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JULY 2022

Israeli Intelligence Services Minister Vows Response “With Full Force” If Iran Attacks

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Israeli Intelligence Services Minister Vows Response "With Full Force" If Iran Attacks


On September 25th, Israeli Intelligence Services Minister Israel Katz warned that there would be a harsh response if Iran attacks Israel.

This follows a terrorist attack in the Iranian city of Ahvaz which killed at least 25 people and wounded 60 on September 22nd.

“Israel had no involvement in the Iran explosion,” Katz said. “But if they attack us, we will respond with full force.”

The minister in charge of Israel’s intelligence agencies also predicted that “the regime of Ayatollahs in Iran would soon disappear.”

Katz also threatened Hezbollah, saying that if it attacks Israel, its leader Hassan Nasrallah would be harmed and “Lebanon will pay a heavy price and will return many generations backward.”

Katz also said that “if the Iranian undermining does not stop, Israel will be forced to continue doing everything possible to defend itself,” regarding Iran’s involvement in Syria.

As reported by the Jerusalem Post, he said that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government was exclusively responsible for the downing of the Russian IL-20 jet and the death of the 15 passengers.

On September 22nd, both the Ahwazieh movement and ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack. The ISIS Amaq agency posted a video of three men who said they were on their way to carry out an attack on the Iranian Military Parade. Despite the two groups claiming responsibility for the attacks, Iran denies the ISIS involvement in the incident. Brigadier General Abolfazl Shekarch was cited by IRNA saying that “they are not from Daesh (ISIS) or other groups fighting (Iran’s) Islamic system … but they are linked to America and (Israel’s intelligence agency) Mossad.”

On September 24th, Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami warned the terrorists and their masterminds who plotted the Ahvaz attack will face the country’s harsh response. “Terrorists should wait for the revenge of the Iranian nation,” General Hatami said. He was cited by Fars News Agency as condemning the US, Israel and their regional allies for resorting to the terrorist groups to attain their “ominous goals” against Iran.

Earlier on September 24th, Lieutenant Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Brigadier General Hossein Salami referred to an Israeli attack on the T4 airbase in Syria in April 2017, which killed a number of Iranian military advisors. He also claimed that Israel have witnessed Iran’s revenge.

“The Americans should know too and we warn them. The US has failed to establish security for the Zionists and now Hezbollah is able to annihilate the Zionists,” he said.

The Israeli Intelligence Minister further commented on the Gaza strip, saying that Israel would not tolerate any “terror tunnels, missiles, mortars and kites.”

He also complained about the negative media coverage of the new Jerusalem rail line. Palestinians who live in the West Bank are largely barred by Israel from traveling abroad via Ben-Gurion, and cross overland to Jordan instead to flying out of the airport in Amman. Israel cites security concerns for the ban.

Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat accused Israel of “illegally making use of occupied Palestinian land” in setting the train’s route, which will eventually include a direct high-speed link between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv city. Erekat said the train was part of Israel’s “agenda of turning its occupation into annexation.”

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Unfortunately it’s becoming increasingly obvious that the only way to begin to achieve peace in the ME is for the Zionist entity to be utterly destroyed. Jewish supremacism, Apartheid, ethnic cleansing, and racism must end. The only solution is a secular Palestine, including all of Gaza, the West Bank and the other occupied territories, with a secular Constitution protecting all peoples and religions.

To reach this noble goal, Israel must no longer be appeased. S-300s is a good first step. Israel’s neighbors must have enough weapons for an effective MAD – if Israel attacks any neighbor, the complete destruction of Israel must be possible by its neighbors leading to its complete and unconditional surrender.

John Mason

History verifies that as long as the jews never had any real estate they behaved themselves, give them some land then the greed sets in and they want more. Best is to take it off them, they don’t deserve their own territory.


It seems they are buying up southern Argentina. It would be a great new Israel, after they blow up the one they have now.


I recommend the dark side of the moon. From there it is unlikely they will continue their 2,000 years of mischief. Elon Musk will be happy to provide the transportation :)

Hisham Saber

Iran has every square meter/foot of Israel mapped out for ballistic missile bombardment in redundancy in some vital places. There is an effective MAD in the region. If Israel decided to take the suicidal move of going unconventional, we will have the complete annihilation of the Apartheid entity called Israel. Question is, are the worlds Jews ready to sacrifice 7 million for an attack on Iran, using nukes.


Israeli Intelligence Services Minister Israel Katz warned that there would be a harsh response if Iran attacks Israel….

