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JULY 2022

Israeli Helicopter Struck A House In Syria’s Al-Quneitra: SANA

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Israeli Helicopter Struck A House In Syria's Al-Quneitra: SANA

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On May 10th, Syrian Arab News Agency reported that a helicopter of the Israeli Defence Forces had targeted a residential building in Sirya’s al-Quneitra countryside.

According to SANA, one civilian was injured near the Ain al-Tina village, west of Hadar town.

According to some sources, two explosions were heard in the area.

No photographs or videos proving the attack have been released yet.

Usually, the IDF do not carry out attacks in the day time, and do not target civilian houses, preferring to attack military or industrial sites. However, al-Quneitra countryside is regularly targeted by Israeli forces.

Early on May 6th, Israeli combat helicopters attacked posts of the Syrian Arab Army that are located a few hundreds of meters away from Israeli military positions in the occupied Golan Heights.

Israeli forces warn Syrian service members in al-Quneitra against collaborating with Lebanon’s Hezbollah.

Tel-Aviv has recently intensified it’s attacks on Syria. On May 5th, a series of Israeli airstrikes hit several targets on the Syrian coast as well as in Hama. At least one civilian was killed.

Moreover, on May 9th, a major fire broke out at Homs oil refinery in central Syria. Israel is one of the suspects in the attack, as Syria have received large shipments of crude oil from Iran in the last few weeks.


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