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Israeli Infiltrators Attack Palestinian Rally In West Bank (Videos)

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Israeli officers dressed as Palestinians infiltrated a rally in the West Bank and then opened fire with pistols and through smoke grenades at the protesters.

On Wednesday, a Palestinian rally against the US decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital took place near the city of Ramallah in the West Bank. According to conflicting reports, between 150 and 400 people took place in the event.

Palestinians were protesting near the Beit El military checkpoint when several men among them revealed them as members of Israeli forces.

They pulled out pistols, thrown smoke grenades and captured at least 3 Palestinian protesters that had been throwing stones at Israeli security forces.

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What Pro Trump militants Israel think that these brutal treks can save them. The whole world is in control of God and God knows better. I see that the past and future of Israel both are dark. There will be no peace until Pro Trump militants Israel completely withdraw from the Middle East.

Cheryl Brandon

Indeed and, Jews worldwide recognize what their fellow jews have been doing in Palestine since November 1947, Jews had 3 terrorists organisations according to the Britis/The Paletinians had none;They depended on British protection.

Omar Trevelyan

tThey infil 6 “”SpEciaL”” operatives waving glocks and half a platoon sprinting like its a fucking movie to detain 2 protesters? its all a fuckin game to the israelis

Go send some “SpeCiaL” guys to infil gaza to capture hamas VIPs..bet they go MIA even after you carpet bomb a mile wide corridor for egress..there is your fuckin movie right there

Requiescat in pace

Still the police guys did it quite professionally. Must be hell of a pressure on them how to keep under control those sling shooting, rock throwing troublemakers without killing them.

Lena Jones

Palestinian teens need to get their mums to sew them israeli police uniforms so they too can infiltrate the infiltrators on site: big confusing mess of who’s who when one garbed soldier slams another down to the ground under a Palestinian stampede.

Do back to them what they do onto you.

Cheryl Brandon


Requiescat in pace

Some gave it a try few years ago. Luckily they were eliminated before causing more harm.

Lena Jones

And they will keep trying till the terrorist israel is forced to give all the loot bacK.

You’re mistaken if you think Palestinian resolve is just like the jewish one: passively boarding that train to the death camps.

Cheryl Brandon

David Ben Gurion from Eastern Europeans never ever wanted to share Palestinians with the Palestinians;They always wanted 100%. PEACE is a word they use to build more settlements/destroy more homes/.take away more rights; See the book; Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine 2007 by Illan Pappe London UK. It is frightening reading how one group was armed to the teeth and the Palestinians never had a chance to fight for their own country from DAY 1. November 1947. If they continue to fight to have their wrongs corrected;The JEWS then blame them?

juan carlos ayala

los manifestantes también deberían de llevar un control de los que participan en las manifestaciones y no verse sorprendidos de esta manera en el futuro


Three thought. It was petty. It was cowardly. It was immoral. No wonder Hezbollah defeated them and round them up off Lebanon territory.

Requiescat in pace


Lena Jones

Why is there a euro-jew colony in the heart of the Arab world? This is the correct question.

Requiescat in pace

to be fair.: Why there arabs in the birthplace of the European and Jewish world? This is the correct question.

But if there would be humanity and not religious assholes, that region could live in peace.

Lena Jones

“jewish world” – lol! No such thing dear. And Arab refugees are presently in Europe due to mideast wars on behalf of israel. STOP WARS FOR ISRAEL AND YOU SOLVE THE REFUGEE PROBLEM.

The world already knows that the biggest religious assholes in the universe are in israel, saudi arabia and christian-zionist churches in the US.

AGAIN, I ask: what the fuck is a euro-jewish colony doing right smack in the heart of the Arab world? Kleptomania and genocide by (antisemitic) fake jews against native Arab semites is your answer.

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