Are you afraid of something mister Katz? By Way of Deception Thou Shalt do War…..it looks as if you are getting a Taste of your own Medicine…..IsraHell will be Neutralized….time is on our side….You are a bunch of Evil Kidkillers…Your LGBT-Warriors will Cry for their Mommies…

You can call me Al

More like;

Hooked nose – “Israeli Intelligence Services Minister Israel Katz warned that there would be a harsh response if Iran attacks Israel”.

…. tick tock, 6 hrs later

Hooked nose – “We have found Iranian spies, instigating major terrorist attacks in our Country”.

Reporter – “Why do you think that Sir?”.

Hooked nose – “We have noticed a couple of people eating pistachios, our forces are on their way now, to retaliate”.

……… Well, some war mongering crap from the Satanists.


Notice how both the IDF and ISIS both attack children?


Iranians said they’ll punish the terror perpetrators, why are you worried?

In Persian we say “as soon as you grab the stick, the thieving cat jumps”.




Iran shouldn’t take any harsh step now. For the time being S-300 to Syria is enough for their panic bcz to break their dirty intentions is best revenge

John Mason

When Hezbollah/Iran ever decide to take Israel on then hopefully they will show globally the executions of those charged with war crimes and human rights violation. Wouldn’t worry about a court trial, the israelis never bothered about abiding to international law so they can’t depend on the law for protection. Catch em and ‘hang em high’! US/UK/France next?


Pure hot air coming out of Israeli mouths when commenting about Hezbollah. They know full well that Israel simply doesn’t hold the tactical advantage over them and will suffer more since inevitably it will be Israel invading Lebanon, meaning they will have to play by Hezbollahs rules. The only advantage Israel has is an air force, one that if Hezbolllah decides to employ manpads against, will start losing lots of planes left and right. Syria can also, if it wants, set up s300 batteries near southern Syria next to southern Lebanon and shoot down Israelis as they head off the tarmac (lol).

Iran’s words have a lot of spite in them (justified given the recent terrorist attack) but whether or not Israel and the US were tacitly involved is yet to be seen. Saudi Arabiax UAE, possibly Jordan had a hand in it but since they’re are one entity under US/Israeli control, it’s legitimately hard for Iran not to throw scorn at them all.

The Middle East will ser another war soon. Absolutely no doubt in my mind about it.


But this time the PlayBook will be a little different… Saudi Arabia, Jordan & IsraHell will be the Ones that should fear the Outcome…Two Kings that should fear a Coup d’Etats…and Satanyahoo should fear for the Survival of the Illegal Occupation of IsraHell….


Dude, the US is now openly sponsoring and trying to rehabilitate the public image of MEK! An exiled-militant Iranian terror faction – People’s Mujahedin of Iran – that advocates violent overthrow of Iranian state leadership. MEK have little Iranian domestic support and are generally considered traitors – as MEK sided with Iraq in 1980’s Iran-Iraq war. Around 10,000 people have been killed in MEK terror attacks in post-revolution Iran since 1979. But it gets more incredulous – throughout 1970’s in the pre-revolution Iran, of the US sponsored Shah regime, MEK targeted and killed numerous US military and consular personal. This is how unhinged and desperate US Neo-Con foreign policy is regarding Iran – the US is now politically sponsoring and attempting to rehabilitate image of MEK terror faction – as a credible ‘external Iranian opposition’ group. No joke.


Mossad mercenary was captured in webcam while Murdering a Palestinian Imam in Morning prayers in Malaysia ?️ Russian Jets ?️ shooting down over Syria ⚔️ and Ahvaz ? Massacre in iran All Mossad mercenary Genocide ☢️

al quaida

I’m thinking you’re a seven year old or the most shit bot ever…


Quite the average age here


That makes you seven year old a Speech Writer for Trump then. It certainly got lots of laughs in the UN and the press:)


What do I have to do with Trump? or the article in cause? speaking of obsessed little kids…


Many of us here realise where your loyalties lie and its certainly not with those who wish to eradicate world terrorism that in recent years has been funded by the US Coalition of Terror all over the globe.

All of this, so that the arms manufacturers in the US/UK are able to peddle their very expensive systems in a world that is fraught with tension caused directly by the recruitment of bestial mercenaries from around the globe by the members of the US Coalition of Terror. Many of whom are convicted criminals released on condition they join the Godless Jihadi Gangs.


Unlike you, many of us don’t feel the need to be Putler’s dog, even if he does good in the Middle East. We are aware that USA and UK is financing terrorism and we wish they could be kicked out of the ME still cold headed enough to know that’s not possible. But I like how Russins brag that economic sanctions don’t hurt, still they beg beg beg to be lifted.



