-Navy Revert Shia

The Only reason ISISraHELL Still Exist is because the Knesset Keeps What is Left of the Palestinian People “ALIVE” as Human Shields, ISIS Is ISISraHELL ISIS held out in Iraq In Mosul for yrs Using the
comment image Iraqi Unarmed Innocent Civilians As Human-Shields Once there is room made by ALLAH-(SWT) To Get Hezbollah into [Gaza] which already is happening HELL’AVIV Is History


comment image

Steve Bell

Netanyahu and his Lobby are desperate to push Trump into war with Iran. China and Russia should make it clear to them what the consequences of this would be.

Icarus Tanović

Israel is superstar in making entertainment to I.R. Iran, and allies.

Pave Way IV

I think Nettanyahu was really just trying to warn all Israelis of the Iranian threat. Why else would you broadcast an important emergency message during prime time to your citizens IN ENGLISH with ENGLISH-WORDED props? Maybe Israeli TV had subtitles in Hebrew so people could understand Nettanyahu.


no wonder about Israel and US current move.

Iran is last target of Pentagon’s drawing board.Trump will finish it.



“Thousands of documents”, eh? “Verified as authentic” by US intelligence, eh?

We all know we’ll never see even one of those “”documents”.

I have videos showing me having sex with dozens of top name Hollywood actresses. But I’m not gonna tell you who they are or show you the videos. So don’t even ask.


Ha ha. Would your real world name happen to be Bill Cosby or Harvey Weinstein? Did you send their young daughters anatomically explicit photos of your personal apparatus? If so, then you must be Anthony Weiner . . .


They verified the copies of the documents, if you go closer to the sources. The Jews pretended they must keep secret the originals, so they submitted copies for verification. US certified they are legit copies. Of course, in this situation this is a s good as certifying a “genuine lie”. It’s still “genuine”.

Hisham Saber

Iran will devastate Israel. Plain and simple. And should the Israeli’s try to commit national suicide by going nuclear, Iran would reciprocate. Its really assured destruction.

This coming war will be conventional, and there will be no ‘shock and awe’ or ‘decapitation strikes’ here. It will be a hardcore battle on the ground and the odds favor the Iranians, Syrians, Hezbollah, Iraqi’s and Yemenis.

The U.S., Kurds, Israel, U.K., French, Saudi’s are already on hostile environment, and will there’s talk about Arab Syrian tribes forming an insurgency to go after the Kurds, SDF and their handlers in the U.S., British, and French special forces.

This is taking place as we speak along the Euphrates along the route of Raqqa and Deir Ezzor. On the western side of the Euphrates, you have the Syrian Arab Army, NDF, IRGC , Hezbollah, two battalions of Chechen Russians working for the Russian MoD, and Afghan volunteers. Along the Syrian -Iraqi border, Iranian IRGC Gen. Solemenie has placed the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces, who answer directly to him, and he answers directly to Khamenei.

So the U.S., Israeli, U.K, French are surrounded. The two Russian Chechen battalions already attempted to attack a U.S. base in Syria. That’s what the Deputy Sectary of the U.S. Dept. of State said on April 14, the day after the lame U.S., U.K., French attack on Syria. Also on the same day, two U.S. bases in Iraq were surrounded by the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces, one in the outskirts of Baghdad, and one in Tikrit. They were both warned that if they participate in any attack on Syria, they in turn will be attacked.

Israel is acting cocky and confidant because they know that once they spark the regional war to come, the U.S., U.K., France will be made to intercede on Israel’s side.

But no matter how many troops they bring in, it will all be a disastrous rout and perhaps annihilation of the Anglo-Zionist armies in the wider Middle East and beyond. Even if the U.S. instituted a draft, it would be too little too late. The armies sent will be absorbed and destroyed. The whole Shia crescent, Syria, Iraq, Iran , Lebanon and the Houthi’s have too large a reserve or volunteer pool to dip into to.

And the good guys, the SAA, NDF, Hezbollah, IRGC and auxiliaries have 7 years of brutal hardcore battlefield experience, in urban and rural and even desert environs.

Who’s going to stop the millions of angry, determined and whom have the initiative and momentum and are friendly with the locals. Its their land.

When this coming war is all said and done, the map of the Middle East will be radically changed. Palestine will be back, and the U.S., U.K., France will be evicted from the Middle East for good.


Hope you are correct.

Merrill Kingston

Imagine what a peaceful world it would be, if these idiots (on all sides) spent half as much time, effort and, money figuring how to get along with one another. Problem is, Israel won’t ever be satisfied until they control the entire world.


Is Southfront “playing it safe” by rarely, IF ever, discussing the Atrocities, by Israel, against Palestinians or is it something more insidious?