Promitheas Apollonious

If Iran and Hezbollah attack first there will be no israel left to retaliate so…… Keep dreaming of retaliation.


It’s best to let the Israelis attack first so that legally you can lay the blame on them when all is said and done.

For now, finishing up the war and stockpiling weapons for the nearly inevitable future conflict with US and Israel is top priority.

Promitheas Apollonious

I dont think so and I am sure also Iranians after what is been happening they dont think so either. israel has been attacking iranians and syrians beside been one of the main forces with turkey on location who created and supported and still do isis in ME.

So if they need an excuse that to my opinion they dont they have more than enough already. I also dont think any more russia can stop them, or they will want to


Although I agree with you, the recent ( this week) wish/declaration from the EU and the actuality in the US of de facto censorship of the media in favour of EU and US propaganda ‘truth’ , will continue to enslave the minds of the US and EU.

Before any new wars by the EU and US , they require Fear to be instilled in the minds of the dumb.

The ‘Iraq can attack Britain with WMD’s in 45 minutes ‘ is an example of all of the duplicity of this well used canard.

Rob Centros

Oh, but they’ll be “retaliating for an expected attack.” Which, translated by the lying U.S. media, is a “defensive pre-response.”

Carol Davidek-Waller

Iran has not.attacked.Anyone in 250 years. It is highly unlikely they will attack Israel except in self defense. A problem that Israel can easily solve by ending attacking and threatening its neighbors.

Hisham Saber

Zionism is like an aggressive malignant cancerous tumor that must be removed, as the way it stands now. Its a shape-shifting entity with no clear established borders, and what Israeli’s, and the majority of international Jews want is to do unto the Arabs as was done unto American Indians. There is no grey here, its black or white. Its a bitter struggle for annihilation.

al quaida

Be patient and play the long game folks. The US Empire will eventually decline and with it Israel. Their only hope is to trigger WW3 and take us all down with them. Let’s not go there…


But it is alright to shoot down a couple of FUKUS-IsraHelli NATO Birdies out of the Sky, if they come to close to Syrian Borders right? Only to teach them a little lesson….


And with a bit of luck, capture the pilots as well Merijn :)


Nah they will Trade them if they capture them alive…it is better when they Desintegrate together with the Plane…



Lena Jones

Israeli honchos, one by one are shrinking from fear – who knew israelis have glassy jaws and such weak bladders? Hollywood told us the opposite lol!

Tommy Jensen

Any retaliation of Israel´s downing and killing of 15 Russian Servicemen from Russia, any retaliation of Israel´s killing of 29 Iranian Servicemen in a parade from Iran, any retaliation of Israel´s killing of Hezbollah officers and advisors in Syria from Hezbollah, any retaliation of Israel´s killing of hundreds of Syrian scientists and professors from Syria, will be met with harsh response from Israel killing double as many Russians, Iranians, Syrians, Lebanese next time. He he he he he he he.


Israelis have always enjoyed fiction. The Hollocaust fable is proof of that Tommy.

Sadly the leaders and much of the US/UK population also live in the Zionist La La Land these days Tommy :)

Jim Bim

The only thing the Apartheid State of Israel has to offer is occupation, racism, assassinations, child killings, destruction, threats….and more threats.

Hisham Saber

Israel is in direct, blatant violation of 70 U.N. Resolutions. The last one being Resolution 2334. It is also in violation of all civilized international conventions and norms.

Israel is a fake, rogue state created by U.N. fiat.

Jim Bim

Could`n agree more.

Brother Thomas

Too funny! Israel attacks it’s neighbors with impunity militarily, through sponsored terrorists, and with assassinations, but are afraid of Iran attacking it.

Rob Centros

They’re projecting their insane war mongering on to Iran.


Iran has NEVER attacked Israel – the reverse cannot be claimed. So piss of Mr Katz.


So basically they are saving we are prepeared to respond when a falseflag occurs

Rob Centros

In other words, Israel is saying nothing as there is no threat of attack from Iran.

Hassadnah Abraham

15 Russian plus 800,000 Syrian have been killed in Syria due to Israel/ USA /Saudi Arabia/ NATO regime change scheme. It is time even though overdue for Russia and the world to stop this senseless killing once and for ever. History of millions of death due to Israel urge to control the world in Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Lebanon, Afghanistan and many other countries must END AND STOP HERE. UN must stand up against Israel/USA dominance and threat. UN must STAND UP for all nation


Iran has never threatened to attack Israel, but Israel constantly threatens to attack Iran. The Israelis are insane and violent, they should be locked up.

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