ISRAELIS, the only ”side” using Deadly WEAPONS of WAR, declares the LAWFUL PROTESTS by UNARMED Palestinians, as a, “State of War” : http://www.presstv.com/Detail/2018/05/04/560570/Israel-Gaza-Strip-March-of-Return

The FIRST mistake by Palestinians is staying UNARMED and the SECOND is, NOT taking the Ashkenazi WAR by those FAKE JEWISH Invader/Occupiers into what they FALSELY call Israel, by GUERRILLA warfare tactics and driving them back to where they belong – EUROPE !


“staying UNARMED” isn’t by their choice – do you think the (REAL)Palestinian leadership is stupid?
The entire Western world + Saudi and Egypt assists Israel in blockading Gaza-not even food and medicine gets through. But the Pals in Gaza ARE fighting, bravely, with limited effect physically , but maximum effect psychologically.
Watch this piece of work from Hamas in 2014 – you can even hear the bitch IDF cowards scream as they are being given Hamas enemas:


Of course it is their “choice” but then I have an advantage over you. I am from an Irish Rebel family and we were all unarmed until we decided not to be , (unarmed), with Gaddafi’s , among others, help WHICH we asked for.

Where there is a (STRONG ENOUGH) WILL, there is a way


I watched London getting bombed (false flag or really IRA?) in the 80s and the Bobby Sands murder in my last year’s of high school.
But comparing besieged Gaza to Ireland at the height of the armed struggle is unfair to the extreme and smacks of ignorance of the realities on the ground. Why then could the Irish not bring the famine to a speedier end? Why did so many die? When you’re fightiing with your hands tied behind your back, there’s only SO much one can do.

since the late 1990s, the fake jews have enforced a calorie restricted diet on Gaza – now HOW could they achieve THAT?

So forget about weapons and even medicines. The worse enemies are other Arab regimes assisting it.

Because there IS a WILL, exceptional acts of courage have assured a balance of terror. That’s all. Please take a look at the map of Gaza and know that they have NO airports or harbours. Sisi has control over the southern borders.


I stand by my comment but thanks for you input

jerry hamilton

You have a good knowledge of what is happening.
No one will tell you that Gaza is not a jewish murderous atrocity.

The Irish suffered. I had a close friend that joined the British army.
He told me many things that I will not post.
I will however post a lighter aggressive detail.
The British army in Ireland would around 2am… Regularly…………
Start battering dustbin lids to wake up everyone.
The battle if you can call it a battle, was psychological.
Not as murderous as the jews but just as sick.

You are attacking a man that is passionate about his past.
I would be passionate about my past if it happened to me.
Lay off.


Tanks “jerry” BUT it was MORE murderous than the Palestinian genocide !

The British fought with us for over 600 years, from t4h time of the “Battle of the Boyne” while we were basically UNARMED and murdered over 5 million of our Brothers and Sisters, with most of that slaughter in the CREATED Famine in the late 1800’s. THAT is when we deiced to start using GUERRILLA WARFARE tactics, which, by the way almost got their Queen…..THAT is what turned the tide in our favour.

The Palestinians, whom we support, have a long way to go before their Genocide compares to ours….and by the way,we fly the Palestinian Flag in Dublin

If the Palestinians are smart, they’ll learn from our experience and a lot of lives can be saved. Hamas had the right idea when they took out that Israeli outpost.They need to follow it up with MORE of the same,like we did with the British.

Here is some REAL history: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDndoQrqQys

jerry hamilton

I was only referring to what I know to be true in my lifetime.
This may amuse you.
During the late 80’s, my sister had records out and we used to tour the country doing shows.
We did an Airforce base in Cornwall.
I think it was a Sergeants Ball. Strawberry’s and champagne all round.
We went on after the military band. They were awesome.
Nothing like your military parade, they were fantastic musicians.
We would compliment them and they would constantly remind us they were musicians, not a fighting force.
They sounded near paranoid too.
You will never lose the distorted view of the masses because of the power of the jewish media.
Secret confession time.
I once lived in Manchester. I came across a park there with a massive statue of Cromwell.
I was incensed. Bought a can of black paint. I took the lid off and threw it.
Far more ended up on me than the statue.


Cromwell brought the Jews back to England, “coincidentally” at the same time the British Military decided to STARVE us, as they could not beat us any other way

Ironically, on my Mother’s side we were British Lords and Ladies -“The Whittakers”

jerry hamilton

Ultimate irony indeed.
Yes. Cromwell did bring the jews to England.
They financed the English revolution.


SouthFront, please avoid using value word borrowed from mass media such as iranians backed militia, as you never use such wording for Russian backed or even US backed forces in syrian. Specially as the Iranian backed forces, as far as I know, are not engage in any activity in opposition to the Syrian regular army or the Syrian state.

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